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  • Posted: 05/27/2015
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California House passes bill forcing pregnancy centers to refer for abortions

California passes bill forcing pro-life centers to push abortion

Initiative urges voluntary term limits for future justices

Scouting the wrong side of history

Confidential meeting seeks to sway synod to accept same-sex unions

Jewish teacher sues Colorado school district over evangelical events on school grounds

Dr. Robert George’s defense of marriage

“The End of Men” is bad for women and vice versa

    ERLC: Any ideology that exalts one gender to the exclusion of the other is not honoring to God’s created design—namely that we bear his image (Gen. 1:26-27). Our humanity matters, and our maleness and femaleness matters. If men go the way of the Dodo Bird then we lose something precious about the image of God. And I don’t want to live in a world where that happens for men or women.

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The assisted-suicide movement goes on life support

A requiem for the Boy Scouts

Transition to sex predicts changes in religiosity

How same-sex marriage won out in Ireland

Tales of two social scientists

    First Things: Of course I have been talking, in the first story, about the beleaguered but unbowed Mark Regnerus, the sociologist whose New Family Structures Study was published in Social Science Research in 2012. (Full disclosure: Regnerus’s NFSS was funded in principal part, but uninfluenced by, the Witherspoon Institute where I work.) And the second story, which broke this week, is about UCLA political science doctoral student Michael LaCour, whose co-author, Donald Green of Columbia, has asked for the journal Science to retract their much-ballyhooed December 2014 article.

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Suicide advocacy group faces conviction amidst rash of state bills to legalize assisting suicide

Rhode Island Assisted Suicide Hearing May 28

Legislation saves lives, abortion numbers continue to drop

The Right-to-Life Movement will win and here is why

Case to Watch: Funeral home to cite Hobby Lobby ruling in transgender bias case

Feds blackmail Virginia’s largest school district into transgender policy

Court rules New York can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Why I won’t use genetic testing to ensure my children don’t inherit my hearing loss

Chinese authorities deny “abortion quotas,” local officials say otherwise

UN official reports on Islamic State’s “War on Women”

US airstrikes credited for liberation of Christian villages in Syria

Professor retracts same-sex marriage study over fake data

The power elite