Scotland parliament rejects bill to legalize assisted suicide

Via Life News:

In a victory for pro-life advocates looking to protect the disabled and terminally ill, the Scottish parliament has rejected a bill to legalize assisted suicide. At Holyrood, the assisted suicide bill has been rejected by MSPs on a 82-36 vote. Green MSP, Patrick Harvie sponsored the legislation.

The Bill calls for the creation of  ‘licensed facilitators’ – aged as young as 16 – who would assist individuals end their life and would remain close by until such times and even film the scene as the individual dies or decides not to proceed with the assisted suicide.

Leading campaigners against the bill said it would present a wide range of problems.

“On a raft of crucial matters the committee has revealed the Bill to be lacking and deeply flawed,” said physician Dr. Peter Saunders of Care Not Killing.

Care Not Killing is strongly opposed to legalising assisted suicide and firmly believes life should be protected and palliative care prioritised. It represents more than 40 professional groups, faith groups, human rights groups, medical professionals, palliative care specialists and legal experts who are convinced it would be dangerous and unnecessary to decriminalise the existing law on homicide,” he said.