Kansas Ban on Dismemberment Abortion sued in state court

Federal judge orders expungement of punishment against teen who shared Christ with classmates

North Carolina Senate overrides Governor’s veto of same-sex wedding judicial opt-out bill

Bush judges declare ban on abortion when heartbeat detected ‘unconditional’

Dear Jenner: You could really be hurting people

How the hypersexual trans movement hurts feminism

Planned Parenthood looking for nurses to perform abortions

Religious freedom wins, Arkansas forced to give in

Same-sex marriage unmasked: predicted consequences of redefining marriage are becoming a reality

The liberalism of adult autonomy

Religious freedom and the common good

Scots Govt accused of ‘bribing’ parents over Named Person

RC Archbishop: Named Person plans ‘interfere in family life’

Assisted suicide ‘creates problems for wider society’

Named person could target parents on ‘spirituality’

‘Tolerance is a two-way street’, church leader says

Dignitas recommends banned doctor for suicide assistance

I was raised by a transsexual: Celebrating it is ‘insensitive’

Gay marriage to be debated by Belfast City Council

Against euphemistic defenses of judicial supremacy

On originalism and judicial supremacy–Part 2

On originalism and judicial supremacy–Part 1

    National Review: The myth of judicial supremacy is logically incompatible with the supremacy of the written Constitution. According to the myth of judicial supremacy, the Constitution means whatever five Supreme Court justices claim it means and all other governmental actors are duty-bound to abide by that supposed meaning—even if it is in clear conflict with the actual meaning of the Constitution—until such time as five justices revise it or a constitutional amendment overrides it.

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“I don’t find dignity in taking my own life”

Planned Parenthood sues to withhold information from women

Assisted-death bill approved by California Senate

Florist asks court to overturn mandatory gay marriage support

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit

Idaho college no longer requires warning for contentious protests

Boise State settles free-speech suit with pro-life student group

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

BSU, pro-life group settle free speech lawsuit

Pro-lifer’s NAACP parody wins court appeal

The one year for minorities in India

Patrick Stewart backs bakery after ‘gay cake’ court battle

Why Christian education in Israel could vanish

Leaving ‘baptist’ in your church name won’t scare people away

NARAL admits unborn babies feel pain – and are babies

Creation, covenant, and marriage

Kids in foster care deserve loving families

Gay-marriage conservatives?

An African-American woman reflects on the transgender movement

USC to tighten free speech policies after pro-life banners prompted controversy

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