Widow of slain Christian in Uganda receiving death threats

Via Christian News Network (Morning Star News):

The widow of a Christian shot to death by suspected hard-line Muslims in eastern Uganda fears for her life after receiving several death threats, she said.

Agnes Nasubuga Nura, 28, said Muslim extremists killed her husband, Richard Lebon Suleiman, on Feb. 15 in Budaka, Pallisa District, 193 kilometers (119 miles) east of Kampala. Among the threatening text messages she has recently received, she said, one read, “If you continue following the enemies of Islam, then you are risking your life. Soon your children will be orphans.”

On the evening he was killed, Suleiman was stopped by men near a food shop where he had bought items at about 7:30 p.m. on his way back home to Kabuna village. A nearby resident said he heard the attackers saying, “Today we have found him. He deserves to die.”