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Congress urged to pass law protecting religious schools from punishment over marriage beliefs

Pain, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and Perinatal Hospice

Pro-lifers honor 47 victims of Gosnell buried in unmarked plot in Philadelphia

‘Devastating’ Texas abortion law on road to US Supreme Court

Woman rejects abortion after she sees her baby on ultrasound

Feds: Employers should give transgender staff bathroom choice

Fewer young people say I do — to any relationship

    Gallup: Along with the decline in marriages among 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. in recent years, Gallup trends on Americans’ living arrangements reveal that the percentage of young adults “living together” has hardly budged. This means that not only are fewer young adults married, but also that fewer are in committed relationships. As a result, the percentage of young adults who report being single and not living with someone has risen dramatically in the past decade, from 52% in 2004 to 64% in 2014.

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Court upholds key parts of Texas’ strict anti-abortion law

New York City is post secular and highly religious

    Acton Institute: Large cities in the northeast like Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and so on, are often caricatured as wastelands of non-religious, unchurched, overtly secular theaters. Caricatures of this type seem odd given the fact that many of America’s oldest religious institutions are actively operating in those regions. One of my friends is quick to point out that every week people sit on church pews in northeastern churches that older than many states out west. For example, by looking at the Christian presence in the New York City area alone, research shows that the northeast might not be as religiously barren as many believe.

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Strict regulation of Texas abortion clinics upheld

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

Supreme Court may be next stop for Texas abortion law

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A day late, a dollar short

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In court, city will learn to respect church

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Colorado high school kills free period rather than let students use it for prayer group

School district reportedly banned teens from meeting to discuss God during the school day–but there’s a major update to the story

Religious freedom lawsuit against Colorado Springs school dropped

Prayer ban lifted at Pine Creek High, lawsuit dropped

Colorado school district cuts free period after lawsuit on prayer, religion talk

Court upholds law that gutted Texas abortion industry

Planned Parenthood lying to Texas women about cancer screenings

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Christian teen in Colorado drops school prayer lawsuit