CitizenGO defend life and the family in the XLV General Assembly of the OAS

Georgia abortion pill case reveals shadowy world of internet drug purveyors

Gilbert pastor awaits answer from U.S. Supreme Court

Don’t threaten a federal judge – that applies to you anonymous commenters

    Above the Law: In the best and most benign of circumstances, the internet can be a dark and scary place full of bullies and hatred. So, I can only imagine the garbage that was spewed at Southern District of New York District Judge (and ex-Cravath partner) Katherine Forrest after she threw the book at Ross Ulbricht (despite pleas for leniency) for his role in Silk Road, the online black market that dabbled in all manner of illegalities.

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European court votes to “kill a disabled person,” says French Bishop

    Aleteia: After the confirmation of the death sentence pronounced against Vincent Lambert by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Vincent Lambert’s mother (pictured above, with his lawyer) expressed her grief, her anger and her unwavering desire to save her son: “Far from despairing because of the decision, this 70-year-old woman who sparked the legal battle against the medical team and Rachel Lambert, is more than ever ready to fight,” said theJournal du Dimanche. For her, a possible withdrawal of the tubes that hydrate and feed the former nurse is euthanasia. This would not be helping him to die, it would be killing him. (…) ‘Vincent is not at the end of his life. If they start again, we will go to court again,’ she promises.”

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Diocese quits social justice organization over participation in gay pride parade

American pastor imprisoned in Iran again brutally beaten behind bars

Bible Belt state considering legalizing assisted suicide

Idaho Republicans propose resolution supporting use of Bible in public schools

Court rules in favor of public school district sued by teachers for contracting with Christian school

In the Windy City, a fresh breeze of justice

Even materialists crave religion

Red State Families: Better than we knew

How family fragmentation impacts poverty in America

The specter of the Bob Jones case

Protesters greet “abortion reversal” doctor on visit to Phoenix

Lindsey Graham introduces Senate plan to ban late-term abortions

Court upholds Texas pro-life law closing abortion clinics, saving 10,000 from abortion

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs controversial religious objection adoption bills

The single best piece of marriage advice ever given

Everything we think we know about marriage and divorce is wrong

    Catalyst: Have you ever lamented the fact that the divorce rate was the same in the church? Or that most marriages are just hanging in there, not vibrant and happy? Without realizing it, those of us who have shared that information have been, as Andy Stanley put it in the Foreword to my new book The Good News About Marriage, “A small part of a very large problem.” We have been both accepting and adding to a deep sense of cultural discouragement about marriage. A discouragement that instead of motivating people, leeches hope from marriages. A discouragement that, it turns out, is based more on myth than reality.

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Hey New York Times: Is North Carolina law really about ‘curtailing same-sex unions,’ or is religious freedom the issue?