Euthanasia doc kills woman because she was depressed, even though she didn’t have cancer

Via Life News:

We live in very nihilistic times, in which abandonment is called compassion and true compassion–the root meaning of which is to “suffer with”–is denigrated as paternalism.

Consider: Brittany Maynard became an international celebrity for killing herself.  At euthanasia killings of the mentally ill, elderly, and depressed (in addition to the physically ill and disabled) in Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland, are mostly ignored by the media or they carry the water of assisted suicide advocates who blithedly pretend it could never happen here.

That’s why I was surprised to see a big piece in the New Yorker about the killing by a Belgian death doctor of a depressed woman named Godelieva De Troyer. She was lethally injected by an oncologist even though she didn’t have cancer.

We have seen the same thing in Oregon, death doctors assisting the suicides of patients with conditions outside of their specialty and whom they never treated.

I have written several times about how De Troyer’s son,Tom Mortier, who has been indefatigable trying to bring attention to the profound injustice of Belgium euthanasia. (Imagine receiving a telephone call from a hospital telling him to pick up your just-euthanized mother’s remains. He has even brought a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights.