‘The New Yorker’ doubts Belgian euthanasia policy

Via DeMorgen (Translated via Google):

“From when should receive people with non-terminal illness assistance to die?” That is the title of one of the most read articles on the website of The New Yorker. Journalist Rachel Aviv attracted to our country to talk with doctors, ethicists and survivors. It is especially this last group that comes to the floor. Tom Mortier, Margot Vandevenne and Kerstin Huygelen lost all three of their mother after euthanasia. All three also they challenge the decision of the doctors. Mortar and Vandevenne sue them after death were notified, Huygelen turn presupposes that there was no room for consultation and that there is too soon to euthanasia passed.Vandevenne is pleased that the piece was published. Her mother died nearly two years ago, after she filed for euthanasia for her depression.“No one in the family knew about it. She was only a year depressed, and she was never treated before.” Vandevenne is not against euthanasia, even in the case of unbearable psychological suffering. “But then everything must be tried. To my knowledge, my mother has never been to a psychologist or psychiatrist.”