Supreme Court rules in favor of free speech for churches with roadside signs

Via Deseret News:

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that an Arizona town’s restriction of signs posted by a church violated its free speech rights.

The Good News Community Church posts signs to invite the community to its services, which the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty law firm representing the church, described as small and temporary.

However, the town of Gilbert, Arizona, issued multipleregulations for signs — restricting size, number, time length of display and location — with the restrictions varying based on the category and content of the sign.

Political, ideological and homeowners’ association signs are exempt from these regulations, along with 23 other sign categories, which the Alliance Defending Freedom said “overtly singles out the church’s religious speech for discriminatory treatment” in its case summary.

Pastor Clyde Reed challenged the ordinance after two citations from the compliance manager, who told the church there would be “no leniency under the code”, according to the Supreme Court’s issued opinion.