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ADF in the News

Here’s what Glenn Beck thinks about denying service to same-sex couples

ADF joins battle in Missouri to define marriage as ‘one man and one woman’

A florist may lose her home, business and savings

Religious Liberty

Walgreens allowed to fire pharmacist over vaccine stance

Howard County school’s religious practices questioned

Republicans shelve measure labeling Idaho a ‘Christian state’

New religious freedom official: the time for action is now

Global: Religious Liberty

Presbyterian Church supports conscience clause in NI

Activists: Number of Christians abducted by Islamic State rises to 220

Latest trends in religious restrictions and hostilities

Q/A: How Pew Research measures global restrictions on religion

72 Assyrian Christian families captured, 50 besieged by IS after Syria attack

Sanctity of Life

New bill would stop HHS mandate from forcing groups to pay for abortions

A bill has been filed in Vermont for presumed consent to organ donation

Ban on pro-life signs on public property is unconstitutional

Reversing abortion pill’s killing effects

Global: Sanctity of Life

Peer warns GM babies could pass on disease to their kids

A stunning pro-life documentary: ‘The Drop Box’

UK becomes first country in world to approve creation of ‘three parent babies’

Three-parent embryos: Harming women to save lives

Raped at 12: ‘No regrets about having my baby girl’

Marriage & Family

61% of Americans don’t want Supreme Court to force same-sex marriage on the states: poll

Truth-telling and the right of self-government: Why Obama’s marriage lie matters

Family income more apt to impact kids’ well-being than marital status of parents

1-parent families hurt kids, but what can we do?

Knot Now: The benefits of marrying in your mid-to-late 20s

Global: Marriage and Family

Judge gives go-ahead for ‘marriage-lite’ legal case

‘Love Not Limited?’: Three Thailand men ‘marry’ each other, photos go viral

Top university could remove tribute to Lord Carey after protest

Catholic church sacks woman for being too ‘polyamorous’

Australian court says polyamory is not “sexual orientation” under Sex Discrimination Act

Bench & Bar

Transcript available for SCOTUS arguments in Abercrombie & Fitch

Court dismisses religious and speech objections to requirement that witness stand to be sworn in

Abercrombie’s fashion rules land at the Supreme Court

Supreme Court’s recent attention to religion isn’t impressive: Charting 65 years of cases

Global: Bench and Bar

Gov’t power being used to force secularization

Trinity Western law students OK to practise in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian university in B.C.


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Global: Miscellaneous

Survey finds major gender divide in religious beliefs in UK: Most men in 40′s are atheists, but twice more women believe in God

Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused

Why Sweden’s election matters for American conservatives

Finding God in secular Europe through film

Attorney General affirms United Kingdom is a Christian nation