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GAO Report: Obamacare does pay for abortions

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Do Christian schools produce good citizens? The evidence says yes

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NY man charged with aiding ISIS, plotting to kill American soldiers

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Lack of concern for Christians is one reason behind rise of ISIS, says Open Doors president

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Toobin’s botched abortion reporting

Virginia abortion facility violates federal drug laws, has untrained staff

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Doctor’s note required to use chapstick in school – Yet abortions available to minors

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Assisted suicide charge for 22-year-old woman

‘My 24 week baby exposes horrifying abortion law’

CPS announces prosecution for assisted suicide

Belgian prisoner serving life sentence granted request to die

Disabled ‘edited out’ of assisted suicide debate

Marriage & Family

When, and why, divorce hurts kids

Judge restores part of Indiana same-sex marriage suit

Scientific education: Do we love our children?

Court issues stay on same-sex marriage ruling in Indiana

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Redefining marriage was unnecessary – Farage

Clergyman in legal fight against C of E over same-sex marriage

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Bob Cooper replaced as Tennessee Attorney General

Bonner elected to president of Wyoming State Bar

The meandering judicial philosophy of Judge Posner

Building legacy, Obama reshapes appellate bench

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Not a joke: EU Court defines ‘parody’

Canada: Harper says he will “respect” Supreme Court’s blocking of Nadon

Canada: Conservatives won’t rule out another attempt to reappoint Nadon

Canada: Supreme Court to rule Friday on Nadon’s appointment

Spain moves to curb universal jurisdiction


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