Court puts hold on NM Ten Commandments decision while appeal moves forward

Is the abortion argument changing?

No ‘right to die’ at hands of doctors in New Mexico

Dr. Mike Adams speaks at ADF event on his legal victory against UNC-Wilmington (video)

ADF in the News

Alliance Alert publication schedule this week

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  • Alliance Alert publication schedule this week

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New Mexico court asked to overturn decision allowing assisted suicide

Pro-life groups use ‘war on women’ to target vulnerable Democrats

Religious Liberty

Atheist group may sue Mississippi school district for pastor speaking at mandatory teacher event

Onward Christian soldiers? Not likely

On disrespectable Christianity

The wrong kind of Christian

Who will have to pay Obamacare’s individual mandate fine?

Global: Religious Liberty

British Muslims join Islamic State terrorist army

Ex-Attorney General: Brits forced to hide faith in public

Modern bondage: Slavery is very much alive today

Politicians speak out against anti-Semitism

Sanctity of Life

Pro-life group demands PBS cancel airing of pro-abortion ‘After Tiller’ film

Sorry NARAL, most Americans aren’t pro-abortion

Understanding what Richard Dawkins actually believes about abortion and Down Syndrome

Their post-abortion stories showed me how little I knew of God’s love

Late-term abortion clinic will no longer do surgical abortions

Global: Sanctity of Life

Dutch euthanasia for nursing home living

Another surrogate-produced product returned

Push to make suicides easier will never stop

Hundreds rally in Ireland after rape victim says denied abortion

Marriage & Family

Fla. Supreme Court asked to rule on same-sex marriage

Anti-marriage judges destroying public trust, says Staver

Seven reasons why the current marriage debate is nothing like the debate on interracial marriage

Federal appeals judges blast Indiana, Wisconsin marriage laws

Is transgenderism a mental disorder or a right?

Global: Marriage and Family

A married mom and dad really do matter: New evidence from Canada

Ecuador grants new status to same-sex couples

Iranian study finds singles having sex, recommends ‘temporary’ marriages

PM praises same-sex marriage in major family speech

Archbishop Negri: echoes of fascism in proposed Italian laws

Bench & Bar

Elitist and populist versions of originalism

Indiana’s first female chief justice assumes office

Constitution check: Will there be more Obama appointees on the Supreme Court?

Rearranging the Clerk’s office

Obamacare: text and intention

Global: Bench and Bar

Canada: Harper says he will “respect” Supreme Court’s blocking of Nadon

Canada: Conservatives won’t rule out another attempt to reappoint Nadon

Canada: Supreme Court to rule Friday on Nadon’s appointment

Spain moves to curb universal jurisdiction

Canada: Two ex-SCOC judges offer conflicting views on proposed secular charter


What the Emmy Awards could learn from ‘Full House’

“The Giver”: A new kind of dystopian young adult film

The cruel optimism of modern compassion

More on tweeting without tenure

Tweeting without tenure

Global: Miscellaneous

Finding God in secular Europe through film

Attorney General affirms United Kingdom is a Christian nation

Catholic teacher’s union to march in pride parade, Cardinal critical

Alan Sears’ opening remarks at ADF’s Catholic Media Symposium in Rome

U.K. is a Christian nation, right?