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NM: Valencia County asked to consider late-term abortion ban

Hawaii judge refuses to block marriage redefinition law

US designates Boko Haram as terrorist group | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Statement by the President on Marriage Equality in Hawaii” | White House

Texas defends abortion control law

Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart stands by confessional despite abuse recommendations | Video

Miss. legal settlement shelters women, children in need | Alliance Defending Freedom

7th Circuit: HHS Mandate Loses Again, Obama Admin Can’t Force Family Business to Comply

Hawaii Senate approves redefinition of marriage

Supreme Court bypasses Okla. ultrasound case

Group says it has enough signatures for measure that seeks to repeal Calif. transgender law

Photographer asks Supreme Court: Is abandoning my freedom the ‘price of citizenship’?

Photos as messages: A new constitutional case | SCOTUS Blog

Senators McCain & Flake Break Their Promise to Arizona Voters

“After Senate Win, Gay Groups Shift Focus To Obama”

Hawaii House to vote on marriage tomorrow, judge refuses challenge for now

Bill to protect unborn children from pain introduced in US Senate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Roll Call: Senate vote approving ENDA, endangers religious liberty, undermines small businesses

    Senators voted 64 to 32 to approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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Fla. Supreme Court: Egg donor has parental rights in lesbian custody battle

High court debates legislative prayer | Baptist Press

EU Court: Homosexuality Can Be Grounds For Asylum

ADF: Albuquerque law protecting unborn babies from pain is legally, medically sound | Alliance Defending Freedom

Supreme Court Legislative Prayer: Post Argument Reports and Commentary

Is Hearing A Prayer The Same As Participating In It? | Joe Infranco

NAACP Renews Lawsuit to Stop Ban on Race-Based Abortions of Black Babies | Life News

Illinois House votes to redefine marriage

Town of Greece to Supreme Court: Americans should be free to pray

Founders’ view of prayer should prevail at Supreme Court | Alan Sears, Joe Infranco at Washington Post

Town of Greece v. Galloway: Prayers debated in prelude to SCOTUS

Mo. Supreme Court Affirms Marriage in Retirement Ruling

Birth-control mandate: Which case to review?

NJ school district withdraws ban on religious Christmas carols | Alliance Defending Freedom

Scholars: Children benefit from having mom, dad | Alliance Defending Freedom

U.S. Supreme Court won’t rule on RU-486 abortions

Supreme Court Won’t Take Case Protecting Women From Dangerous Abortion Drug

Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases To Current Supreme Court

National groups send a prayer to the U.S. Supreme Court | Reuters

U.S. appeals court backs employer in ‘contraception mandate’ case | Chicago Tribune (Reuters)

Hagel orders same-sex benefits in Guards

Federal appeals court reinstates most of Texas’ abortion restrictions

16 states ask Supreme Court to affirm Ariz. law against abortions that cause babies pain | Alliance Defending Freedom

Justice Kennedy cites federalism: “I have a rule: I don’t do weddings”

“Justice Kennedy Speaks Out on Gay Marriage, Shutdown”

US ‘spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave’

Exorcist Writer: Sebelius’ promotion of abortion is demonic | Washington Post

Texas Court Strikes Criminal Ban on Sex Communications to Minors

At-risk youth, taxpayers gouged in effort to exclude religious contractor | Alliance Defending Freedom

Reportedly, GOP Senators join effort to undermine religious liberty, support ENDA

Missouri Marital Benefits Decision (and the Conceptual Question of Subset/Superset Discrimination)

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Greece prayer case next week | Delaware Online

UK’s Top Court: Ok For Hospital To Stop Treatment

NJ school district bans religious Christmas carols | Alliance Defending Freedom

Reid promises ENDA vote before Thanksgiving, religious liberty at stake

Okla. Supreme Ct. responds to U.S. Supreme Court: Abortion law explained

Texas Seeks Emergency Stay to Implement Abortion Limits

Virginia Supreme Court holds that advertising rules may be applied to a lawyer’s blog

Federal court rules on Texas abortion regulations | Alliance Defending Freedom

The Wise Know What Matters: Political disengagement is not an option | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

Marriage and abortion are economic issues | Star Parker

NH illegally allowing non-pharmacists to distribute abortion pills | Alliance Defending Freedom

6th Circuit Denies Small Business Challenge To Contraceptive Mandate

Can states ban abortions at earlier stages? | SCOTUS Blog

Fecundophobia: The Growing Fear Of Children And Fertile Women