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Rubio: Defund Obamacare, fund rest of gov’t; any shutdown is on Obama

72 Hours Inside Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic

    ABC (includes video): Anti-abortion protestors show up outside of the last surviving abortion clinic in Mississippi, praying and pleading with women not to go inside. They are certain that what takes place there is morally wrong and that God stands with them. But on the other side of a high fence surrounding the bubble-gum-pink-colored clinic, the staff too believes they have God on their side. They blast music from large boom boxes to drown out the protestors’ pleas of “don’t kill your baby.”

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Pa. sues to stop issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples

PA: Federal Judge Says DOMA Ruling Changes Private Companies’ Retirement Plans

The Next Big Test of Corporate Personhood and The Abortion Pill Mandate

Skepticism About the Third Circuit’s Rejection of Organizational Free Exercise Claims

New suit challenges marriage in Kentucky

N.C. Gov. McCrory vows to sign abortion bill

House And Senate Differ On Funding For Population Control Programs

3rd Circuit: Family business can’t challenge contraception mandate on religious grounds

9th Circuit: “Same-Sex Couple Wins Federal Health Insurance”

Philadelphia: Judge Nixes Same-Sex Couple’s Loss of Consortium Claim

    Gina Passarella at Legal Intelligencer (registration required): A Philadelphia judge has thrown out the loss of consortium claims raised by a same-sex couple in a medical malpractice case against Temple University Health System . . . The judge’s one-page order in Wolf v. Associates of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery . . . Since plaintiffs herein were not married at any relevant time, and a marriage between persons of the same sex is not recognized in Pennsylvania, Tammy Wolf’s loss of consortium claim must be dismissed with prejudice as noncognizable under Pennsylvania law,” Temple Health said in its filing.

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“UN Human Rights Office Unveils Gay-rights Campaign” | AP

DOJ Says Transgender Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination

Measure to Ban Abortions in Late-Term Abortion Capital Gets Enough Signatures

FEC approves campaign donations from same-sex couples

Boehner Non-Committal on Defunding Obamacare Mandate Through Must-Pass CR Bill

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast settles fraud lawsuit brought by Texas AG | Alliance Defending Freedom

Bill passes in India jailing converts, clergy for failure to give prior notice of conversion

Cal. Supreme Court refuses to stop same sex marriage licenses on temp. basis in second case

Heritage Action backs spending bill to stop ObamaCare

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity” | Tony Perkins at LifeNews

1st Circuit: Creating Church As Historic District Did Not Unduly Burden Free Exercise

“Federal Court Orders Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage”

Sen. Mike Lee Throws Down Against Obamacare

ObamaCare fate is in hands of GOP, plan looms to defund it

Federal judge puts Ohio DOMA on hold

Judge temporarily blocks North Dakota’s six-week abortion ban, calling it ‘clearly unconstitutional’

Global Democracy Promotion Act not democratic | Alliance Defending Freedom

    “Democracy affirms that every innocent life deserves to be protected. We call upon Congress and the Obama administration to show true respect for democracy by putting a halt to its ceaseless efforts to impose on its radical agenda to life-affirming, sovereign nations. This bill’s claim to “promote democracy” rings hollow when U.S.-funded international aid is being used to export abortion on demand and the homosexual agenda to unwilling countries around the globe.”

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UK: Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces

Clerk seeks clarification from Cal. Supreme Court on marriage licenses

Federal court allows public invocations in Hamilton County, Tenn. | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hobby Lobby wins injunction against HHS abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hobby Lobby Wins Injunction Stopping Enforcement of HHS Mandate

“House Republicans Cave On Marriage Fight”

Federal judge recuses from Ark. marriage suit

House GOP ends federal marriage defense | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

Churches take steps to protect marriage

Federal Court Enjoins Veterans Memorial Containing Religious Symbols

House Republicans Face Decision On Veterans Same Sex “Spousal Benefits”

ACLU attacks student-led prayer at football games | Alliance Defending Freedom

Cold Canadian Front: Threats to religious liberty in Canada show what may be in store for the United States | World Mag

    J.C. Derrick at World Magazine: The Christian leaders I spoke with know that religious freedom in Canada is still far better than in many countries around the world, but they’re also aware of the slow ebb of infringement upon liberties once enjoyed. Several stressed the need for Christians to affirm what they support, instead of stating what they are against, to help alleviate the tension. But Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom Global, told me that alone won’t stem the tide: “They sound very much like the cautious Jews in Germany in 1935, who said, ‘Let’s just keep our heads down and be good citizens and all of this will blow over.’ I’m not equating the Holocaust to what’s happening, but it’s extraordinarily dangerous not to confront [the growing threat].” [more]

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When the Oppressed are Oppressors: The Breakdown of the Black Family

4th Circuit Invalidates NLRB Appointments

Queen Elizabeth II gives royal approval to marriage redefinition

Prop 8: Why It’s Still Good Law And The Fight To Defend It Is Far From Over | Kellie Fiedorek

City of St. Paul stops fighting statue of Jesus atop bluff | (includes video)

Churches seek to defend riverfront cross display attacked by ACLU | Alliance Defending Freedom

ND Judge: 2011 Abortion Law Unconstitutional

ACLU vs. Gideons’ Bibles | Alliance Defending Freedom

CA: Marriage dispute ready for ruling (UPDATED: Stay denied) | SCOTUS Blog

CA Supreme Court case concerning Prop. 8 moves forward without stay | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Calif. Court Declines To Stop Gay Marriages” | AP

In the midst of an angry pro-abortion mob: what happened Friday night in Texas (eyewitness account)

Reid open to vote on “fringe issue” – 20-week abortion ban

NYT: GOP not extreme on abortion | Joe Scarborough at Politico

New test of California same-sex marriages | SCOTUS Blog Saturday update

Prop. 8 proponents ask Calif. Supreme Court to uphold rule of law | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Gay marriage opponents ask California court to deny wedding licenses” | LA Times

MI federal court refuses to stop contraception mandate, says “secular” company can’t exercise religion

Sidewalk Sunday School no longer banned in public park | Alliance Defending Freedom

Republican attorneys general: the unsung heroes in challenging the Obama agenda

Pa. attorney general says she won’t defend state’s marriage laws

IL Supreme Court unanimously upholds parental consent law | Alliance Defending Freedom

Illinois Upholds Parental Notification on Abortion After 18-Year Legal Battle

“British Appeals Court Holds Christian B&B Owner Illegally Discriminated Against Gay Couple”

4th Circuit in Liberty U. case: Congress had Commerce Clause authority to pass Obamacare employer mandate

Reid prepares Senate to go ‘nuclear,’ end nomination filibusters

63% of Babies Aborted in Texas Are Black or Hispanic; Annual Total Exceeds Population of Galveston

“Civility, bullying and same-sex marriage” | Ryan T. Anderson at Kansas City Star