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ACLU attacks student-led prayer at football games | Alliance Defending Freedom

Cold Canadian Front: Threats to religious liberty in Canada show what may be in store for the United States | World Mag

    J.C. Derrick at World Magazine: The Christian leaders I spoke with know that religious freedom in Canada is still far better than in many countries around the world, but they’re also aware of the slow ebb of infringement upon liberties once enjoyed. Several stressed the need for Christians to affirm what they support, instead of stating what they are against, to help alleviate the tension. But Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom Global, told me that alone won’t stem the tide: “They sound very much like the cautious Jews in Germany in 1935, who said, ‘Let’s just keep our heads down and be good citizens and all of this will blow over.’ I’m not equating the Holocaust to what’s happening, but it’s extraordinarily dangerous not to confront [the growing threat].” [more]

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When the Oppressed are Oppressors: The Breakdown of the Black Family

4th Circuit Invalidates NLRB Appointments

Queen Elizabeth II gives royal approval to marriage redefinition

Prop 8: Why It’s Still Good Law And The Fight To Defend It Is Far From Over | Kellie Fiedorek

City of St. Paul stops fighting statue of Jesus atop bluff | (includes video)

Churches seek to defend riverfront cross display attacked by ACLU | Alliance Defending Freedom

ND Judge: 2011 Abortion Law Unconstitutional

ACLU vs. Gideons’ Bibles | Alliance Defending Freedom

CA: Marriage dispute ready for ruling (UPDATED: Stay denied) | SCOTUS Blog

CA Supreme Court case concerning Prop. 8 moves forward without stay | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Calif. Court Declines To Stop Gay Marriages” | AP

In the midst of an angry pro-abortion mob: what happened Friday night in Texas (eyewitness account)

Reid open to vote on “fringe issue” – 20-week abortion ban

NYT: GOP not extreme on abortion | Joe Scarborough at Politico

New test of California same-sex marriages | SCOTUS Blog Saturday update

Prop. 8 proponents ask Calif. Supreme Court to uphold rule of law | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Gay marriage opponents ask California court to deny wedding licenses” | LA Times

MI federal court refuses to stop contraception mandate, says “secular” company can’t exercise religion

Sidewalk Sunday School no longer banned in public park | Alliance Defending Freedom

Republican attorneys general: the unsung heroes in challenging the Obama agenda

Pa. attorney general says she won’t defend state’s marriage laws

IL Supreme Court unanimously upholds parental consent law | Alliance Defending Freedom

Illinois Upholds Parental Notification on Abortion After 18-Year Legal Battle

“British Appeals Court Holds Christian B&B Owner Illegally Discriminated Against Gay Couple”

4th Circuit in Liberty U. case: Congress had Commerce Clause authority to pass Obamacare employer mandate

Reid prepares Senate to go ‘nuclear,’ end nomination filibusters

63% of Babies Aborted in Texas Are Black or Hispanic; Annual Total Exceeds Population of Galveston

“Civility, bullying and same-sex marriage” | Ryan T. Anderson at Kansas City Star


Americans United for Life Outlines Issues at Stake in Texas

“Senate Panel Oks Bill Banning Anti-gay Job Bias” | AP

6th Circuit upholds Shelby Co., Tennessee restrictions on sexually oriented businesses

Federal judge blocks new Wisconsin abortion law

Obama Suspends the Law Like King James II | Mike McConnell at WSJ

Not Qualified For Obamacare’s Subsidies? Just Lie — Govt. To Use ‘Honor System’ Without Verifying Your Eligibility

Fla. school’s ban on Easter egg hunt invitations lifted | Alliance Defending Freedom

Free speech no longer boxed in at LSU | Alliance Defending Freedom

4th Circuit reverses earlier Baltimore Pregnancy Center victory – at least for now

IVF baby born using revolutionary genetic-screening process

    Guardian: The birth demonstrates how next-generation sequencing (NGS), which was developed to read whole genomes quickly and cheaply, is poised to transform the selection of embryos in IVF clinics. Though scientists only looked at chromosomes – the structures that hold genes – on this occasion, the falling cost of whole genome sequencing means doctors could soon read all the DNA of IVF embryos before choosing which to implant in the mother.

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Alliance Defending Freedom’s Infranco: Prop 8 Fight Isn’t Over | Newsmax (video)

The Declaration of Independence and the American Creed

What Three Dissents Signal for Marriage’s Future | Ryan T. Anderson at Red State

Do Traditional Marriage Supporters Deserve to Be Treated with Dignity? | Jim DeMint at Heritage Foundation

Critics say Supreme Court’s Prop 8 ruling takes power from voters, gives it to state officials

ObamaCare’s employer mandate delayed until 2015

UK government backs three-person IVF

“Video: Kenyan deputy president strongly rebuffs Obama on gay ‘marriage’: ‘We believe in God’”

Meet the man behind the Federal marriage amendment

    National Journal: The Supreme Court may have given a boost for same-sex marriage supporters, but that doesn’t mean Rep. Tim Huelskamp is giving up. Late last week, the Kansas Republican introduced a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. To be sure, adding an amendment to the founding document of the United States is a long shot to say the least, even if it gains some attention in the beginning stages.

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Costs of marriage fight will be staggering

NAACP, ACLU attack AZ bill prohibiting gender- and race-selection abortions, motion to intervene filed | Alliance Defending Freedom

No free speech for university employees? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Supreme Court “carjacked the nation” with same-sex rulings, Perkins says | CBS Face the Nation Video

Same-sex marriage decisions beg question, should America’s new motto be ‘in polls we trust’? | Cal Thomas at Fox News

Univ. at Buffalo charges pro-life group $650 for free speech | Alliance Defending Freedom

Rule of law bypassed in Prop. 8 case | Alliance Defending Freedom

Prop. 8 legal team files emergency application with Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Fed. judge blocks Mich. ban on domestic partner benefits

Court should have upheld heterosexual marriage | Austin R. Nimocks at USA Today

“Prop 8: Gay marriages can resume in California, court rules” | LA Times

Marriage redefinition doesn’t trump religious freedom for Del. clerks

US Supreme Court scrutinizing Okla. RU-486 decision | Alliance Defending Freedom

Supreme Court to hear challenge to Okla. restrictions on abortion drugs

Today: Supreme Court refuses to hear two marriage challenges

Obama: All States Should Redefine Marriage, Const. Amend. to be introduced in Congress | PBS