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Illinois marriage vote postponed until next session

This I Believe: A Farewell to Optimism | Maggie Gallagher at Townhall

    Maggie Gallagher at Townhall: But we need, as well, a next generation of culture creators, of storytellers, with the credentials to name reality: empirical social scientists, novelists, poets, preachers and filmmakers. We need donors to invest in building the networks and communities through which such voices are born, flourish and give meaning to the lives of millions. The future belongs to those of us with enough hope to rebuild on the ashes of optimism, a new American civilization — uniting sex, love, babies, mothers and fathers in this thing called marriage.

  • Posted: 01/04/2013
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More Than Three Million Human Embryos Destroyed in UK IVF

Round 1: Marriage redefinition bill fails to get enough support in Illinois Senate

Getting the 60 Percent Married: Renewing Marriage in Middle America

    National Review: About 60 percent of Americans have a high-school diploma but not a degree from a four-year college. Forty-four percent of their children are born outside of marriage. This finding is the focus of “The President’s Marriage Agenda for the Forgotten Sixty Percent,” the fruit of the annual “State of Our Unions” report compiled by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and the Institute for American Values.

  • Posted: 01/03/2013
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Obama Rejects ‘Ill-Advised’ Conscience Protections for Military Chaplains

Chaplain Alliance calls on Obama administration to honor chaplain protections passed by Congress

Meese to Retire as Head of Legal Center; Addington to Take on Role

RI House Speaker promises marriage vote by Jan. 31

Understanding the definition of marriage: An interview with Robert George

Photo of Baby Reaching Out From Womb During C-Section Goes Viral

Constitution Check: Do profit-making corporations have religious rights?

Montana Supreme Court: Hutterites must pay workers comp.

Congress passes temporary fiscal cliff bill: spending increases, tax increase on incomes over $450K, payroll tax increase on everyone

Texas court got it right; taxpayers shouldn’t be victimized by predatory abortion businesses | Alliance Defending Freedom Comment

Let’s Give Up on the Constitution

    Louis Michael Seidman at the New York Times: In the face of this long history of disobedience, it is hard to take seriously the claim by the Constitution’s defenders that we would be reduced to a Hobbesian state of nature if we asserted our freedom from this ancient text. Our sometimes flagrant disregard of the Constitution has not produced chaos or totalitarianism; on the contrary, it has helped us to grow and prosper.

  • Posted: 12/31/2012
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Kansas sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support prepares for battle

Hobby Lobby says it will defy Obama contraception mandate

Justice Sotomayor Denies Hobby Lobby Request On HHS Mandate

Federal judge dismisses suit challenging Senate filibuster

Missouri Court parts ways from 10th Circuit, rules against Obamacare mandate

Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partner Registry

Inter-American Court: Costa Rica’s IVF restrictions violate the American Convention on Life

Speaker offered a prayer before announcing the defeat of ‘Plan B’

Fiscal cliff: John Boehner forced to abandon ‘Plan B’ after Republican rebellion

Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?

10th Circuit: Obama Admin Can Force Hobby Lobby to Obey HHS Mandate

9th Circuit: U.S. Boy Scouts can lease public land in San Diego

The Carol of the Bullies | Alliance Defending Freedom

Canadian Supreme Court: Witness may be required to remove niqab while testifying

Porn Use and Supporting Same-Sex Marriage | Mark Regnerus at Public Discourse

Mass. Chief Federal Judge: Taxpayers must pay $700k attorney fees in prisoner sex change case

The Sad Legacy of Robert Bork | Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic (includes confirmation hearings video)

    Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic (includes video of the confirmation hearings): The relentless honesty and arrogant mien of Robert Bork, who has died at 84, during his unforgettable 1987 Supreme Court nomination hearing resulted in two very important things for this nation. First, it precluded the ideologue from becoming a life-tenured justice, which has meant over the intervening 25 years many saving graces for progressives and many bitter disappointments for conservatives. Second, it changed (forever, I suspect) the way judicial confirmation hearings unfold, by encouraging earnest nominees to say to the Senate Judiciary Committee nothing at all candid, specific, or profound about their judicial philosophies or views of the law.

  • Posted: 12/20/2012
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We’re Still Paying the Price for the Borking of Robert Bork | Jeffrey Rosen at the New Republic

“Reproduction without sex, a liberating future” | Aarathi Prasad at CNN (includes video)

Alliance Defending Freedom President Alan Sears on passing of Judge Robert Bork

Anti-Christmas atheists try to short-circuit AZ tree lighting celebration | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Iowa judge rules gvt docs must list mother’s wife as child’s ‘parent’”

Ad Hominem Attacks and Amateur Theology on Display in Montana Marriage Dissent

Un-hitching the middle class | Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post

Conferees Keep Senate’s Abortion Provision In Final Defense Bill

Contraception Mandate Taking on Water | Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy

Federal Appeals Court Hands Victory to Religious Colleges, Commands HHS to Act Quickly to Fix Mandate | Becket Fund

Ireland: Threat of suicide ‘will be grounds for abortion’

Illinois State Bar backs marriage redefinition

MT Supreme Court thwarts attempt to eliminate marriage distinctions | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Why It Might Be Hard to Completely Ban Gay Conversion Therapy” | Garrett Epps at the Atlantic

Montana Supreme Court rejects same sex couple’s demand for marriage benefits

Illinois court rejects challenge to Obamacare mandate, says corporations can’t exercise religion

Tim Scott to Be Named for Empty South Carolina Senate Seat, Republicans Say

Pressure on contraceptives mandate

Uncensored: European ‘hate speech’ laws exposed | Alliance Defending Freedom

UK: Supreme Court volunteer ruling protects churches

Quebec’s ‘totalitarian’ take on religious education in high school | Barbara Kay at the National Post

Monogamy, Exclusivity and Permanence? | Ryan T. Anderson at Ricochet

U.S. military attacks Christmas

Constitutionality of Washington Anti-Discrimination Exemption For Religious Non-Profits Certified To State Supreme Court

White House, nonprofit groups battle over charitable deductions

Marriage Carries a Public Purpose | Jordan Lorence at USA Today

Lawsuits against churches ‘inevitable’ with gay ‘marriage’ law: UK Independence Party

Iowa Supreme Court to Hear Birth-Certificate Case Brought By Same-Sex Couple

Britain outlines plans to redefine marriage

Not Dead Yet

    Ryan T. Anderson and Andrew T. Walker at National Review: Regardless of what Will might imagine, support for marriage isn’t a relic of the past. A careful look at the polls reveals complex and dynamic trends. But how those polls change over time will depend on human choice, not blind historical forces. The right question is not what will happen, but what we should do. Would George Will give up market economies if polls showed an “emerging consensus” in favor of socialism? We think not.

  • Posted: 12/11/2012
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Will court override ‘Choose Life’ license plate? | Alliance Defending Freedom

EMU student achieves final victory after court rules ‘tolerance is a two-way street’ | Alliance Defending Freedom

Judge: NC Choose Life Plates Invalid Because No Pro-Abortion Version

US Supreme Court asked to weigh in on strange ruling against NY town’s prayer policy | Alliance Defending Freedom

Western European governments marginalizing Christians – Helsinki Commission briefing Monday

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Prop. 8, DOMA cases | Alliance Defending Freedom Statement by Jim Campbell