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American Academy of Pediatrics declares support for marriage redefinition

Pro-life display too ‘controversial’ for EMU | Alliance Defending Freedom

5th Circuit Rules For La. Monks In Casket Fight

“What a Pro-Gay Marriage Ruling Means for Culture” | CBN (includes video)

“The Annulment of Same-Sex Marriage”

    Dean Kalahar at American Thinker: The homosexual agenda once took a covert route to incrementally gain approval with small victories that flew under the radar of common sense. Today, the movement has bought into its own myth and now brazenly injects itself into every corner of the culture to create the appearance of normalcy. Even so, 31 states do not grant any form of legal recognition to same sex couples, and 44 out of the 50 states do not allow for same-sex marriage. The Federal government has never had a law sanctioning same sex marriage.

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The Revolt of Intelligence Against “Marriage Equality”

    The Pearcey Report: Admittedly, the phrase “marriage equality” functions as highly effective PR. After all, who wants to stand against marriage? And who could possibly protest against equality? Therefore “marriage equality” seems like a win-win. Yet, a critical distance allows one to see beyond the PR and to realize that the kind of “equality” promoted in “marriage equality” is alien in theory, and inferior in results, to the genuinely liberating concept of “created equal” we find planted in the Declaration of Independence.

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Public Ok With Creating Babies From 3 People UK Gov’t Says

UK: “The real reason for gay marriage move”

Santa Fe’s city attorney: Same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico

Philippine Top Court Halts Contraceptives Law

Attacks on Prop. 8 rebutted: Reply brief filed with U.S. Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Senator Portman’s Homosexual Descent

Virginia: Dems blast comparison of slavery, abortion

Ill., Wis. school districts OK to use church-run camp | Alliance Defending Freedom

Judge Overturns Mo. Law On Birth Control Coverage

Divided argument in Prop 8; In Windsor, Court allows Meese and Ashcroft to weigh in

Canadian ‘transgender’ bill faces voted March 20

RNC rolls out controversial roadmap, firestorm brewing on marriage and other issues . . .

    AP on Google: “The idea that a major political party must accept the practice of homosexuality as normal so as to remain relevant will prove the contrary and lead to disaster,” said John Horvat II, a Catholic scholar. And Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, faulted Washington GOP establishment leaders for the November losses, saying they strayed from the conservative message. “Americans and those in the tea party movement don’t need an ‘autopsy’ report from RNC to know they failed to promote our principles and lost because of it,” she said.

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Abyss of Nihilism | Carson Holloway at Public Discourse

Strong marriage culture is essential to limited government | Jim DeMint’s Speech at CPAC 2013

Vatican Official: Sinister international cadre behind worldwide push to redefine marriage and Western civilization

We Need New Methods in the Fight for Marriage | Greg Forster

    Defenders of marriage need some entrepreneurial thinking. America has been governed by no-fault divorce, illegitimacy, and disordered desires of every kind for two generations; there are fewer and fewer people around who even remember living in a world where the Christian position was the default. We need to stop imagining real marriage is like the Apple of 2013—assuming we are the dominant entity and our opponents are upstarts trying to displace us from our position at the top.

  • Posted: 03/15/2013
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Portman: Right on the Court, Wrong on Marriage | Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation

    Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation: Redefining marriage would further distance marriage from the needs of children. It would deny as a matter of policy the ideal that a child needs a mom and a dad. We know that children tend to do best when raised by a mother and a father. The confusion resulting from further delinking childbearing from marriage would force the state to intervene more often in family life and cause welfare programs to grow even more.

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Boy Scouts Renew Debate Over Sex | American Spectator

Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman supports marriage redefinition, but still opposes judicial redefinition

Groups Ask US To Back Off Demand For Abortion At UN

Iowa Planned Parenthood fraud case heads to 8th Circuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Yukon Education Minister orders Catholic bishop to remove policy on same-sex attracted students

Dominos Pizza Founder Wins Court Order Stopping HHS Abortion Mandate

Families Win Legal Victory In Alabama Supreme Court School Choice Case

Census: Record 1 In 3 US Counties Are Now Dying

Comment on selection of Pope Francis I | Alliance Defending Freedom

    “We join millions in congratulating Francis I on his selection as pope. He is a leader who has stood strongly for the values of religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, marriage, and the family, often under very trying circumstances. We appreciate his many strong statements over the years on the protection of marriage and the unborn and trust he will continue to be a powerful voice on the deep importance of these issues.”

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Illinois House Speaker says bill to redefine marriage is 12 votes short of passage

Minnesota bill to redefine marriage headed to full House, Senate | MPR

Religious-based adoption services may be leaving Colorado

New Zealand Marriage Redefinition Bill Advances

3rd Circuit rules in favor of student prohibited from handing out Christmas party fliers | Alliance Defending Freedom

4th Circuit panel: Virginia anti-sodomy law unconstitutional in solicitation of minor case

Should aborted babies be used for cosmetic procedures? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Abortion and Our “Moral Sense” | S. Adam Seagrave at Public Discourse

    S. Adam Seagrave at Public Discourse: When intellectual arguments against abortion fail to persuade, recourse must be had to images and strategies that awake what David Hume considered our “moral sense.” . . . The pro-life movement currently finds itself in the same place as the abolition movement at the time of Frederick Douglass’s great speech. If we are to experience similar success, we would do well to follow Douglass’s advice and focus our energies on awakening the moral sense of our fellow citizens. It would help to have another Douglass for our cause, but at least we still have his words: “The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled; the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against God and man must be proclaimed and denounced.”

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Civil unions clear Colo. Legislature, head to gov

FLASHBACK: Changing demographics in Colorado contributes to Democrats win

Finnish Parliament rejects redefinition of marriage

Boy Scouts must stand firm for their principles: Organization loses its relevance if it caves on ‘morally straight’ | Dave Cortman at Washington Times

Broad, Diverse Defense of Marriage at Supreme Court | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Marriage: What It Is, Why It Matters, and the Consequences of Redefining It | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Anticipating SCOTUS ruling accountants are encouraging same-sex couples to seek prospective tax benefits

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein: Same-sex marriage support “a business issue” | CBS Video

Is artistic freedom in jeopardy? NM Supreme Court hearing over photographer’s conscience rights | Alliance Defending Freedom

South Dakota governor signs extended abortion wait period law

Mexico’s top court says ‘anti-gay terms’ are unprotected hate speech

Pro-Lifers Debate Tactics But Stand United in Grassroots Anti-Abortion Tidal Wave

Idaho Ruling Marks News Phase in Abortion Battle

Australia: Polyamorists set up lobby group

“Gay Activists Bully Tebow, Christian University” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

What is International Women’s Day? Global feminism and socialism

Bizarre U.S. Statement Touts Its War with Women

Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Fetal Pain Abortion Law

Michigan judge delays case to await Supreme Court rulings on marriage

Justice Kennedy Notes Power Shift To High Court

Scottish Charity Regulator Holds Catholic Adoption Agency Does Not Qualify As A Charity

Arkansas Overrides Governor, OKs Abortion Ban After 12 Weeks; Lawsuit promised

Judge Taking a Look at Mich. Marriage Law

Supreme Court Petition Challenging Injunction Against Display of “Gruesome Images” Where Children Can See Them

Oklahoma AG asks U.S. Supreme Court to review abortion case

Senate Republicans Block Obama Court Nominee – Caitlin J. Halligan

New Continuing Resolution Doesn’t Include HHS Mandate Protections