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Abortion enters Arizona debate on Medicaid expansion

Tennessee Gov. Rejects Obama’s Medicaid Expansion

The Faux Federalism Argument Against DOMA | John Eastman at Christian Post

“Moderate Path on Gay Marriage Could Be Disaster” | Noah Feldman at Bloomberg

Over the cliff? Science alone should not guide the Justices | Gerard Bradley at SCOTUS Blog

Neither In the Jungle Nor Out of It: Marriage and Civilization | Anthony Esolen at Public Discourse

Ky. lawmakers override religious freedom veto

Suit challenges Utah marriage law

DOMA Oral Argument | Ed Whelan at NRO

Argument recap: DOMA is in trouble | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

The Red Herring of “Marriage Equality” | Steven Smith at Public Discourse

Montana wrongly discriminating against disabled children of faith | Alliance Defending Freedom

North Dakota Governor Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions

The Marriage Debate: Let Democracy Work . . . | Austin R. Nimocks at Wall Street Journal

How historic Supreme Court marriage case will unfold: Q&A

“Republicans see cash opportunity in gay marriage shift” | Politico

The United States, a Coy Friend of the Court | Matthew Frank at NRO

“Ted Olson: Polygamy Ban Is ‘Prohibiting Conduct,’ Banning Gay Marriage Denies Rights”

“Anti-gay marriage lawyer confident: ‘We are going to win this case’” | LA Times

Marriage Cases: Supreme Court Filings, Summary, and Argument Schedule

“Should the Supreme Court impose a nationwide mandate on same-sex marriage?” | Face the Nation (includes video)

Marriage defenders to Supreme Court: Let debate continue | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hundreds of thousands protest marriage redefinition in France

“Is support for gay marriage over-sold?” | Washington Post

NJ: Are they really bullies?

The money man behind atheism’s activism

North Dakota passes first-ever personhood amendment

NM clerks should follow marriage license laws: State law reserves licenses for one man, one woman

Pediatrics PR stunt aimed at influencing SCOTUS marriage litigation | Ryan Anderson at CNN

Michael McConnell’s Response—and My Reply | Ed Whelan at NRO

Michael McConnell’s Inane WSJ Op-Ed on the Marriage Cases | Ed Whelan at NRO

The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage | Mike McConnell at WSJ

Take Action: Thousands to March for God’s Design for Marriage

NM AG reviews question of marriage licenses for same sex couples

ACLU sues to redefine marriage in NM

Civil Unions Signed Into Law In Colorado

George Will Gets Snookered Against DOMA—Part 1 | Ed Whelan at NRO

“If Your Child Is Gay? Senator Portman’s ‘change of heart’ raises many questions.” | Dennis Prager at NRO

“Partial-Birth Abortion” litigation: An example of the problem of an uncertain role definition for federal trial judges

    Hercules and the Umpire: Turning to the meat of this post, I was the trial judge in both of the Carhart cases that ended up in the Supreme Court. Compare Carhart v. Stenberg, 11 F. Supp. 2d 1099 (D. Neb. 1998) (Nebraska’s partial-birth abortion statute was unconstitutional), aff’d, 192 F.3d 1142 (8th Cir. 1999), aff’d, Stenberg v. Carhart, 530 U.S. 914 (2000) with Carhart v. Ashcroft, 331 F. Supp. 2d 805 (D. Neb. 2004) (the federal partial-birth abortion statute was unconstitutional), aff’d, Carhart v. Gonzales, 413 F.3d 791 (8th Cir.2005), rev’d, Gonzales v. Carhart, 550 U.S. 124 (2007). Even though there was very little difference in the cases from my perspective, the Court affirmed the first decision but reversed the second. To say that I was perplexed is an understatement. It is that perplexity that prompts this post.

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American Academy of Pediatrics declares support for marriage redefinition

Pro-life display too ‘controversial’ for EMU | Alliance Defending Freedom

5th Circuit Rules For La. Monks In Casket Fight

“What a Pro-Gay Marriage Ruling Means for Culture” | CBN (includes video)

“The Annulment of Same-Sex Marriage”

    Dean Kalahar at American Thinker: The homosexual agenda once took a covert route to incrementally gain approval with small victories that flew under the radar of common sense. Today, the movement has bought into its own myth and now brazenly injects itself into every corner of the culture to create the appearance of normalcy. Even so, 31 states do not grant any form of legal recognition to same sex couples, and 44 out of the 50 states do not allow for same-sex marriage. The Federal government has never had a law sanctioning same sex marriage.

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The Revolt of Intelligence Against “Marriage Equality”

    The Pearcey Report: Admittedly, the phrase “marriage equality” functions as highly effective PR. After all, who wants to stand against marriage? And who could possibly protest against equality? Therefore “marriage equality” seems like a win-win. Yet, a critical distance allows one to see beyond the PR and to realize that the kind of “equality” promoted in “marriage equality” is alien in theory, and inferior in results, to the genuinely liberating concept of “created equal” we find planted in the Declaration of Independence.

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Public Ok With Creating Babies From 3 People UK Gov’t Says

UK: “The real reason for gay marriage move”

Santa Fe’s city attorney: Same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico

Philippine Top Court Halts Contraceptives Law

Attacks on Prop. 8 rebutted: Reply brief filed with U.S. Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Senator Portman’s Homosexual Descent

Virginia: Dems blast comparison of slavery, abortion

Ill., Wis. school districts OK to use church-run camp | Alliance Defending Freedom

Judge Overturns Mo. Law On Birth Control Coverage

Divided argument in Prop 8; In Windsor, Court allows Meese and Ashcroft to weigh in

Canadian ‘transgender’ bill faces voted March 20

RNC rolls out controversial roadmap, firestorm brewing on marriage and other issues . . .

    AP on Google: “The idea that a major political party must accept the practice of homosexuality as normal so as to remain relevant will prove the contrary and lead to disaster,” said John Horvat II, a Catholic scholar. And Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, faulted Washington GOP establishment leaders for the November losses, saying they strayed from the conservative message. “Americans and those in the tea party movement don’t need an ‘autopsy’ report from RNC to know they failed to promote our principles and lost because of it,” she said.

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Abyss of Nihilism | Carson Holloway at Public Discourse

Strong marriage culture is essential to limited government | Jim DeMint’s Speech at CPAC 2013

Vatican Official: Sinister international cadre behind worldwide push to redefine marriage and Western civilization

We Need New Methods in the Fight for Marriage | Greg Forster

    Defenders of marriage need some entrepreneurial thinking. America has been governed by no-fault divorce, illegitimacy, and disordered desires of every kind for two generations; there are fewer and fewer people around who even remember living in a world where the Christian position was the default. We need to stop imagining real marriage is like the Apple of 2013—assuming we are the dominant entity and our opponents are upstarts trying to displace us from our position at the top.

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Portman: Right on the Court, Wrong on Marriage | Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation

    Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation: Redefining marriage would further distance marriage from the needs of children. It would deny as a matter of policy the ideal that a child needs a mom and a dad. We know that children tend to do best when raised by a mother and a father. The confusion resulting from further delinking childbearing from marriage would force the state to intervene more often in family life and cause welfare programs to grow even more.

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Boy Scouts Renew Debate Over Sex | American Spectator

Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman supports marriage redefinition, but still opposes judicial redefinition