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Do church signs clutter the right-of-way more than political signs do?

Obama admin. agrees to pay $570K to Conestoga Wood Specialties’ attorneys

ADF: Don’t force cake artist who supports same-sex marriage to speak against her beliefs

Why pro-life students deserve our support and gratitude

ADF to Supreme Court: Uphold free speech of students in US flag T-shirt case

Fire chief axed after taking a stand for Christ

Christians celebrate Supreme Court approval of religious prison beards

9-0 Supreme Court victory for religious liberty

The worn out euphemisms of abortion

Here’s what five Supreme Court Justices have said about same-sex marriage

The new orthodoxy: Why same-sex marriage can and does affect you

    Breakpoint: Activists for same-sex marriage routinely insist that Christians have nothing to fear from their proposals to restructure society’s basic institutions. It simply won’t affect us, we’re told. But when the conflict between same-sex couples’ newly-minted “rights” and Christians’ religious liberty becomes clear—as it has for Christian photographers, florists, bakers, caterers, ministers, and adoption agencies that are expected to solemnize same-sex couples as marriages—the tables turn. Then we’re told that Christians’ right to recuse themselves from celebrations they consider sinful must yield before the superior claim of sexual freedom. Such, said one New Mexico judge, is “the price of citizenship.”

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One pastor’s tedious defense of the First Amendment

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Supreme Court hears church fight over Arizona town sign law

Supreme Court justices laugh at Arizona town’s church sign laws

Revealed: Colo. commissioner compared cake artist to Nazi

Comments on Supreme Court oral arguments in Reed v. Town of Gilbert

Should the government get a free pass to censor the free speech of churches?

ADF to defend free speech at US Supreme Court Monday

The freedom to be a Christian college

Atlanta fire chief fired for expressing Christian beliefs

How many is 57 million?

Glendale, Ariz. postpones passing harmful ordinance

Doctor euthanizes this man’s mother, he had no idea until the morgue called to claim her body

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2014: A year that saw many ‘new births of freedom’ for Americans

Fighting the sexual and reproductive rights revolution

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The night before Christmas when astronauts read from the Bible as they orbited the moon

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Can’t have your cake, and a rights battle rises

Christmas censorship and the Apollo moon program

ADF to Supreme Court: Ariz. town’s excuses for speech discrimination fall short

Oahu churches seek dismissal of atheist lawsuit

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Pro-life, pro-choice groups agree in pregnancy case

The case for religious freedom

ADF recommends policy to protect student privacy in restrooms, locker rooms

10th Circuit to hear Christian universities’ challenge to abortion-pill mandate

Atheists still urging educators to ban God from public schools

State AG targets Wash. grandmother’s religious freedom and personal assets

This ‘Giving Tuesday’, give the gifts of life, strong families, and the freedom to live out your faith

DC Council delays vote on bill forcing religious non-profits to pay for abortions

Court to consider whether Pittsburgh can enforce censorship zones

7th Circuit to hear Christian colleges’ case against abortion-pill mandate

ADF: DC gov’t shouldn’t force pro-life employers to pay for elective abortions

ADF to 13,000+ school districts: First Amendment protects Christmas expression

North Carolina: Forsyth County can resume prayers after Supreme Court ruling

North Carolina chose life: Will the Supreme Court choose to hear them?

Fla. church won’t be zoned out of its property

Truth be told: Two clear voices amid the growing din

Ruckus about abortion coverage brings results

Day of Prayer upheld in Colorado

‘Webcam’ abortions put Planned Parenthood profits ahead of women’s health

Colo. Supreme Court rejects attack on governor’s prayer proclamation