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ADF sends memo to school districts, reminding administrators Christmas expression is a constitutional freedom

Virginia health dept. votes to gut abortion clinic safety regulations

No decision in court case challenging Pittsburgh buffer zone outside Planned Parenthood

Access Health adds plans that exclude abortion coverage

DC government delays vote on bill mandating abortion coverage

Reminder: It’s okay to celebrate Christmas at school

Planned Parenthood: We’ll have to close our clinics if Gov. Walker investigates us for Medicaid fraud

Abortion protesters fight Pittsburgh buffer zones

Court considers legality of Pittsburgh buffer zones around abortion clinics

Pro-life group argues in federal court against Pittsburgh’s ‘buffer zone’

Pittsburgh judge to rule on ‘censorship zones’ to keep pro-life protests away

D.C. nondiscrimination bill vote delayed

Local clerks must allow same-sex marriages

IRS shouldn’t allow churches to disregard tax law

Alliance Defending Freedom targets atheist attach on Ohio schools as discrimination

Sale of abortifacients: Court case pits pharmacists against state

Webcam ‘scheme’ shadowing what’s important, ADF maintains

Church wins discrimination suit against city

Colorado school lets students text but not pray during free time, lawsuit says

ADF to 13K+ school districts: 1st Amendment protects Christmas expression

Traditional marriage ‘a compelling government interest’

Ambulance transports 27th woman from St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion center

Pro-life win: US state to offer non-abortion Obamacare plan

In Arizona, a textbook fuels a broader dispute over sex education

Supreme Court to decide sign fight between church and Gilbert

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Thanks giving

St. Louis Planned Parenthood botches 27 abortions in 5 years, another woman rushed to hospital

Planned Parenthood puts profits ahead of women’s health

Iowa Constitution does not provide any right to abortion

IRS sued for monitoring U.S. churches

Colorado’s ‘Day of Prayer’ proclamations pass muster

Colorado fends off attack on Day of Prayer

Victory for religious freedom in Colorado

Intercessors win major prayer battle in Colorado Supreme Court

Family gets relief from Obamacare’s mandatory ‘abortion fee,’ but pro-lifers aren’t rejoicing just yet

Springfield opponents not alone in fighting nondiscrimination ordinance

Prayer policy in Forsyth County to be decided by new board

Gilbert Public Schools delay outline of textbook redactions

Obamacare covered on-demand abortions through more than 1,000 insurance plans; GOP blasts Obama’s broken promise

Conn. family won’t be forced to pay Obamacare elective abortion surcharge

Plan B contraceptive sales violate religious beliefs, Washington pharmacists argue in federal court

Judge: Sectarian prayer allowed at county meeting

County scores major public prayer victory after years-long legal battle

Federal judge rules prayer OK before Forsyth County commissioner meetings

Gilbert schools postpone biology textbook debate

Pro-life family forced onto Obamacare wins battle to avoid paying for abortions

School district gets ‘attaboy’ for smacking down atheist activist group

Forsyth county will argue speech, religion, and discrimination in federal court today

ADF argues govt shouldn’t force Christian pharmacists to dispense abortion-inducing drugs

FIRE, ADF file ‘amici’ brief in Eighth Circuit for student expelled for Facebook posts

Colorado high school bans prayer meeting during ‘free time’

Long Island teenager who was told she couldn’t have Christian club at high school fights back

School tells students to stop praying, singing

Freedom of speech, religion, and the power of the state

ADF, LLDF question illegal abortion-related edict in California

Civil rights commissioner: Forcing Catholic colleges to fund abortion shows ‘contempt’ for religious liberty

Controversial plan to remove abortion from science book stalls

Sex ed controversies in Gilbert, Tempe an anomaly

Colorado high school tells students they can’t pray during free time

ACLU challenges Nebraska same-sex marriage law

Christian college goes to court tomorrow to free itself from abortion-pill mandate

3rd Circuit to hear Christian college’s case against abortion-pill mandate

‘Parsonage exemption’ safe, federal court rules, dismissing atheists’ complaint

California sets dangerous pro-choice trend

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner points out threats to religious liberty in CA, DC

Parents calling for change in LPS policy

The new culture war