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Her father shook her so hard he put her in a coma, now the state wants to kill her

Louisiana ruling ends pro-gay marriage ruling streak

Louisiana’s marriage law upheld by federal judge

Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

SCOTUS may take up Virginia marriage challenge

Christian farm owners will no longer host wedding ceremonies after same-sex couple’s lawsuit

Wedding industry illustrates unresolved legal relationship between religious freedom and same-sex marriage

Pro-lifers seek freedom from restriction to 1% of campus

In Colorado: Is taxpayer money going for abortions?

Abortions covered: State mandates health insurers to include elective abortion in group plans

Prince William clerk asks Supreme Court to hear Virginia same-sex marriage case

Planned Parenthood loses legal round against ex-manager

Which marriage case will the Supreme Court choose?

Ruling on New Mexico town’s Ten Commandments display put on hold

After being fined and forced to host same-sex weddings, Christian farm owners make drastic decision that ‘will likely hurt their business’

Lawsuit against Planned Parenthood may proceed

Alliance Alert publication schedule this week

    The Alert will not be published on Thursday and Friday, nor will it be published on Labor Day. The regular publication schedule will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014.

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Outcry flares over Calif. abortion push in Catholic colleges

New Mexico court asked to overturn decision allowing assisted suicide

Pro-life groups use ‘war on women’ to target vulnerable Democrats

GOP Senate candidates mum on birth control mandate change

County responds in prayer case

Same-sex marriage advocates ask top U.S. court to strike down state marriage laws

Colorado judge tosses suit alleging Planned Parenthood used state funds to pay for abortions

California says two Catholic universities must pay for abortion

California: All health insurance must cover abortion

Pro-life pregnancy centers must release information for Baltimore judge

University of South Alabama discriminates against pro-life students

Anti-abortion groups want Sen. Mark Udall to support limits on late-term abortions

New HHS rules inadequate, ERLC & others say

Greece’s prayer policy raises new questions

After ‘Tattoo Jesus,’ new ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign with a powerful message

Creator of ‘Tattoo Jesus’ launches ‘Death Row Jesus’ campaign

Religious groups concerned about new HHS mandate regulations

ADF comment on HHS mandate ‘accommodation’

Will states’ rights rule supreme in marriage cases?

U.S. Supreme Court issues stay on marriage case in Virginia

With same-sex marriage on hold, same-sex couples remain hopeful

California requires insurance companies, faith-based employers to cover abortions

ADF to Calif. agency: You cannot force employers to cover abortions

Abortion foes threaten suit that may cut state’s federal funds

Calif. insurers required to cover elective abortions, DMHC says

Planned Parenthood: Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging state dollars used for abortions

Religious liberty coalitions shift – Obama backs Becket Fund’s client, previous allies go mute

Obama administration shifts abortion pill payment onto insurance companies

New Obamacare contraceptive rule seeks way around conservative legal victories

ADF: Students, faculty benefiting from victories for campus freedoms

SCOTUS pauses same-sex marriage in VA: We’re back where we started

Indian villages crack down on Christians

SCOTUS stays marriage ruling in Virginia

US Supreme Court delays same-sex marriage in Virginia

Court forces Colorado to fund Planned Parenthood abortion biz that covered up rape

Will states’ rights rule supreme in marriage cases?

City of Bloomfield will appeal Ten Commandments monument ruling

Same-sex marriage delayed in Virginia

High court issues stay on Virginia marriage case

Opponents try to deny vouchers to religious schools

Supreme Court stays same-sex marriage ruling in Virginia

Supreme Court: No same-sex marriage in Virginia, yet

IRS would lose in court battle against churches, NRB says

Allies diverge on whether Supreme Court should delay same-sex marriage ruling

ObamaCare loses another point in religious freedom battle