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Swedish, Polish Christian medics fired for refusing abortions

Bible history course may be pushed back

Is this the biggest deception in the last 100 years?

ADF sues Indiana city on behalf of pro-life group

“Why I use graphic images to protest abortion”

ADF taking on ‘unbridled officials’

Hobby Lobby reversal sought in Congress

Suit challenges state abortion clinic buffer zone

Swedish midwife denied employment for being pro-life

Is it really about a woman deciding her own fate?

Like Cleveland, Mitt Romney may be on a comeback

Sweden: Midwife fired for refusing to perform abortions

A banner month for pregnancy centers beleaguered by pro-abortion sign language

Because Hobby Lobby decision doesn’t protect nonprofits, March for Life sues HHS mandate

UMich libertarian students prevail in lawsuit alleging political discrimination

City refused to accept this ad from a pro-life pregnancy center, so it sued

Pro-lifer follows Hobby Lobby’s lead against mandate

Federally funded health center may be nixing job applicants with pro-life views

Pro-life women helping centers win in challenge to Austin, Texas ordinance

Judge stops New Hampshire buffer zone after Supreme Court upholds pro-life free speech

Midwife denied job for refusing to perform abortions in Sweden

State delays abortion buffer zones pending federal ruling

Nurse fired for refusing to assist abortions takes her case to court

ADF sues university over pro-lifers confined to ‘free speech zone’

University of Michigan will stop denying funds to conservative group

For now, N.H. will not enforce abortion clinic buffer zone law

The ripple effect of Hobby Lobby, bubble zone rulings

Transgender restroom policy stands after appeal

Pro-life woman denied employment by Florida health center

Religious freedom cases to fill Supreme Court docket

Atherton will hear transgender policy appeal tonight

Activists sue to block New Hampshire abortion ‘buffer zone’ law

Suit challenges N.H. abortion clinic buffer zone

Christian legal group sues to halt N.H.’s buffer zone law

Lawsuit filed against NH “buffer zone”

Taxpayer-funded health care center denies woman job because she’s pro-life

Should an image of Jesus Christ bearing sin’s tattoos be allowed in schools?

The Intellectual Poverty Law Center

World Magazine reports on Hobby Lobby victory (audio)

Connecticut man seeks health insurance without fee for coverage of abortions

ACLU, ADF call ‘foul’ over university’s treatment of the first amendment

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ADF fights off atheists’ lawsuit against pair of churches

Planned Parenthood curriculum promotes risky behavior

Parents appeal Atherton’s transgender policy

Supreme Court will hear church’s challenge to Gilbert’s sign ordinance

Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case

Gov’t officials clash with church over signs advertising worship services – and the case could become the next important religious freedom battle

BSU faces lawsuit over limits on campus protests

Hobby Lobby ruling may vindicate Colorado company

American pro-life campaigners free to stand for what they believe in

U.S. Supreme Court hits birth-control rule

Geneva pleased with court ruling on contraceptive coverage

Supreme Court rules for religious liberty in Hobby Lobby case

Supreme Court delivers momentous religious freedom victory

Court: Closely held companies can’t be required to cover contraceptives

Supreme Court strikes down abortion pill mandate (video)

Voiding of buffer zone at abortion clinics could force Western Pa. change

Interpretation of ruling on meeting prayer puts effects in question

Pictures of faith at work: This family waits, prays for Obamacare ruling

Rick Santorum: Baker that would not make a cake for same-sex wedding sent to ‘re-education camp’

Montgomery County pays $375,000 to anti-abortion pregnancy center

How NOT to cover the ruling in the Hobby Lobby case