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Mother Barred From Praying on Steps of New Hampshire School Now Praying Silently on Campus

Attorney: Schools have legal right to permit Bible distribution | One News Now

Praying mother back at N.H. school, praying silently | Boston Globe (AP)

“Same-Sex Marriage Ruling May Polarize the Marriage Equality Debate” | Jurist

America’s Christian Slaves

Federal judge in Colorado rules against ObamaCare’s HHS mandate

Praying mom back at NH school, praying silently

Mother now praying silently on Concord High campus | Concord Monitor

NAACP President Resigns, Turned Civil Rights Org Into Pro-Abortion Group

Freedom From Religion Foundation Demands Financial Transparency From Churches | Peter J. Reilly at Forbes

Planned Parenthood’s Adoption “Gag Rule” | Casey Mattox

    Casey Mattox at Bell Towers: Concerned about the prospect of taxpayer funded counselors steering women toward abortion, the Reagan Administration issued what its critics called a “gag rule,” prohibiting options counselors under Title X from referring women for abortions. Planned Parenthood and others challenged the rule, claiming that it prevented women from receiving full and unbiased information about all of their options. Although the Supreme Court upheld it in Rust v. Sullivan, the “gag rule” was one of the first to be repealed when President Clinton took office. However, it appears that a “gag rule” has reemerged – as Planned Parenthood works to steer women toward the one option that is financially beneficial to Planned Parenthood, abortion. [Cross posted at LifeNews]

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California Bill Targeting Boy Scouts Threatens Religious Freedom | Acton Institute

Campus displays obvious viewpoint discrimination | One News Now

Obama Admin Stopped From Forcing Senior Citizen Homes to Obey HHS Mandate

Constitutional rights win out in gospel sharing incident | One News Now

Why the term “fertilized eggs” should never be used by real people | Kristi Burton Brown at LifeSiteNews

    Kristi Burton Brown at LifeSiteNews: There really would be little problem if people who used the term “fertilized egg” also went on to explain that a so-called “fertilized egg” is “the beginning of a human being.” Or that, through fertilization, “a new, genetically distinct human organism is thereby formed.” See, there’s a very big difference between an egg, a sperm, and the new, unique, separate human being formed through the combination of an egg and a sperm. By themselves, an egg and a sperm only have potential to become a new life. But they are not new life in and of themselves. However, once they combine, it’s a different story, and our words and descriptions ought to reflect this . . . Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom

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California Bill Targeting Boy Scouts Illustrates Threats to Religious Freedom

City Allows Pastor to Distribute Bibles at Harley-Davidson Festival | Christian Post

Bringing the Gospel to the Burgeoning Catholic Latino Population in the U.S. | NC Register

Planned Parenthood Distributed Abortion-Inducing Drugs Past FDA Approved Timeline, Says ADF | Christian Post

Pledge Of Allegiance’s “Under God” Defended By Evangelicals — But Guess Who Wrote it | PolicyMic

Pharmacy Board investigating Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire | One News Now

Jim Garlow, Alliance Defending Freedom to Launch New Daily Commentary

Pro-life student takes on Columbus State Community College’s speech restrictions | LifeSiteNews

Pastor Threatened With Arrest for Distributing Bibles at Festival Regains Rights From Police | Christian News

Planned Parenthood Distributed Abortion-Inducing Drugs Past FDA Approved Timeline, Says ADF | Christian Post

“Evangelical body supports politicking in the pulpit” | Christian Century

Doctors charge New England Planned Parenthood with violating FDA protocols | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hey AP: Where is religious left on religious liberty issues? | Patheos

    Terry Mattingly at Patheos: Truth is, the old coalitions that used to support religious liberty have been shattered —. . . The Louisiana Baptist Convention is advising congregations to rewrite their bylaws to state they only allow heterosexual marriage ceremonies, and the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty group that opposes same-sex marriage, is advising the same. But legal experts across a spectrum of views on gay rights say it can’t happen given strong First Amendment protections for what happens inside the sanctuary.

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Atheist Perplexed by the Pledge of Allegiance? | Christian Post

“Washington Florist Who Refused Gay Wedding Job Says She ‘Had To Take A Stand’” | Huffington Post

“The Biggest Little Gay Rights Battle In Texas: An Ndo Timeline” | SA Current

Pro-life student takes on Columbus State Community College’s speech restrictions | LiveActionNews

Atheists Exempt From Reciting Pledge of Allegiance Still Seek to Stop it at Schools | Christian Post

Atheists Not Required to Recite Pledge Seek to Stop It Anyway | Charisma News

Churches appeal after crosses denied on public property | One News Now

‘Under God’ trial in state’s highest court Wednesday

Constitutional rights apply to 1% of campus | WorldNetDaily

Atheist “attack” actually helping churches fight IRS | U.S. Finance Post

Columbia State finds prejudice assignment did not discriminate | Citizen-Times (AP)

Labor Day Schedule

US judge orders Christian photographers to shoot same sex ceremonies | Christian Concern

King’s Dream of Liberty | Alan Sears at NRO

Remember When Conscience Was Cool? | Kellie Fiedorek at NRO

IRS takes hits from both sides of pulpit politicking debate | Deseret News

Ban on Display of Crosses at Indiana City’s Riverfront Property Contested By Church | Christian Post

College Student Suing for Freedom of Speech | Free Beacon

Pinterest and abortion: The top “abortion” search results | Live Action News

Freedom: Another Casualty of the Gay Agenda | Frank Turek at Christian Post

Defending Religious Liberty | Bill Becker on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Radio

Pro-life advocates encouraged by legislative successes on abortion

Teacher returns amid college inquiry | The Daily Herald

“No atheists in foxholes” article by chaplain re-posted on Air Force website | Northern Colorado Gazette

US photographer must shoot lesbian ceremony, says judge | Christian Institute

Ohio College Sued for Subjecting Pro-Life Students to “Free Speech Zones” | Life News

Legal-Courts Atheist group gets green light to sue IRS over ‘politicking’ churches | One News Now

Oklahoma Supreme Court asked to clarify ‘undue burden’ about abortion drug | One News Now

Reformers want Congress to end ban on pulpit politicking | RNS at District Chronicles

Pro-lifers rally outside ‘House of Horrors’ clinic, demand release of Gosnell victims’ bodies | LifeSiteNews