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Public Outcry Restores Censored Christmas Carols | Charisma News

“Case Against Michigan Ban on Gay Unions Is Sent to Trial” | NY Times

Kansas City Summit Challenges Threats To Religious Liberty | The Catholic Key

Court refuses to question students’ constitutional rights | One News Now

Colorado Spent $14 Million Illegally Funding Abortions With Tax Dollars | LifeNews

Should We Be Taxing Churches?

Christmas Victory for Wis. High School Choir | CBN

Court approval remains behind student prayers | One News Now

100 Christian Ministries Compose Class-Action Lawsuit over Contraceptives | Christianity Today

Pro-Life Backers to Honor Gov. Scott at ChampionsGate Event |

The Frosting Can’t Cover It Up | Jessica Prol at FRC Blog

The outrage about sidewalk counselors | LiveAction News

Using Public Information to Protect Religious Liberty | Brian Simboli at Crisis Magazine

School Choir’s Right to Sing Christmas Carols Restored in Wisconsin | Christian Post

“God Bless America”: Teaching A Constitutional Lesson During Constitution Week | Travis Barham

Wisconsin school district regains its Christmas spirit | World Magazine

High School Music Director’s Battle Over His District’s Crackdown On Religious-themed Music Takes A Turn | The Blaze

The Deafening Sound of Silence | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

School Choir’s Right to Sing Christmas Carols Restored in Wisconsin | Christian Post

Conservative student paper wins final legal battle with college | World Magazine

Under pressure school district restores censored Christmas carols

Atheists Sling False Accusations Against Hawaii Church | Charisma News

Students for Life 2014 Conference Opens for Registration | LifeNews

Shutdown and Default Considered Small Price to Pay for Banning Birth Control, Say Catholic Bishops and Paul Ryan | RH Reality Check

Churches have not cheated state, group says | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

    Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP): Religious liberty group Alliance Defending Freedom filed a motion Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit by Mitchell Kahle, founder of Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of Church and State, and public advocate Holly Huber. They claim New Hope International Ministries churches . . .

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Arizona church continues fight against lingering tax bill | One News Now

Judges On Track To Legalize Suicide-on-demand? | WorldNetDaily

Christian Apologist Responds to Culture’s Most Popular Arguments for Homosexuality | Christian Post

Christian Legal Group Tackles ACLU’s Criticism of Student-Led Prayers at School Football Games |

Defending Hawaiian churches against atheists’ accusations | One News Now

Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

Preaching “Politics” from the Pulpit | Erik Stanley at Speak Up Movement

Wisconsin School Board Backs Away From Sacred Music Rule After Outcry | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Hawaii churches target suit on school rental fees | Education Week

Keep an Eye on Greece – Greece v. Galloway, That Is | Independent Women’s Forum

Pro-separation, pro-religious freedom groups lobby School Board | Wausau Daily Herald

Missouri Police Arrest Christians Preaching In Public Square | The Global Dispatch

Churches sued for paying rent to schools | WorldNetDaily

Churches seek to dismiss state school fees suit | Honolulu Star Advertiser (AP)

Hawaii churches ask court to dismiss atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Hawaii Reporter

Wausau School District threatened with lawsuit over music policy | WSAU

Preaching politics from the pulpit | World Magazine

God Bless America’ Sign Back on Public Display After Being Removed From NC Library

St. Louis Planned Parenthood refuses to release 911 records | Live Action News

Advocacy groups weigh in on Wausau Schools music issues Rory Gray from the Alliance Defending Freedom says they support defend religious liberty, right to life, and marriage and family issues. Gray says a Wausau parent contacted them. “We were actually contacted by a mother who’s opposed to the new policy, and we were also called by the Family Policy Council in Wisconsin about this issue to get some legal advice, and so we decided to send a letter to the school board why the new practice is really not a good idea and is completely unnecessary.” He says schools across America play religious music in their curriculum, because it’s part of culture and history, and because many great works of music had religious themes. “Courts have uniformly approved having those in public schools, so we were rather concerned and confused as to why the district thought that was an issue.”

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Christians, Pastors and Politics | Edwin Meese at Christian Post

Of Pledges And Proclamations: Protecting Public Expressions Of Faith | Alan Sears

Protester: Abortion clinic buffer zone would trigger lawsuit | Portland Press Herald

8 misguided – and dangerous – statements from Planned Parenthood and company

    Kristi Burton Brown at LifeSiteNews: 1) Restricting Abortion Does Not Protect Women . . . 2) Lawmakers Can Play Politics With Children, But Not With Women . . . 3) A Constitutional Government is Dangerously Hostile. . . 4) Abortion is Mainstream . . . 5) I Don’t Want My Children to Have Fewer Rights Than Me . . . 6) Retraining, Retraining, Retraining . . . 7) Abortion is Supported by Information and Counseling . . . 8) Your Unborn Child Must be a Rock . . . Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, and is married to the amazing David Brown.

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Tree of Life lawsuit sent back to U.S. district court |

NAACP Tries, Fails to Legalize Race, Sex-Selection Abortion in Arizona | Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog

Supreme Court’s Docket Full of Potential Mischief | The New American

    The New American: The case wound its way up to the Supreme Court, where Greece is being represented by David Cortman of the Christian advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom. Cortman responded that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Galloway and Stephens, It would have to abandon prior precedent, it would have to abandon hundreds of years of practice going back to the founders of our country, and [it would] put in jeopardy the many practices and events that reflect our religious heritage throughout the country…. The folks who have volunteered to pray before the meetings are merely reflective of the demographics of the town. Just because a town may happen to be more Christian that a different religion doesn’t automatically create a constitutional issue…. [If the court decides in favor of Galloway and Stephens] the new test would be: “If I see or hear something that may offend me, and it happens to be religious, that creates some sort of constitutional violation.” We would have challenges to all of these [traditions]. That would create not only more disarray but not reflect the true meaning of the Constitution.

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Mo. street preacher clashes with police | USA Today

Street preacher, cops clash again | (video)

European Court to Review Assisted Suicide of Woman Not Terminally Ill | LifeNews

You Might Be “Offended” by Reading This | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Missouri Police Descend Upon, Arrest Evangelists Preaching Gospel in Public Square | (video)

U.S. Justice Department wants delay; Christian college wants a decision

Vital Signs: Government approves tax-funded abortions | World Magazine

Square Circles, Atheist Chaplains | Caleb Dalton at Townhall

US Supreme Court to Hear Public Prayer, Abortion, ‘Obamacare’ Cases as New Term Begins | Christian Post

High court returns to work, will hear high-profile cases | One News Now

Thomas More Society celebrates 15 years on the front line of the culture wars | Chicago Tribune

Govt Watch Group Files Suit to Obtain Correspondence Between Pentagon, Anti-Christian Activist |

“Fight over Indiana gay marriage amendment promises to bring national attention” | IndyStar

Tenth Circuit Panel Rules in Favor of Colo. Company Against Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Tenth Circuit rules for religious freedom and against Obama’s abortion pill mandate | Live Action News

Federal judge rejects challenge to Arizona law banning abortion based on race, sex | The Bugle

Clinton/Obama Court of Appeals Judges Rule for Company on ObamaCare Abortion Mandate | Front Page Magazine

Judge Tosses Out Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s Ban on Race, Gender-Based Abortions |

Court: Colorado Business Will Keep its Reprieve from HHS Mandate | Citizen Link