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2013 a Bad Year for Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate | Charisma News

Legal group demands Augusta VA welcome all caroling | Augusta Chronicle

BP’s most-read stories of 2013 | Baptist Press

Nonprofit Gets a Break on Discovery Dispute Costs | Courthouse News Service

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Federal Judge Grants Injunction In Oklahoma Universities’ Health Care Lawsuit |

2013 Favs: The War on Girls: Sterilize Your Teen-Aged Daughter for Free (and without your consent) | Patheos

Pro-life 2013: Year in Review | One News Now

Group demands religious carols be allowed at Augusta VA hospital | Atlanta Business Chronicle

Group asks VA medical center to lift ban on religious Christmas carols in public areas | Fox 19

Sunday event reminds students of their religious freedom | One News Now

Utah Federal Judge Takes Wrecking Ball to Marriage Laws | MO FPC

Benton: Investigate Planned Parenthood | The Columbian

To comply with non-discrimination laws, the government is “forcing people in business to make wedding cakes” for anyone. | Politifact

The clash between homosexuality and religion isn’t over |

Religious Believers Face Discrimination for Marriage Views | NC Register

New Mexico County Clerks Resign After State Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ |

Lawmakers get legal help with NC marriage case | Greesboro News & Record (AP)

The Truth Will Set Us Free |

Biola University, Grace Seminary Granted Exemption From Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate | (includes video)

Legal Group Fights Swiss Lawsuit Promoting Euthanasia | NC Register

Ducking the real issues: A&E misfires in aiming at the First Amendment | Doug Napier at Washington Times

4 Christian universities get injunction in Affordable Care Act lawsuit | Med City News

Judge: Pa. school can exclude some birth control | (AP)

Christmas censors aren’t taking the holiday off | Jordan Lorence at Washington Examiner

A&E un-“happy, happy, happy” with free speech | Doug Napier at Patheos

ADF to US Supreme Court: Reinstate asylum for German homeschooling family

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    The Alliance Alert will not be published during Christmas week, 2013.  Merry Christmas!

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ADF: State should not be coerced to kill you | One News Now

Trial date set for Amish in building permit case | Leader Telegram

Pro-abortion Congresswoman introduces resolution urging states to ban sexual orientation therapy | Life Site News

Atheist threats to Christian program unconstitutional | One News Now

Judge dismisses suit against Hawaii churches | The Garden Island

“Gay marriage now legal in New Mexico” | Cindy Carcamo at LA Times

    Cindy Carcamo at LA Times: Jim Campbell, an attorney who represented former state lawmakers who filed a brief asking the court to reject same-sex marriage, criticized the ruling. “The government’s purpose for recognizing marriage is to bring together one man and one woman as husband and wife to be a father and a mother to any children their union produces,” said Campbell, who is legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which opposes gay marriage. “The New Mexico Supreme Court ignored that time-tested understanding of marriage and replaced it with the recently conceived notion that marriage means special government recognition for close relationships.”

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Suspension of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson a Threat to Free Marketplace of Ideas? | Christian Post

Duck Dynasty fans rally after Phil suspended by A&E | Baptist Standard

Reaction builds over Robertson’s suspension from ‘Duck Dynasty’ | (Gannett)

New Mexico Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage | Citizen Link

Christendom College Alumna Says HHS Mandate Exemption Line Is Long | Cardinal Newman Society Catholic Ed. Daily

A&E Ducks From Protecting Its Dynasty Star’s Free Speech | Austin R. Nimocks

Secularists Still Trying To Bully Christmas From The Public Square | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

“85% Americans Support Christian Photographer Who Refused Gay Wedding Assignment As Case Moves On” | Global Dispatch

Hawaii churches to argue against school fee suit | Hawaii News Now (AP)

“Christian Photog Who Refused to Shoot Gay Wedding Finds Widespread Support” | Charisma News

James Dobson v Kathleen Sebelius: How will you get involved? – I | Alan Sears & Matt Bowman on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

State Attorneys General File Brief in Support of Christians Ordered to Shoot Same-Sex Ceremonies | ChristianNews.Net

Joel Osteen ‘Doesn’t Believe’ Churches Should Shun Politics, Says Brother-In-Law | Christian Post

10 best pro-life moments of 2013 | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

Survey Finds Most Americans Think Christmas should be “More about Jesus” and “Celebrated in public schools” | “Public schools’ confusion about this issue and the legalities of celebrating Christmas in other ways has been largely caused by inaccurate information about the Establishment Clause spread by certain groups opposed to any religious expression occurring in public,” noted the Alliance Defending Freedom in a letter sent last month to thousands of school districts. ADF Senior Counsel, Kevin Theriot added, “The Constitution both allows and protects the celebration of Christmas in public schools. We hope the materials we are providing to school districts will help clear up the misinformation that groups attempting to cleanse all traces of religion from the public square have spread for far too long.”

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What Is the “Church Plan” Issue?: An Explanation from Matt Bowman | Mirror of Justice

Switzerland Sued for Not Providing Assisted Suicide Drugs to Woman Without Fatal Disease | LifeSite News

Take that, Scrooges: School choirs thumb noses at atheists | One News Now

Yes, you will work for me: Will high court hear First Amendment case? | One News Now

Judge Says Baker Must Abandon His Religious Beliefs | MO Family Policy Council

“Oklahoma Gay Marriage Ban Lawsuit Still Pending 9 Years Later” | Huffington Post

Government’s heavy hand favors abortion over faith | Rebecca Hagelin at Washington Times

Christmas Under Assault, but Faithful Fight Back | The New American

    The New American: The conservative legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) went to bat for the districts, noting that student choirs may not be barred from voluntarily performing at such religious-themed events. The ADF later sent a letter to the districts commending them for standing up to the atheist bullies. “Schools should not have to think twice about whether they can allow choirs to participate in community Christmas events,” said ADF attorney Rory Gray. “Courts have unanimously allowed students to sing Christmas carols at school. Nothing changes when they sing the same Christmas songs at a community festival instead. We commend the districts for rightly ignoring the baseless threats delivered by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco added that “a handful of misguided complaints and a misunderstanding of First Amendment law should not be allowed to harm students and deprive them of educational experiences that serve the community. We hope other school districts will follow Kalispell’s and Whitefish’s example and reject the religious discrimination these groups promote.”

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ESPN ‘Jesus’ ad accepted: Banned Christmas commercial approved after uproar | Since 1956, the Catholic foundation has run similar ads with other media outlets without incident. However, it appeared ESPN’s ban on Jesus and God on the air was an indictment of Christmas, as Doug Napier with Alliance Defending Freedom said. ESPN came back to us and said it was denied due to religious advocacy. We were disappointed and dumbfounded with their decision,” said Dan Buck, the Catholic foundation’s executive director. They told us the lines about ‘Celebrate the birth of Jesus’ and ‘Help us reveal God’s healing message’ are ‘problematic’. That’s a quote from them,” Buck added.

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“Baker Faces Prison For Refusing To Bake Same-sex Wedding Cake” | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

“Signs and Wonders: Gay marriage facing challenges” | World Magazine

Christmas carols, cards and greetings at school. Are they constitutional? | Sentinel-Standard (Gannett)

    Harold Pease at Sentinel-Standard (Gannett – widely distributed): Should they do more than bluster, which is unlikely given their loss ratio, defending your right to celebrate Christmas in the traditional – even historical manner – is protected by the Constitution and defended by the Alliance Defending Freedom who have recently sent a letter to more than 13,000 school districts nationwide offering their free legal assistance. Attorneys all over the country volunteer their services to protect this part of the Constitution. Should a student or faculty member feel threatened by their leadership or wish council on this subject they can be reached at 1-800-835-5233 and such are invited to visit The Alliance will be happy to send a letter encouraging them to honor your First Amendment rights. Alliance literature notes the things that may be done in the public setting.

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“Could pastors really be jailed for preaching against gays?” | Indianapolis Star (Gannett)

ESPN reverses decision to ban Catholic hospital’s Christmas ad | Todd Starnes at Fox News

A Victory for Comfort and Common Sense | Joel Oster at Speak Up Movement

James Dobson Files Lawsuit Against Obamacare’s HHS-Abortion Pill Mandate | LifeNews

James Dobson and ‘Family Talk’ Sue Over Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Attorney: India got it right on homosexual ‘rights’ | One News Now