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A history lesson in New Jersey: Lawsuits could be coming to a church near you | One News Now

Fetuses from clinic won’t be released for burial by outside groups | Catholic Sun

Texas Planned Parenthood must reimburse $1.4 million in Medicaid fraud, calls charges ‘baseless’ | LifeSiteNews

India: Converts face prison without permission from authorities | Christian Today

Unprecedented ordinance bans Christians from serving on city council | BizPacReview

San Antonio proposal would ban anyone opposed to homosexuality from city council |

Christian Right Seeks Renewal in Catholic-Evangelical Alliance | Daily Kos

Pro-Lifers Seeking Burial of ‘Gosnell Babies’ Locked Out of Medical Examiner’s Office | CNS News

Pro-Life Groups Protest, Want to Bury “Gosnell Babies” | Philly Post

Pro-life Leaders Demand Burial for ‘Gosnell Babies,’ Philly Stonewalls | Newsbusters

Culture ‘Unprecedented’ language targets those with traditional values | One News Now

ADF: Michigan school district caved to ACLU | One News Now

Judge to Decide If Indiana City Can Allow Churches to Display Crosses on Public Land | Anugrah Kumar at Christian Post

Free Speech for Pro-Life Students | Patheos

Court prevents feds from enforcing abortion-drug mandate | WorldNetDaily

Hobby Lobby wins injunction against ObamaCare abortion pill mandate | LiveAction News

Alliance Defending Freedom’s Infranco: Prop 8 Fight Isn’t Over | Newsmax

Parental notice law gains court approval | Baptist Press at Townhall

Court grants Hobby Lobby injunction from health care penalties | Edmond Sun

Phil. Medical Examiner locks out pro-life activists demanding bodies of Gosnell victims for burial | LifeSiteNews

Planned Parenthood Announces Closures Following Signing of Texas Pro-Life Bill | Christian News

    Christian News: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael Norton said in a press release following the announcement that the closing of these three Texas facilities is an encouraging development, but more work still needs to be done. “Planned Parenthood is more concerned with using American taxpayers’ dollars to pad its bottom line than providing competent healthcare to women,” he stated. “Although Planned Parenthood blames budget cuts for its decision to close down three of its Texas abortion clinics, … Planned Parenthood’s waste, abuse and potential frauds involving taxpayer funds should have shut it down long ago. We will continue to hold Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and all other Planned Parenthood affiliates accountable for its fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars and hope that even more abortion clinics will soon close.”

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New Texas Abortion Bill Shuts Down Three Planned Parenthood Locations | Christian Post

Planned Parenthood Closing Down 3 Abortion Clinics | Stoyan Zaimov at Christian Post

Churches plan cross display despite opposition | One News Now

Letter Demands Info on What Happened to Bodies of Babies Kermit Gosnell Killed | LifeNews

Respect Students’ Free Speech Rights | Rory Gray at Christian Post

Medical Examiner’s Office Locks Out Pro-Lifers Demanding Info on Gosnell Babies

Planned Parenthood to Close 3 Texas Clinics | Charisma

Christian Legal Group Tackles Tiff Over Football Coach, Student-Led Prayers | However, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a non-profit legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, announced on Wednesday that they have mailed a letter to BHS administrators, asking them to revise their religious expression policies. Using quotations from court precedent, ADF lawyers argue in the letter that the school’s aforementioned Regulation 5605.1 violates students’ First Amendment rights, and that Superintendent Glass’s statement regarding students’ “faith and freedom” was demonstrably false. . . . ADF spokespersons state that they will consider taking legal action against the school if the policies in question are not modified. “The Constitution should be the only permission slip students need to exercise their freedom of speech,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “We commend the school for not caving to the ACLU’s unwarranted demands, but urge them to amend their outdated policies so that this does not happen in the future and students’ religious speech is protected.” [more . .. quotes from the letter]

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Where Are the Babies that Kermit Gosnell Murdered and Will They Receive a Proper Funeral and Burial?

ACLU, ADF Clash Over Legality of Student-Led Football Game Prayer

ACLU Attempts to Prevent Churches’ Public Display of Crosses Despite City Approval |

Legal-Courts U.S. District Court tells Florida school it cannot prohibit religious expression

After SCOTUS setback, Prop. 8 supporters ask California Supreme Court to uphold the law

ACLU threatens schools over Gideon Bibles | N. Colo. Gazette

Legal Group Fights to Protect Crosses Lining Indiana Riverfront | Citizen Link

ADF Defends 10 Indiana Churches Sued by ACLU for Displaying Crosses

At Scandal-Plagued IRS, Agents Make Crucial Judgments About God and Taxes | Jewish Daily Forward

Atheists Threaten to Sue Schools for Refusing to Ban Bible Distributions

Prop. 8 case: Calif. high court refuses stay | Baptist Press

“California High Court Refuses To Revive Gay Marriage Ban” | Bloomberg Law

“California high court refuses to ban gay marriages” | Big News Network

Christian Legal Group Combats ACLU Attempt to End Bible Distribution in Kentucky Schools |

Banned Sunday school resumes in Louisiana city park | World Magazine

LSU’s restrictive free-speech policy de-toothed | One News Now

Calif. Supreme Court Rejects Request to Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

“Churches Fear Lawsuits for Refusing Gay Weddings” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

Proposition 8 Still Applies in California, Backers Say | CNA at NC Register

“Gay Marriage Ban Reinstatement Rejected by California High Court” | Businessweek

Where does marriage law stand today in California? | Lyle Denniston at Constitution Check

“Proposition 8 backers can’t halt gay marriage licenses” | Washington Times

California Supreme Court declines to halt same-sex marriages | Sacramento Bee

ADF: Rule of law on marriage being ignored in Calif. | One News Now

“California Supreme Court rejects bid to halt same-sex marriages” | LA Times

“State’s top court lets same-sex marriages continue” | San Francisco Chronicle

Kicking it Down the Line: The Effect of the Recent Marriage Decisions on State Laws and Constitutions Protecting Marriage | Jon Scruggs at Townhall

After ADF files suit, Louisiana city rediscovers freedom of speech | One News Now

NAACP Says Trayvon Martin’s “Right to Life” Denied, But Supports Abortion | LIfeNews

Louisiana Sunday School Ministry Allowed to Resume Outreaches in Public Park Following Lawsuit |

Shall we pray at governmental meetings? |

Sunday School Program at Park Once Banned for ‘Religious Activities’ Allowed Back | Christian Post

Calling and Witness, Holiness and Truth | Ryan T. Anderston at First Things