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Colorado high school kills free period rather than let students use it for prayer group

School district reportedly banned teens from meeting to discuss God during the school day–but there’s a major update to the story

Religious freedom lawsuit against Colorado Springs school dropped

Prayer ban lifted at Pine Creek High, lawsuit dropped

Colorado school district cuts free period after lawsuit on prayer, religion talk

Court upholds law that gutted Texas abortion industry

Christian teen in Colorado drops school prayer lawsuit

ERLC partners with ADF in creating legal resource for churches amidst changing marriage culture

Boise State University to pay $20,000 to pro-life group after backtracking on censorship

Meet the HIV-positive sidewalk counselor whose lawsuit beat ObamaCare

Florist asks court to overturn mandatory gay marriage support

The next gay-rights battle: Ending discrimination in the workplace

Judge turns sarcastic – rips Chicago’s attack on ministry

Florist asks court to overturn mandatory gay marriage support

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit

Idaho college no longer requires warning for contentious protests

Boise State settles free-speech suit with pro-life student group

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

BSU, pro-life group settle free speech lawsuit

Pro-lifer’s NAACP parody wins court appeal

The one year for minorities in India

USC to tighten free speech policies after pro-life banners prompted controversy

Placing government into counseling room

Petal Pushers: Left digs in on florist’s rights

ADF pleads with school district: rethink gender-free policy

California court rules for feather but not religious freedom

Boise State University stops making pro-life groups post warning signs for their events

Attacks on pregnancy centers parallel Fugitive Slave Acts

ADF leads fight for Barronelle Stutzman, florist attacked for not servicing gay wedding

Washington florist files for state Supreme Court review in gay marriage case

Protect your church from lawsuits – Citizen Link Report (Video)

Minorities under PM Modi: A landscape scarred with hate, violence, impunity

Stafford gender issue not over

DMV rejection of license plate found reasonable

Is your nonprofit ready?

University of California demanded extra security fees for anti-gay marriage event

This HIV-positive man would rather die than fund abortion. Now he’s won his court case against ObamaCare

Here’s how the persecution of Christians in America really got started…

Billings, Mont., Gazette needs to pose more questions about dinosaur museum imbroglio

    Get Religion: But there’s a lot of questions unanswered. Where is the school district’s attorney in this? Did anyone bother to call him or her? And why wasn’t there a quote from the school superintendent about the cancellation? Why did the superintendent cave so quickly upon getting just one letter? Why didn’t the district call Alliance Defending Freedom or similar groups that have taken on AU more than once? And what about that script for the “secular” tour? Might the reporter have actually quoted some of the language from that text, just to establish facts about the dangerous material presented to the students?

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Alliance Alert publication schedule

    The Alliance Alert will not publish tomorrow. The regular publication will return on Friday, May 29th.

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Case to Watch: Funeral home to cite Hobby Lobby ruling in transgender bias case

Feds blackmail Virginia’s largest school district into transgender policy

Court rules New York can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive,’ bans Choose Life license plates in New York

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Court: ‘Choose Life’ slogan ‘patently offensive’

Federal court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive’

Appeals Court rules New York may ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates for fear of road rage

Christians ‘most persecuted religious group’

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Appeal reverses earlier decision against Radiance Foundation

Embryonic stem cells sold on black market for plastic surgery

Scouts president: Gay leader ban unsustainable

NY can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates as DMV program upheld

Victory for Rhode Island pro-lifers: New rules requires abortion-excluding healthcare plans for 2016

A fourth to be reckoned with

Lawsuit dropped as R.I. requires plans to satisfy abortion foes

Bobby Jindal stands against big business to protect religious liberty

In victory for free speech, NAACP loses court battle to silence black pro-life activist

Black pro-lifer wins fight against NAACP over abortion parody

Sexual and reproductive rights priority for the UN

Rhode Island Obamacare forced to add health care plans that don’t pay for abortions

Rhode Island ends Obamacare’s abortion mandate after HIV man’s lawsuit

Mohler receives Meese religious liberty award

    BR Now: The award description said: “Alliance Defending Freedom honors Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. for his significant efforts in publicly promoting and defending religious liberty and a principled jurisprudence through the active advancement of constitutional originalism. Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s tireless efforts embody the enduring commitment to justice that is the hallmark of the American spirit, as personified by the Honorable Edwin Meese III, in whose name this award is given.”

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Maine proposes parental protections after mother fights do not resuscitate order on baby

Appeals court rules against NAACP in abortion free speech lawsuit