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Religious bias issues debated after Atlanta Mayor’s dismissal of fire chief

Church takes aim at Atlanta fire chief’s dismissal

Alan Sears: We’re at a ‘tipping point’ on pro-life issues

Civil Rights Commish compares Christian cake artist to Nazis, slave owners

Judge slams Christian florist with personal liability

Florist says her Christian values made her refuse to participate in same-sex ceremony

US Supreme Court to open new religious rights case

Sweden picks yet another homeschool fight

ADF hoping for high court’s affirmation re: marriage

Same-sex marriage primed for review as U.S. high court gathers

America awaits justices’ action on same-sex marriage

Same-sex couples await US Supreme court ruling

Atlanta fire chief who criticized homosexuality may fight ouster

Atlanta fire chief sacked in book controversy may sue city

Houston, we still have a problem: Mayor at it again

It’s getting personal in state of Washington

New DC mayor mum on bill to extend workplace protections to adulterers seeking abortions

Glendale will not have new non-discrimination ordinance by Super Bowl

Judge: Arlene’s Flowers owner can be sued in her personal capacity

Wash. allowed to sue florist in same-sex wedding case

America awaits justices’ action on same-sex marriage

Hitching Post, Cd’A seek to avoid trial

Courts wrestle with wave of new state abortion laws

Temperatures rise in Mann libel suit

    JD Supra: Alliance Defending Freedom filed an amicus brief “to highlight the First Amendment’s safeguard of offensive or inflammatory speech and the important role that hyperbole plays in American politics” in order “to ensure that the protections provided by the Free Speech Clause are broadly construed and not restricted by defamation laws.” Its brief argued that the challenged statements fit comfortably within the sphere of speech that has been traditionally afforded broad First Amendment protection. My favorite sentence: “If this Court were to do an about-face from traditional First Amendment values, then debates on political topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and the merits of universal healthcare, as well as other matters of public concern where hyperbole and accusatory language are coin of the realm would likewise be chilled.”

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Doctors killed his mom because she was depressed; now he speaks out against euthanasia

Sign discrimination case headed to Supreme Court

School district approves policy requiring restroom use to correlate with biological gender

Gilbert school board steps away from text redaction

Christian groups say Americans being tricked into paying for abortion through Obamacare surcharge

How a silly dispute over signs made it all the way to the Supreme Court

Student on strike in Ten Commandments protest

Obama administration tricking Americans into funding abortions

Freedom of conscience in the 21st century

Same-sex marriage dynamic in U.S. shifted dramatically in 2014

Letter smacks down the Obama Administration for abortion lies in the ACA

Va. school district adopts new children’s privacy, safety policy

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Gilbert church sign case in Jan.

Christian student banned from passing out flyers promoting prayer session at middle school’s flagpole

School stops seventh-grader from distributing fliers for religious event

Attorney General will appeal ruling saying women can’t see ultrasound of baby before abortion

American people tricked into paying for elective abortions

Roy Cooper will ask high court to hear ultrasound case

Church asks for end to policy rating value of speech

Temple, Gilbert Public Schools board among top 2014 newsmakers

‘Huge Victory,’ ‘Opportunity’ for religious colleges in labor board’s ruling

Va. school district policy respects all children’s privacy, safety needs

ADF to Italy: Rogue mayors have no authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

4th Circuit upholds ruling against common-sense NC ultrasound law

American people tricked into paying for elective abortions

Christmas gift for Ariz. Christian day care: $25K tax bill reversed

Kagan’s words echo at the Supreme Court 19 years later

School ground bullies in the nation’s capital

D.C. bill that would allow for insurance coverage of abortions faces uncertain future

Court rules women aren’t allowed to see ultrasound of baby before abortion

ADF to Italy: Rogue mayors have no authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Alliance Alert publication schedule

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The Alert is taking the holiday seriously. We’ll return on January 5th, 2014.

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Rick Santorum: ‘We need to wake up the church’ to confront abortion

Washington D.C. passes bill to force pro-life groups to hire abortion activists

DC Council votes in support of forcing abortion coverage

District won’t revise abortion content in textbook

D.C. passes bill that could force pro-life organizations to pay for abortion coverage