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NAACP loses battle to silence black pro-lifer who bashed its pro-abortion stance

The gathering storm: The eclipse of religious liberty and the threat of a new dark age

Mohler receives Meese religious liberty award

North Jersey teachers learn social media’s traps the hard way

Hungarian court condemns black market sales of aborted fetal parts for cosmetic use

Legal battle over brain-damaged baby prompts Maine bill

Dutch court: Euthanasia no longer requires a doctor’s order

Woman sued for her refusal to do flowers for her gay friend’s wedding

Religious freedom bill sponser Rep. Mike Johnson: Superman for Louisiana’s religious right?

House OKs bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks

No Man’s Land mandates of the Inter-American civil society

Court finds people guilty of harvesting cells from aborted babies for use in cosmetics

Hunger Games’ star Elizabeth Banks pushes Planned Parenthood abortion business

    Life News: Alliance Defending Freedom explained their “services” like this: “Planned Parenthood doesn’t hand out birth control or abortion inducing drugs for free either. Planned Parenthood ALWAYS COLLECTS COLD, HARD CASH from their CLIENTS and AMERICAN TAXPAYERS for the birth control it doles out. Planned Parenthood’s websites show that it charges between $15 and $800 for hormonal birth control, up to $70 for early-abortion pills, and up to $1000 for IUDs. At the very minimum, it charged low-income women $90 million for contraceptives in fiscal year 2011, and collected more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer money in that same year.”

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ADF International and the Institute Ordo Juris sent to the Romanian Parliament a memorandum calling for the rejection of the bill aimed at institutionalization of same-sex marriage

Decision on pro-life bus ad now in judge’s hands

ADF leads battle against Indiana bus system over Women’s Health ad

Kansas Court of Appeals planning to swear in new judge

On Retreat

Obama admin stonewalls on IRS proposal to monitor churches for ‘political’ sermons

GoFundMe bans anyone accused of ‘discriminatory acts’ from fundraising…like this elderly Christian florist

Religious groups vow to break D.C. anti-discrimination law

Virginia school district bans discrimination against transgender students

House GOP, pro-life groups plan continued fight of D.C. law

Eight pro-life groups to DC: We will not obey your abortion hiring law

Colo. woman to stand trial for cutting baby from womb as state’s fetal homicide bill falls flat

Both sides confident of win in Tree of Life appeal

Obama IRS targets churches

California lawmakers won’t allow insurers to opt out of abortion coverage

Christians need not apply: Fundraising site slams the door on traditional marriage cause

Planned Parenthood tells California to force churches to pay for abortions

International organization fighting against the legalization of euthanasia in Europe

A sour decision over ‘Sweet Cakes’

Washington D.C. is making pro-life groups hire abortion activists, they’re refusing to comply

Protecting your ministry from sexual orientation and gender identity lawsuits

Beyond gay marriage: Idaho LGBT advocates battle legal discrimination

After shutting down Christian bakers’ fundraising campaign, GoFundMe makes policy change

Judicial Watch files FOIA lawsuit on behalf of Alliance Defending Freedom on IRS investigations into churches and religious groups

Judicial Watch files FOIA lawsuit on behalf of Alliance Defending Freedom

Judicial Watch files FOIA suit over IRS probes into churches

Conservative watchdog sues IRS anew

Church regains right to serve housing project after initially booted for being ‘religious’

House advances effort to overturn abortion ‘non-discrimination’ act

GoFundMe drops campaign for Baltimore rioters after conservative complaints

GoFundMe modifies policy statement after ejecting Christian business owners

Sweet Cakes: New GoFundMe policies criticized as biased against Christian-owned businesses

Is RFRA dead in N.C.?

CBS News anchor slammed for ‘bashing’ faith

GoShunnedMe: Fund site dumps Christians, changes policy

GoFundMe bans fundraising for religious business owners charged by state for refusing to cater a gay wedding

Papal Impressions

GoFundMe cancels fundraiser for Christian florist

New GoFundMe rule makes it easy to kill Christian campaigns