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Florist who refused to do flowers for same-sex wedding to appeal

Arlene’s Flowers owner rejects AG’s settlement offer

Florist rejects Washington attorney general’s deal requiring her to serve same-sex weddings

Judge: Arlene’s Flowers owner violated the law

Florist who refused service to same-sex wedding broke the law, judge rules

ADF on florist’s case: State forcing conformance via coercion

Former Atlanta fire chief files federal lawsuit

Judge rules florist broke law denying service for same-sex wedding

Judge ruling against grandma florist for refusing to service same-sex wedding

Christian florist found guilty of discrimination for declining same-sex wedding could lose home, life savings

Wash. florist who refused same-sex wedding over Christian beliefs violated law, judge rules

Washington florist who refused business for same-sex wedding violated state law, judge rules

‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve same-sex couple, judge rules

Updated: Judge rules against florist in same-sex wedding case

US florist who declined to service same-sex wedding broke the law

Judge rules that elderly Christian florist illegally discriminated by refusing service to a same-sex wedding–and it could cost her dearly

Florist who refused to do flowers for same-sex wedding to appeal

Washington state judge rules against florist who refused same-sex wedding

Same-sex couple lost $7.91 when florist turned them down. The florist may lose much, much more

Judge: Florist violated state law in refusing flowers for gay marriage

Judge rules Consumer Protection Act was violated by Richland florist

Fire chief sacked for Christian faith firing back

Atlanta fire chief fights dismissal over religious beliefs

Atlanta’s former fire chief sues the city, says he was fired because of religious beliefs

Kelvin Cochran, Atlanta fire chief fired for Christian writings, files federal suit

Former Atlanta fire chief sues city, claiming he was fired for Christian faith

Former Shreveport Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran sues Atlanta

ADF eager to debate ‘pretext’ behind fire chief’s firing

Atlanta ex-fire chief sues after firing for writing a book

Former Atlanta fire chief Cochran files federal lawsuit against city, mayor

Cochran sues over firing; U.S. reps weigh in

Former Atlanta fire chief sues city, mayor

Fire chief fired for faith sues city of Atlanta

Ex-Atlanta fire chief brings suit against city, mayor

Terminated Atlanta fire chief files lawsuit against the city

Fired Atlanta fire chief sues city

    Baptist News: “Americans are guaranteed to live without fear of being fired because of their beliefs and their thoughts, and the city of Atlanta is not above the Constitution and federal law,” said attorney David Cortman, senior counsel and vice-president of religious liberty at the Alliance Defending Freedom’s regional service center in Atlanta. “In America, a religious or ideological test cannot be used to fire a public servant.”

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UPDATE: Kelvin Cochran sues the mayor over wrongful termination due to his religious beliefs

What happens after same-sex marriage comes to Georgia

Time for SCOTUS to stop ‘gov’t scheme’ from promoting abortion

Fire chief’s feet to the flame: Kelvin Cochran is fighting back to protect freedom of belief

Washington grandmother could lose home & life’s savings for not selling flower to couple for same-sex wedding

Ex-fire chief who claims he was terminated over his Biblical views on homosexuality sues – and delivers a message about ‘freedom’

Judge authorizes ‘personal ruin’ for Christian florist

Florist who rejected same-sex wedding job broke Washington law, judge rules

Lawsuit: Fire chief terminated because of Christian faith

Former fire chief sues Atlanta, mayor for firing him ‘solely’ because of his beliefs about marriage

Terminated fire chief files federal lawsuit against city, mayor

Ex-Atlanta fire chief files suit, says he’s victim of religious bias

As expected, ADF sues Atlanta for firing fire chief

Congressmen jump into the fray in Georgia’s religious freedom fight

Former Atlanta fire chief files federal lawsuit against Reed

Former Atlanta fire chief Cochran files federal lawsuit against city, mayor

Former Atlanta fire chief sues city for religious discrimination

Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act matters to you

Cochran controversy takes new turn as U.S. Reps weigh in

A second ‘religious liberty’ bill is introduced

Professor: universities should treat students as children, limit their free speech

Lawmakers: Atlanta fire chief fired for believing the Bible

Mister Prime Minister! Violence against minorities has continued

State called out for giving abortionists unauthorized millions

Catholics repeat calls to overturn DC reproductive health laws

It’s wake up time, city of Charlotte

Contraception, Round Two: A new wave of lawsuits tests insurance mandate

“Pecan farms, lunch counters, and wedding photography”

Neydy Casillas: There is widespread confusion about abortion as a “right”