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Festival-like atmosphere outside Supreme Court

Outside Supreme Court, gay-marriage supporters jubilant and expectant

Colorful crowds gather as Supreme Court weighs gay marriage

Kentucky court says printing business has right to deny service for religious reasons

Kentucky court upholds freedom of printers not to print

Court: KY law protects Christian businessman

Christian print shop owners have constitutional right not to print gay pride t-shirts, Kentucky court rules

Fayette Circuit Court judge reverses finding in Hands On Originals discrimination case

Christian printer punished by the gov’t for refusing to print gay pride t-shirts just scored a major victory

Kentucky T-shirt printer that wouldn’t make gay pride shirts vindicated by court

Christian t-shirt printer wins victory in Kentucky court after refusing to print gay pride messages

ADF on Baker v. Hands On Originals (video)

Kentucky judge upholds Christian printer’s refusal to print gay pride T-shirts (+video)

Appeal filed to state Supreme Court in Arlene’s Flowers case

Arlene’s Flowers appeals to state Supreme Court

Barronelle Stutzman, Washington florist, files notice to appeal verdict in gay wedding case

Same-sex marriage advocates expect Supreme Court to rule in their favor

Christian printer wins victory for conscience rights

Court upholds right of Christian company not to print t-shirts with ‘gay pride’ messages

Court: KY law protects Christian businessman

Fayette Circuit Court judge reverses finding on Hands On Originalscase

Kentucky printer wins religious freedom battle

After bakers’ fundraising campaign shut down, florist who rejected same-sex wedding faces same fate

Freedom of conscience wins a round

Pope Francis, committed to the sanctity of life, marriage and religious freedom

Thousands to join March for Marriage in D.C. Sat. under shadow of Supreme Court hearing

IRS surveillance of churches after secret agreement with atheists may go to court

Committee votes to advance effort to overturn abortion ‘non-discrimination’ act

Colorado Senate panel passes unborn victims bill after mom’s baby cut out of her womb

Should the IRS crack down on politics in churches?

Obama admin faces questions over ‘secret’ grant it made to Planned Parenthood

Battleground Eureka City attracts national attention as election nears

Pro-life group appeals request ruling

Marriage supporters flood high court ahead of case

Illinois bill to crack down on conscience, compel abortion referrals

House Republicans take issue with another D.C. law

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California committee approves bill ordering pregnancy centers to promote gov’t abortion programs

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Popular “Bible Man” banned from schools due to one atheist mom’s request

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Azucar Bakery found not discriminatory against Christian by Colorado

Numerous briefs defend marriage against judicial activism

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info