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Supreme Court hands same-sex marriage a tacit victory

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College won’t perform Christian play unless it’s dumbed down, says student

College orders student to ‘dumb down’ religious show

After being fined for refusing to host same-sex weddings and making a stunning business decision, Christian farm owners are fighting back

ADF allied attorney files petition for NY farmer couple fined $13k for refusing to host same-sex wedding

Couple fights $13k fine for refusing to host same-sex wedding at home

Christian farmers fined $13K for refusing same-sex wedding ready for court battle

Drama students prohibited from performing because of ‘offensive’ Christian message

Civil Rights Group: CFCC drama club denies student production due to Christian message

Rape and incest OK in drama productions, Christianity is not for community college

Pro-euthanasia ruling axed due to plantiff’s secret suicide

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Top human rights court rules against doctor-prescribed death as woman behind case is discovered to have committed suicide

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