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Couer d’Alene City Attorney confirms: conservative Christian ministers’ wedding chapel business must provide same-sex marriage ceremonies

Good news for the naked public university

Houston sermons are, legally speaking, fair game

A tale of targeting

Twitter temporarily blocks petition supporting Houston pastors

Coming out as Christian in the Academy

Floyd: Stand up for Houston pastors

In Alabama, the religiously ‘unaffiliated’ now surpasses this major religious group

Jesus painting, removed from school, now on lit sign

Mike Huckabee asks pastors across the US to send sermons, Bibles to Houston mayor

Georgia school board unanimously votes to remove Scripture from sculpture

NC school officials not releasing kindergartner unconstitutional

‘God’s Not Dead’ writers spotlight religious liberty in upcoming movie

Georgia high school will remove Bible verses from football monument fearing atheists’ lawsuit

Satanic temple wants display of Satan descending into hell to be featured inside Florida’s capitol

Kevin Sorbo: ‘Christians in Hollywood are attacked,’ star of ‘Let the Lion Roar’ says

Son of Tony Campolo comes out as agnostic, hired as humanist chaplain at California university

Coach-led prayers no longer allowed at South Dakota high school following complaint

University students threatened by officials for distributing U.S. Constitution copies outside of controversial “free speech zone”

Sen. Cruz: City of Houston Has No Business Asking Pastors for Sermons

New York high school lifts ban on students’ Christian club amid threat of legal action

Liberal hypocrisy and the soft bigotry of low expectations

A conservative Christian’s reflections on life in the legal ivory tower

    Canon and Culture: Tish Warren’s recent essay in Christianity Today brought many questions back up to the surface for me and many Christians who have been associated with Vanderbilt University over the past few years. Did we do everything we could to stand up for truth in a loving and compassionate way during the debates over religious association policies? What role did we play as we urged administrators to realize we are not the equivalent of segregationists and we just want to ensure our Christian organization leaders are in fact followers of Christ? What lessons can other students at other schools learn from what we went through?

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No, Democrats haven’t won the culture war

Religious liberty at a crossroads?

Feds ask full Sixth Circuit to review Amish beard-cutting case

Christian college forms board to review policy prohibiting homosexual behavior

The culture wars – have we lost?

Gordon College says compassion, yes; compromise, no

Indiana trooper sued for sharing gospel during traffic stop

Catholic church opposes latest version of HHS birth control mandate

Connecticut targets homeschoolers

Muslim inmate expected to prevail in Supreme Court religious freedom case

Florida couple keeps statues of Jesus, Virgin Mary on property despite threat of legal action by HOA

In defense of Gordon College

Argument report: Trouble at the lectern

I was free to find religion in prison; Will the Supreme Court protect that freedom?

California bishops contest state ruling on abortion coverage

Scalia defends keeping God, religion in public square

Gordon College studies same-sex behavior ban amid accreditation questions

Gordon College will lose accreditation over behavioral standards

Pastors: Get the facts then share them with your church

Case of Muslim woman denied job at Abercrombie & Fitch to go before Supreme Court

What the future holds

Hats off to the University of Tennessee for standing up for public prayer

What do Americans pray for? Themselves. And maybe a sports team

When Jews are bigoted against conservative Christians

Muslim inmate takes his case for a beard to the Supreme Court

Christian bakers who declined to make same-sex ‘wedding’ cake face bankruptcy over govt. fine

Names of 1,000+ insurance plans that fund elective abortion in ObamaCare released

Satanists to distribute materials to Florida public school students

Arkansas State University allows football team to wear cross decal on helmets

Air Force to allow atheist to omit ‘So Help Me God’ from oath

Accreditation board gives Gordon College a year to review policy on homosexuality

Fusionism, Hobby Lobby, and the Constitution

Math teacher who was fired after banning Planned Parenthood from classroom files suit

Atheists, humanists demand Georgia school district remove Scripture from sculpture

The ‘New York Times’ publishes an ignorant, condescending anti-Christian op-ed

Natural morality, American exceptionalism, and race relations

Nine things you should know about atheism

Documentary highlights first-hand accounts of IRS targeting conservative, Christian groups

Atheist church Sunday Assembly opens in 35 more towns

Arizona football coach suspended for praying with team

A pessimistic case for hope

Philadelphia parents are fighting for school choice, and winning

Don’t buy the lie that freedom to worship is the same as religious freedom

Rabbi says he was asked to leave restaurant for being Jewish

Study: American public thinks religion’s influence is waning