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Math teacher who was fired after banning Planned Parenthood from classroom files suit

Atheists, humanists demand Georgia school district remove Scripture from sculpture

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Natural morality, American exceptionalism, and race relations

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Study: American public thinks religion’s influence is waning

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Court finds Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument constitutional

School accused of ‘purging’ Christian books

8th Circuit invokes Hobby Lobby to reverse in for-profit challenge to contraceptive mandate

Appeals court revives Connecticut synagogue suit

U.S.T.A. faces suit over Sabbath schedule

Why you can’t keep your plan under Obamacare, explained in 3 minutes

Ohio superintendent halts principal/teacher prayer chain for sick and abused

GAO report reveals flagrant violations of ACA rules for abortion funding

During ‘black mass’ in Oklahoma City, Christians gather outside to pray and sing

Religion loses clout: Why many say that’s a bad thing

‘We do not allow sectarian materials’: Charter school removes books over Christian content

Over 1 million Christian students to unite in prayer for 24th annual ‘See You at the Pole’ event

SSPX succumb to modernity: Update on black mass in OKC

Oklahoma judge dismisses Ten Commandments lawsuit

Tennesee cheerleaders cleverly defy school prayer ban. Or did they?

Uphold doctrine, avoid discriminations

Church attorney: Jacksonville Beach changed Religious Land Use Act on purpose before trial

Reply to Richard Epstein on ‘Hobby Lobby’

Air Force strikes “So Help Me God” from oath requirement for airmen

Russell Moore on why religious liberty matters

The irony of California’s ousting of campus Christian groups

9th Circuit Appeals Court guts student free speech, upholds ‘Heckler’s Veto’ of the American flag

Air Force to allow airmen to omit “So Help Me God” in oath after atheist threatens lawsuit

University reverses course: Football players can wear cross decals on helmets

Pro-lifers demand Senate vote to stop massive abortion funding in Obamacare

Do Christian schools produce good citizens? The evidence says yes

Historic civil rights church to be considered for national recognition

Taxpayers are paying the tab for Obamacare’s elective abortions

ObamaCare subsidies could be paying for abortions, GAO finds

Obamacare’s big spending on abortion on demand

Feds: Obamacare covers elective abortions

Actually, ‘Obamacare’ really does cover abortions, gov’t report finds

Watering down religious freedom to ‘freedom of worship’

    CNS News: The right to live, work and worship according to one’s faith is a freedom foundational to the United States. Many of the first settlers, having faced religious persecution in England, sought a place where they could freely worship and live according to their conscience without interference from the government. The Founders were clear, and the Bill of Rights makes it fundamental to our constitutional order that the government should not infringe on the free exercise of religion. In recent years, however, Americans have increasingly faced attempts to water down this robust understanding of religious freedom to a mere “freedom to worship.”

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GAO report shows how Obamacare subsidizes abortion

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