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Group calls for Department of Defense to withdraw from Prayer Day event

NJ woman’s rejected atheist license plate violates First Amendment, lawsuit argues

Kentucky Supreme Court: Religious jobs exempt from some labor laws

Suit over sale of former public school to Orthodox Jewish schools is settled

3 USCIRF commissioners are reappointed

Mormon elder sees hope despite “alarming” religious liberty trends

Mich.: Warren mayor says atheist can’t put up “reason station” inside city hall

Appleton man hopes for “In God We Trust” license plates in Wisconsin

Rubio expresses “concern” over still-vacant State Dept. religious freedom post

No legal recourse for Gallaudet University official demoted because she signed anti-same-sex-marriage petition

Pismo Beach City Council stops prayers before meetings

Luis A. Silva: Religious freedom and the American settlement

    Luis A. Silva at Public Discourse: “In his new book, The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom, University of San Diego law professor Steven D. Smith notes this trend and explains its causes. In this sense, the book is pessimistic. Yet there is a hopeful note in the midst of this pessimism. According to Smith, the original genius of the United States, what he calls ‘the American settlement,’ which used to protect religious freedom, has long been lost. But is it gone forever? Nothing lasts forever in this world, the author reminds us, including governments. But here’s the hopeful part: Smith argues that, although it will be difficult, it is still possible to recover what made the United States a land of free and flourishing belief.”

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Okla. school district approves Hobby Lobby president’s Bible course

NYPD pulls plug on Muslim surveillance program

Atheist group accuses Clemson football program of “Christian worship”

Air Force’s restrictions on religious expression under review

    CBN News: “Religious restrictions in the Air Force are coming under review after a cadet at the Air Force Academy was forced to remove a Bible verse from his personal message board. Top officials, chaplains, and legal officers will meet to make sure current policies don’t prevent service members from expressing their religious beliefs.”

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Media, rights groups urge court to revisit takedown of anti-Muslim YouTube video

ACLU seeks to oppose diocese in birth control suit

Ohio: Muslim cab drivers refuse to promote “Gay Games”

SBC leader says evangelicals paying price for “narrow vision” of religious freedom

Ala. pastor barred from feeding the homeless without food truck permit

Ryan T. Anderson: It’s time to protect religious liberty in the marriage debate

Elizabeth Corey: Religious liberty and the tragic approach to legal theory

    Elizabeth Corey reviews The Tragedy of Religious Freedom by Marc O. DeGirolami at The University Bookman: “The book’s argument proceeds as follows. Many modern scholars of religious liberty, whom DeGirolami terms ‘monists’ for their desire to arrive at a unifying principle of explanation, see their essential task as finding or discovering the one master value by which all religious liberty disputes can be explained and future cases decided. . . . The author designates thinkers like these (and there are many others) ‘comic’ theorists. . . . DeGirolami suggests an alternative way of thinking about the conflicts inherent in religious liberty jurisprudence. He calls this the ‘tragic’ approach. It shares with the extreme skeptics a doubt about the efficacy of theory as a magic bullet for solving real-world disputes. But it also agrees with the comic monist assumption that abstractions—equality, neutrality, noncoercion—are not empty of meaning but rather can be emblems of important values that law aims to protect.”

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Oregon City students protest Day of Silence with “Gay is not OK” T-shirts

NY: Plattsburgh City Council approves compromise allowing prayer vigil

Virginia: Amid public pressure, McAuliffe OKs prayer rally time

Florida: Christian student club accuses Lake County Schools of discrimination

The narrow (and proper) way for the court to rule in Hobby Lobby’s favor

Court order allows Dallas synagogue to operate while lawsuit proceeds

Bill to make Bible Louisiana’s official state book passes House Committee

Catholic schools pressed to give up morality

Draft of Justice Department’s new racial profiling rules adds limits on religious profiling

The Federalist interviews Ken Cuccinelli

    The Federalist interviews Ken Cuccinelli: “On our side I would say that a lot of people, including many on our side meaning conservative/liberations, forget we’re a natural law country. That that is the foundation on which we built the greatest country in the history of the world and that that foundation comes from God. And a lot of people have a real problem with that. And people on our side, many are embarrassed of it. The other side I will tell you, when I use those kinds of arguments I have never had the other side do anything other than sort of sit there dumb and mute. And they don’t have a retort to it because it’s so rather obvious in the founding history that there’s really no denying it, that it was a critical element on building the foundation we’ve got.”

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Billionaires push Republicans on Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Carroll County commissioners vote to halt sectarian prayers

Brandeis University withdraws planned honorary degree for Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Arlington Catholic Diocese employee says same-sex “marriage” cost him his job

Minnesota House sends “anti-bullying” bill to governor’s desk

Humanists seek recognition by federal prison on same terms as theistic religions

Transgender student files complaint against Christian college after being told he can’t live in male dorms

Pat Buchanan: Brendan Eich is the first on the New Blacklist

Norwood, MA voters approve measure to rename winter vacation as “Christmas vacation”

Girl who said she was told not to pray identifies cafeteria staffer, lawyer says

Mozilla has rights, just like Hobby Lobby

Syracuse Islamic group gets OK to strip empty Catholic church of its crosses

Joe Carter: “The Overhauling of Straight America” is the most influential article you’ve never heard of

    Joe Carter at Canon & Culture: “[T]here is a concerted effort to vilify religious believers who oppose homosexual behavior. I used to believe such claims were the overheated rhetoric of misguided Christians. And even until recently, I would have disputed that vilification of religious opponents to homosexuality was a widespread phenomena within the community of LGBTQ rights activists and their supporters. But the indisputable fact is that I was wrong: Vilification has been a primary tactic of the homosexual rights movement for at least thirty years. One of the most influential documents to support this tactic is an article written in 1987 for Guide Magazine. Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote ‘The Overhauling of Straight America,’ which they later expanded it into a book, After the Ball — How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 1990s, that was published by one of the America’s largest publishing houses (Doubleday) and became a national bestseller.”

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Owner’s “anti-gay views” cause furor over soon-to-open Oregon grocery store

Andrew Sullivan: The quality of mercy

Gingrich calls Mozilla CEO resignation example of “New Fascism”

Minnesota Senate approves “anti-bullying” bill

Mozilla’s marriage litmus test violates liberal values

8th Circuit sends suit against Hebrew National back to state court

Robert George: What the defenestration of Brendan Eich portends

Robert P. George: “It’s going to be uncomfortable to be a Christian”

New York can block religious services in schools, 2nd Circuit panel rules

Liberals are using campaign disclosures to intimidate and harass

    Hans von Spakovsky at Heritage: “The resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich over a personal $1,000 donation he made in 2008 in support of California’s Proposition 8 shows the dark side of campaign disclosure laws and how liberals are using them to intimidate, harass, and bully anyone who disagrees with them on social and cultural issues. The Mozilla staffers and others targeting the company are engaging in the type of intolerance and coercive behavior that they are always accusing others of exhibiting.”

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Cruz: Obama waging unprecedented “assault” on religious liberty

Missouri House gives early OK to student religious liberty bill

Ed Whelan on Hobby Lobby: The “accommodation” as less restrictive means

Federal judge rules existing civil rights law includes “sexual orientation discrimination”

Mark Movsesian and Marc DeGirolami podcast on Hobby Lobby

Gerald Russello: What counts as “religious” in law?

Some states seek to bless prayer in public schools

Religious freedom in House budget

Rick Garnett analyzes Hobby Lobby case

Ben Domenech: Hobby Lobby’s critics have no idea how investments work

Give me liberty or give me business?

Investigative report criticizes IRS classifying televangelists as churches

Fla. 5-year-old told “it’s not good” to pray by school employee

Podcast: Byron York and Timothy P. Carney on same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty

South Carolina legislator seeks to give God credit for state fossil

Chuck Norris: US Air Force airbrushes religious liberty again

An atheist’s case for religious liberty

    Robert Tracinski at The Federalist: “There is a crude majoritarian triumphalism to this argument. The attitude is: we won the culture war, our views are now the accepted norm, and so they must become the rule for everybody. You have no right to resist, no right even to retreat into your own private sphere and ask to be left alone. We must reach into that private sphere and require your active endorsement of the new social consensus. . . . The idea that you can be compelled to conform to the social consensus unleashes the basic principle of totalitarianism.”

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