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Government to farmers: Host same-sex wedding or pay a $13,000 fine

Professor Arkes and the Law

RFRA, the Pitchfork, and the Crozier

Navy reverses decision to remove Bibles from rooms, reviews policy

Navy tells lodges to put removed Bibles back into rooms

Navy reverses course, puts Bibles back in hotels during policy review

University of Florida gets speech-friendly designation from student rights’ group

Georgia students take a stand for faith, prayer after humanist group threatens suit

Georgia lawmaker accuses atheist group of bullying high schoolers

Bibles in public schools: Do students benefit when the Holy book is taught in classrooms?

Georgia town to atheists: Stop bullying our kids

Chaplain Alliance urges Navy to reverse decision on removing Bibles from rooms following atheist group’s complaint

Higher ground: Sis boom Bible

Tenure, free speech, and the First Amendment

Bibles booted from U.S. Navy guest rooms following atheist complaint

Navy ‘caves’ to atheists, yanks Bibles from hotels

Missouri National Guard under atheist attack

Christian group demands release of secret deal IRS made with atheists that threatens to censor houses of worship

    The Christian Post: The Faith & Freedom Coalition demanded Monday the release of a secret legal agreement between the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice and atheist organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation charging that it is likely to censor churches by “potentially infringing upon their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and association”.

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NYC to Jewish schools: Get smaller Stars of David

Engaging culture on all fronts

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner fight to state Supreme Court

The IRS surrenders to angry atheists: Was the fix in?

Judge rules Ten Commandments monument must go

Soldier forced out of Army for serving Chick-fil-A, reading Hannity book

Texas cheerleaders take Bible banner case to state Supreme Court

“Chick-Fil-A” soldier forcibly retired from Army

How these religious people found a way to opt out of Obamacare

Freedom of religion and freedom of the church

    Library of Law and Liberty: It is widely accepted—in American law, in other countries’ laws, and in human-rights law generally—that “freedom of religion” is fundamental and that it should be protected, respected, and promoted. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, for example, called on all political communities to “promote respect” for the right to religious freedom and to “secure [its] universal and effective recognition and observance.”

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Democrat on U.S. Civil Rights Commission wants speech codes for “adolescent” 21-year-olds

Rules limiting area around State Fair where preacher can speak upheld

Georgia mall bans Christian women’s group from praying; says it violates ‘code of conduct’ policy

District Court says Town of Greece decision does not cover invocations offered directly by county board members

Many modern Christians don’t fear God, they fear being labeled as haters or bigots

Social justice includes defending religious liberty

The end of Christian education

Three states file brief on behalf of Catholic TV station seeking exemption from HHS’ contraception mandate

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner says college students not developed enough for free speech

Women ordered to stop praying inside mall

United States Supreme Court sends Autocam case back to 6th Circuit

The IRS’s God Complex: Is the Internal Revenue Service a threat to religious liberty?

Congress passes two bills on international religious freedom

Protecting the religious liberty of adoption and foster care providers

For Ginsburg, a human being isn’t a RFRA “person” either

Atheist groups rejoice over IRS decision to monitor churches. But should they?

Kaiser: Americans’ views of Hobby Lobby ruling are evenly divided

Justice Ginsburg on the five male Jusices’ “blind spot” in Hobby Lobby, and the influence of daughters on their fathers

Satanists using Hobby Lobby decision to seek exemption from pro-life law

Ruth Bader Ginsburg accuses pro-Hobby Lobby SCOTUS judges of having a blind spot towards women

No, Wheaton College’s accreditation should not be revoked

Washington council votes to display ‘In God We Trust’ motto amid controversy

Should a special counsel investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives?

Gordon College and pluralism in higher education

Court permits church to move ahead with RLUIPA claims

Weary of culture-warring

Court unanimously rules against ailing atheists claiming 9/11 cross causes illness

Court rules in favor of 9/11 cross, against atheist lawsuit

Satanists invoke Hobby Lobby, say informed-consent laws violate their religious beliefs

Obama nominates Religious Freedom Ambassador who called protecting Hobby Lobby “deeply troubling”

How ministries going digital could unwittingly aid atheists targeting church tax breaks

Obama’s executive order gets mixed Catholic reaction

Editor fired for criticizing “Queen James Bible” on personal blog files federal complaint

Lawsuit filed over mayor’s denial of atheist display near “prayer station”

Microscope technician sues over firing for creationist research

Supreme Court forces Obama admin to craft new birth control option for religious nonprofits

‘We will not tolerate your religion!’ School fires scientist for questioning evolution

Newspaper editor fired for criticism of “gay Bible”

Thirteen simple things anyone can do to defend religious liberty

A new religious liberty accommodation for non-profit organizations?

Obama admin may revise HHS mandate after losing Hobby Lobby battle

So far, the media is failing on covering Democrats’ falsehoods about contraception mandates