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Executive Order: “Mr. President, you have crossed a dangerous, unprecedented line”

Obama’s Executive Order endangers religious liberty

Four problems and a response to Obama’s executive order

Obama refuses to add religious exemption to homosexual employment mandate

Obama’s executive order undermines pluralism and religious liberty

Becket Fund law firm gaining a reputation as powerhouse after Hobby Lobby win

Propaganda war continues in Hobby Lobby aftermath

New executive order won’t exempt religious orgs

Non-discrimination Executive Order signed by Obama

“The coming Christian revolt”

Religious freedom fights are more complicated than we often realize

Obama to religious ‘bigots’: Drop dead

The next religious liberty case

Baker appeals order to provide same-sex wedding cakes

‘Christianity is abhorrent’: Atheistic materials to be distributed in public schools

How entrepreneurs practice their faith through companies

Hobby Lobby and ENDA

Sen. Blunt debunks lies about Hobby Lobby case (video)

Is evangelical morality still acceptable in America?

Preserving America’s religious liberties

Hatch: Senate Democrats’ legislation diminishes religious liberty protections of all Americans

Senate defeats Democrats’ bill to “overturn” Supreme Court decision protecting Hobby Lobby

ERLC’s Russell Moore urges Obama to nominate ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom

Hobby Lobby is a win, but religious freedom is still fading

What happens when society rejects a faith-based moral standard?

Supreme Court ruling on public invocations gives atheists a prayer

Supreme Court petitioned to affirm state’s rights to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Catholic Bishops come out against anti-Hobby Lobby bill

Bishops: Senate Dem bill empowers feds to mandate abortion coverage

Democrats on Hobby Lobby: ‘Misspeaks,’ ‘opinion’ and overheated rhetoric

Sotomayor to Wheaton’s religious beliefs: drop dead

Christian college may lose federal funding over letter to Obama

Louisiana court’s ruling that Catholic priest testify about confession criticized by Baton Rouge Diocese The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge has issued a statement decrying a decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court that could compel a local priest to testify in court about confessions he might have received. The alleged confessions, according to legal documents, were made to the priest by a minor girl regarding possible sexual abuse perpetrated by another church parishioner.

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Americans view Supreme Court more favorably after Hobby Lobby decision

Meanwhile, outside the panic room: Contraception, Hobby Lobby, and women’s rights

If the government gives contraception, government can take it away

Holly Fisher: Public enemy number 310,345,204

    National Review: Michael Stone, who blogs over at Patheos under the moniker “progressivesecularhumanist,” is deeply concerned by Fisher’s photograph, suggesting that it renders her the “New Face” of the “American Taliban” and serves to expose “the striking parallels between Islamic and Christian extremists, to demonstrate “the striking similarities between Christian and Islamic extremism,” and to reveal the “romance with religious violence both types of extremists seem to share.” Oddly enough, Stone seems wholly incapable of making up his mind as to quite how Fisher presents a threat to anybody.

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There used to be bipartisan support for religious freedom. What happened?

Senate Democrats’ religious-freedom deprivation bill

Eden Foods case may clarify Hobby Lobby ruling

Is religious freedom a slippery slope?

What’s next for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex wedding?

Democrats file bill to ‘overturn’ Supreme Court decision protecting Hobby Lobby

All knowledge starts somewhere in faith – Wheaton responds to “The Great Accreditation Farce”

Justice Sotomayor misses the mark: Religious non-profits should prevail

Christian colleges like Wheaton should not get accredited because they undermine purpose of higher ed, says UPenn Professor

Does the Religious Freedom Restoration Act violate the separation of powers?

Hobby Lobby aftermath spawns disagreement over future of religious liberty law

Did saying “Have a Blessed Day” cause a woman to lose her job?

The religious liberty law that protected Hobby Lobby from government coercion

The right to be wrong

    Public Discourse: One of the hallmarks of religious liberty protections is that they protect people of all faiths, even if their beliefs seem unfounded, flawed, implausible, or downright silly. Recognition of a right to religious freedom does not, however, depend on religious skepticism, relativism, or indifferentism. Rather, it rests on the intelligible value of the religious quest—the activities of seeking to understand the truth about ultimate questions and conforming one’s life accordingly with authenticity and integrity.

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Misreadings of the birth-control ruling

No, the Supreme Court’s ‘Hobby Lobby’ decision is not based upon a scientific mistake

After Hobby Lobby, the struggle for religious freedom continues

High court grants injunction for Wheaton College in health care case

Faith leaders: Exempt religious groups from order barring LGBT bias in hiring

Accreditation and religious colleges

    First Things: Of all the bones to pick with contemporary American higher education—and there are many—the University of Pennsylvania’s Peter Conn has decided to call our attention to what he calls “The Great Accreditation Farce.” For him, the farce is that regional accreditors—who hold the keys to all-important federal student aid—actually display a modicum of respect for the distinctive missions of America’s religiously-affiliated colleges.

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Megyn Kelly talks about the Hobby Lobby case

The root of all freedoms: Kuyper on freedom of conscience

What Hobby Lobby means

Supreme Court to Obama administration: You don’t have to agree with religious beliefs to respect the liberty of the people who hold them…and the groups they form

Green family, Hobby Lobby, connected for 40 years

Prof. Mark Rienzi: A good day for Hobby Lobby – and for the Little Sisters of the Poor and Mr. Muhammad, too

Hobby Lobby ‘overjoyed’ by Supreme Court victory, as the White House pledges to fight

Hobby Lobby and the legal rights of people organized as corporations

EWTN granted emergency relief in wake of Hobby Lobby ruling

Hobby Lobby decision is an encouraging step, not the end of the debate

Hobby Lobby: Why traditionalist will win long term

The Hobby Lobby decision shows the culture war isn’t over, it has only just begun

Let religious freedom ring

    First Things: When Chuck Colson, Robert George, and I drafted the Manhattan Declaration back in 2009, some people questioned why we had chosen to include religious freedom, along with the sanctity of life and the integrity of marriage, as one of the three most pressing moral issues of our time. Life is sacred, and matrimony is holy, they said, but isn’t religious freedom just another “political” tenet? What does it have to do with the Christian faith?

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After Town of Greece Supreme Court decision, school board mulling sectarian prayer policy