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Court’s decision a good sign for the first amendment

First Amendment rulings stir debate over license plates, signs

Riches, religion, and the new atheism

Supreme Court rules for church in case against Arizona town’s sign law

Supreme Court to government: No, ‘good intentions’ don’t give you a license to censor speech

Supreme Court reaffirms broad prohibition on content-based speech restrictions, in today’s Reed v. Town of Gilbert decision

Supreme Court sides with church in freedom of speech case

Local sign regulations curbed in U.S. Supreme Court ruling

Supreme Court says Texas can keep Confederate flag off license plates

Texas can keep Confederate flag off license plates, Supreme Court rules

Opinion analysis: The message determines the right

Justices side with Arizona church in dispute over sign limits

Free speech for church signs, not license plates

Justices rule for small Arizona church in sign law dispute

Supreme Court strikes down ordinance that targeted church signs

UVA law faculty comment on Supreme Court decisions

Supreme Court unanimously upholds church’s challenge to restrictive sign ordinance

Navy fights to preserve chaplaincy’s religious identity

Justice Thomas sides with liberals in blocking Confederate license plate

Supreme Court rules Texas can reject Confederate flag license plates

Supreme Court holds specialty license plates are “government speech”

Americans’ confidence in religion hits a new low

Religion and politics: Do the ‘nones’ have it?

In the real world, not Hollywood, the left is close-minded, and the right allows dissent

FIRE and Student Press Law Center file ‘amici’ brief for Kansas student expelled for tweets

Military sacrificing good order for politically correct double standard

Professor Paulsen and Justice Scalia: A qualified defense of the ‘Smith’ decision

Police chief in US county takes flak for speaking at church in uniform

What to make of Southern Baptists’ declining numbers

Top five reasons churches went to court in 2014

Ian McEwan and the precious gift of being offended

Army must allow Sikh student to enroll in ROTC, judge rules

Why we celebrate the Magna Carta: The Church’s role in guaranteeing our freedoms

Idaho Republicans propose resolution supporting use of Bible in public schools

Court rules in favor of public school district sued by teachers for contracting with Christian school

Even materialists crave religion

The specter of the Bob Jones case

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs controversial religious objection adoption bills

Hey New York Times: Is North Carolina law really about ‘curtailing same-sex unions,’ or is religious freedom the issue?

North Carolina okays opt-out for officials who oppose same-sex marriage

N.C. legislature overrides veto, allows government employees to not do gay marriages

Lawmakers send faith-based adoption bills to governor

Hey, I don’t like your voice inflection!

Congress urged to pass law protecting religious schools from punishment over marriage beliefs

New York City is post secular and highly religious

    Acton Institute: Large cities in the northeast like Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and so on, are often caricatured as wastelands of non-religious, unchurched, overtly secular theaters. Caricatures of this type seem odd given the fact that many of America’s oldest religious institutions are actively operating in those regions. One of my friends is quick to point out that every week people sit on church pews in northeastern churches that older than many states out west. For example, by looking at the Christian presence in the New York City area alone, research shows that the northeast might not be as religiously barren as many believe.

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From “meh” to “amen”

Catholic Health Care’s choice: Fidelity to the State or to Jesus Christ?

Religious headscarf ruling leaves questions unanswered

Cruz, Lee move to defend marriage and religious liberty

A public pulpit for public issues

Ruling forces Arkansas to recognize religious rights

The thrill of political hating

My failed atheism

Christians at Phoenix protest stand between Muslims and anti-Islam crowd

Schools seek protection for marriage views

Obama’s reformation: He urged–and then forced–a conversation about religion and democracy

    The Weekly Standard: Well, if a decade ago America lacked “serious debate” on how to reconcile faith with democracy (or, one might add, on how to reconcile democracy with faith), then Obama surely has spent the intervening years doing everything possible to force what he might call a “national conversation.” That conversation is not just about faith and democracy, but also about the non-democratic parts of our government, the administrative agencies promulgating new laws and the courts creating new civil rights, which in turn collide with religious freedom, raising questions our country is only beginning to grapple with.

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Federal judge orders expungement of punishment against teen who shared Christ with classmates

North Carolina Senate overrides Governor’s veto of same-sex wedding judicial opt-out bill

Religious freedom wins, Arkansas forced to give in

Religious freedom and the common good

Leaving ‘baptist’ in your church name won’t scare people away

Headscarves and religious freedom in the fashion industry

Fornight for Freedom: Freedom to Bear Witness

    USCCB: The Fortnight for Freedom: Freedom to Bear Witness will take place from June 21 to July 4, 2015, a time when our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power—St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. The theme of this year’s Fortnight will focus on the “freedom to bear witness” to the truth of the Gospel.

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Eyeing Supreme Court gay marriage case, Mike Lee unveils bill protecting religious schools

I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

Two realizations that empower religious liberty

    Canon and Culture: The 1950s and 1960s marked the beginning of sweeping societal upheaval in the United States. The most sensational headlines have always gone to sex (the sexual revolution), drugs (the pharmacological revolution), and rock and roll (the musical revolution), but alongside this well-known triumvirate the Baby Boomers also brought us fast food and frozen dinners (the culinary revolution). These revolutions are all related. They have cross-pollinated one another and they share common dependencies. They all endure, with any of the four of them likely to steal the headlines on any given day. They have not, however, progressed all at the same pace.

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