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Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

New Obamacare rule means you won’t know if you’re paying for abortions

Atlanta’s Fire Chief suspended for publicly professing Christian beliefs

Evangelicals launch effort to recruit 1,000 pastors to run for political office

Atheist group loses lawsuit to ban Colorado Day of Prayer

Colorado court upholds Day of Prayer proclamations

Eight reasons to be thankful for modern American secularists

Connecting religious and economic liberty

Religious freedom and business: A complicated relationship

Atheist-Turned-Orthodox Christian parent removes child from school after teacher wears Star of David necklace

Millennials miss the mark on free speech

Firefighters save historic crucifix from smoldering remains of California church

Publisher withdraws controversial textbook in Texas

Congressman confronts military activist in heated exchange over ‘fundamentalist Christian monsters’ quote during religious freedom hearing

Obamacare provision challenged in court

Religious advocates spar in House hearing

‘Tsunami of confusion’ exists on religious liberty in military, argues panel

Ten things evangelicals can be thankful for in 2014

No ruling on motion to dismiss ‘Under God’ pledge lawsuit

Gilbert’s Achilles’ heel: Political signs

Gilbert church sign case may have national impact

Maryland county to churches: Preach environmentalism and get a tax break

Judge hearing lawsuit over Pledge of Allegiance’s “Under God”

Accommodation: The new coercion

Nome considers taxing churches to raise city funds

Public schools in US state removing religious holidays from calendar

Atheist suit against SC school for hosting graduation in Christian chapel to be reheard in district court

Does abortion trump religious liberty?

Texas’s latest history textbook tussle

Why was National Cathedral security so tight during Muslim prayers?

Random acts of civility: More than just polite talk

Satanists seeking to distribute satanic coloring books results in school board banning Bibles

Florida school board blocks Bible distribution after satanists, atheists demand equal time

Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty to testify before Congress

Court rejects atheists’ demand to end tax break for clergy housing

Judge bars Garden City in church zoning dispute

Pastors are already in politics

Religious Freedom Restoration Act under increasing attack since Hobby Lobby decision

Christian school’s ROTC under attack

Sexual liberty and religious liberty can exist. Here’s how

Evangelical non-profits are not sexist

    The Christian Post: A couple weeks ago, The Washington Post sent a shudder up the spines of its female readers by running a story featuring a new study that found women hold fewer leadership positions within evangelical non-profits than they do in the general marketplace. Pundits are using this study to point to a struggle between submissive women and sexist men within evangelical’s supposedly patriarchal community. But more facts need to be known before broad brushing us with the accusation that evangelical non-profits “ignore the gifts of women in leadership.”

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Navy faces suit over denying humanist chaplain

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Speakers at press conference focus on Houston mayor’s attempt to suppress vote

Three immigrants among ‘Houston 5′ fear same voter oppression in America as in their native lands

Five reasons why young Christians and some pastors don’t vote and avoid politics

Ted Cruz wins the battle of the Houston subpoenas

Thousands rally on behalf of Houston pastors hit with subpoenas

Academic freedom, religious institutions, and the state

Rogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away

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Mayor Parker withdraws subpoenas issued to Houston pastors in HERO lawsuit

Is it wrong for Christians to defend their rights?

The best of times

Guess how many Bibles have arrived at the office of the Houston Mayor after she subpoenaed pastors’ sermons