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Marquette University suspends professor for conservative blog

Behaving badly at Marquette University

Punished for referencing Bible, military chaplain tells his side of the story

Atheist group erects 11 billboards across Chicago; argues that kindness ‘comes from altruism,’ not from ‘seeking divine reward’

D.C. City Council picking fight against Supreme Court over Hobby Lobby decision

KS conservatives move for legal protections

‘Every religious organization should be worried’: Kentucky wants Ark Encounter to hire non-Christians

Army chaplain under attack for Christian messages

And the 2014 Ebenezer Award & Eggnog toast goes to….

Roy Blunt: Republicans’ war for women

American Atheists launches anti-Christmas billboards across the country

Same-sex weddings and the shopkeeper’s dilemma

Religious freedom bill passed in Michigan

Chaplain reprimanded over Bible use in US Army seminar

Why torture is a complete failure

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Natural law and the liberal arts: An interview with Robert P. George

Religious freedom and American history – a libertarian view

Rabbi David Saperstein confirmed as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom

Unfree speech on campus

U.S. Army reprimands chaplain for citing Bible in suicide prevention training session

Atheist activist group threatens lawsuit over school Bible distribution

Atheist who ‘prayed’ to Mother Earth, Satan denied request to open Palm Beach meeting

Arizona biology teacher mocks Jesus, Biblical creation in lecture slide

Virginia attorney wants public schools to stop renting to churches

Here’s how the media got the latest religious liberty bill wrong

Catholic higher education in ruins

Problems with your boss? Try a chat with the office chaplain

Conservative group sues California AG over donor list demands, ‘bullying’

Russell Moore: Extending John Leland’s religious liberty legacy for Southern Baptists – and everyone else

Chaplain Alliance to Army: Chaplain shouldn’t be threatened for doing his job

Michigan house approves Religious Freedom Restoration Act despite opposition

Should children make up their own minds about religion?

Atheists still technically banned from holding office in seven states

School board drops Hobby Lobby president’s proposed Bible course following complaint

Legal group: Repeal of D.C. Amendment will have ‘severe impact on religious liberty’

American Atheists’ ‘Skip Church’ This Christmas billboards aimed at non-believers in religious households, says AA president

Ex-church employee alleges discrimination after his same-sex engagement

Gender-bending proposal a threat to Minnesota high school sports, say critics

Texas conservatives boldly reclaim textbooks

    One News Now: The controversial changes were highly contested by the five Democratic board members who voted against adopting the conservative changes. They argued that global warming should be portrayed as a scientific fact and that Islam should be shown in a positive light as a religion of peace – while playing down or altogether avoiding any discussion of Moses as a historical figure that helped shape America’s democracy through the adoption of his laws and principles written in the Pentateuch of the Bible.

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Atlanta Fire Chief suspended after writing Christian book calling homosexuality ‘perversion’

Colorado Supreme Court throws out lawsuit challenging National Day of Prayer proclamations

Guns would be restricted in D.C. churches under legislation advanced by council panel

Atheists prompt investigation into history teacher for ‘preaching’ Christianity in class

New York student gets OK to start Christian club ‘Dare to Believe’ on campus after she was told it would be illegal

New Obamacare rule means you won’t know if you’re paying for abortions

Atlanta’s Fire Chief suspended for publicly professing Christian beliefs

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Publisher withdraws controversial textbook in Texas

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Obamacare provision challenged in court

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‘Tsunami of confusion’ exists on religious liberty in military, argues panel