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California House passes bill forcing pregnancy centers to refer for abortions

California passes bill forcing pro-life centers to push abortion

The assisted-suicide movement goes on life support

Suicide advocacy group faces conviction amidst rash of state bills to legalize assisting suicide

Rhode Island Assisted Suicide Hearing May 28

Legislation saves lives, abortion numbers continue to drop

The Right-to-Life Movement will win and here is why

Ad for new DC clinic compares abortion to appendicitis

Family Foundation says U.S. among seven nations that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks

Medical expert: Science is ‘conclusive’ that unborn babies feel horrific pain of abortion

Abortion injunction upheld for Osceola County medical park

Aetna fined for paying for abortions for women who didn’t qualify for them

HHS guidance on insurance companies in violation of the HHS contraceptive mandate

7th Circuit denies Notre Dame preliminary injunction in its contraceptive mandate challenge

Terminally ill California mom speaks out against assisted suicide

Court won’t exempt Notre Dame from birth control provision

Religious nonprofits lose second court case this week over Obamacare contraception mandate

Why the increasing capacity of younger preemies to survive so unsettles pro-abortionists

Stop Surrogacy Now: Why we must unite

‘Abortion is not a health issue’ ad campaign reaches out to women and men in New York’s capital

    Christian News Wire: A powerful new ad campaign, addressing the heart and soul issue of abortion, has launched in New York’s capital city of Albany. Bus shelter posters and a grassroots ground campaign will share the “ABORTION IS NOT A HEALTH ISSUE. IT’S A HEART AND SOUL ISSUE.” messaging throughout the summer. The Radiance Foundation, in collaboration with an alliance of community-based organizations in the Albany area, has created initiative to help prevent abortion and reach out to those who are post-abortive.

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In defense of the natural family

D.C. Circuit: Catholic Archbishop must facilitate provision of contraceptives and abortifacients

Pro-life students in Fargo win their battle for recognized pro-life clubs

Pro-abortion writer: There should be more abortions

Texas bill would change process for minors to obtain a court-ordered abortion

Appeals Court denies Notre Dame’s challenge to health law’s contraception mandate

48-hour abortion waiting period signed into Tennessee law

21st Century progress toward making abortion unthinkable

Medical expert confirms unborn children feel excruciating pain during abortions

Tennessee Gov. signs 48-hour waiting period into law

Why disability rights advocates oppose assisted suicide

Missouri House passes, Senate fails to pass Women’s Protection Act requiring annual inspection of abortion facilities

The alternative to physician-assisted suicide: Respect human dignity and offer true compassion

What have we learned two years after the conviction of Kermit Gosnell?

Kermit Gosnell’s bureaucratic enabler just got promoted

Trans-species organ farming: The good, the bad, and the creepy

Obama promises to veto bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks

House passes bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

Satanic Temple abortion battle may become class action, lawyer says

Oklahoma gives mothers more time for abortion alternatives

Right-to-die group convicted of assisting Minnesota suicide

Hillary Clinton slams House for passing bill to protect babies from late-term abortions

$30,000 baby: Couples take out loans to conceive

Calif. Senate passes vaccination bill, SB 277

Will the U.S. Congress enact a late-term abortion ban?

An analysis of how Medicaid expansion in Alaska will affect abortion rates

House OKs GOP ban on late-term abortions after dropping rape provisions that angered women

House passes pro-life bill banning late-term abortions after 20 weeks

In Illinois, Bishops and pro-life groups differ on ACLU Conscience Bill

Defending a woman’s right to know she can reverse a chemical abortion

States seek high court review of abortion restrictions

Late-term abortion: What about Wisconsin?

Remembering Kermit Gosnell’s victims by protecting other women and children from abortion industry

Satanic Temple member files suit challenging Missouri’s abortion restrictions under state’s RFRA

House GOP revives bill to block late-term abortions, armed with new preemie viability data

Physician-assisted suicide betrays human dignity and violates equality before the law

Does the “Satanic” religious exemption hurt the abortion debate?

House to vote on 20-week abortion ban

The nation is about to debate late-term abortions. Where does your state stand?

House will vote on bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks near anniversary of Kermit Gosnell conviction

Girl saved from abortion tells pro-lifers: ‘Your prayers saved my life’

    Live Action News: Roughly 10,000 lives have been saved from abortion due to the prayerful efforts of David Bereit’s 40 Days for Life campaign. Leah, a 4-year-old girl, is one of these lives.
    As a pregnant 19-year-old, Leah’s mother was scared and seriously considering abortion. While heading to an abortion facility, she drove by the local 40 Days for Life campaign. Moved to tears by the overwhelming power of prayer, Leah’s mother chose life.

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Loved through eternity

NARAL sees Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act as “major, nationwide threat”

State Senate moves first to pass first Pro-Life bill of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature

Mother describes ultrasounds of her son, questions abortion

Staff admits to being disturbed by dismemberment abortion method

Candidates fight over abortion, but public has surprising level of harmony

New test for Down Syndrome could increase abortions, stigma, experts warn

Of course the Satanic Temple embraces abortion

Pro-abortion group honors abortion doc who calls his abortion clinic a ministry

The #1 myth about abortion: It’s between a woman and her doctor

Physician-assisted suicide compromises the family and intergenerational obligations