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Ariz. pro abortion group want SCOTUS to stop new law

Emergency Contraception Can Cause Abortion | Donna Harrison at Public Discourse

Judge delays sentencing in abortion pill case

Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews

Planned Parenthood Uses Celebrities, Paid Canvassers in Massive Push to Save Obamacare

Bush’s belated victory: Pro-life groups celebrate ethical shift in stem cell research

Bobby Jindal: Birth control should be over the counter

New Jersey Governor Christie Opposes Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide

Women File More Than 600 Complaints Against Indiana Abortion Doc

The Unregulated Sperm Industry

Texas attorney general uses funds from pro-life license plates to promote adoption

Group sues to establish “legal personhood” of chimpanzee

Where Do (Modern) Babies Come From? | Alan S. Newman at Public Discourse

After abortion vote, Albuquerque looks to change initiative process

Abortion insurance: Michigan legislature has 40 days to act on Right to Life bill vetoed last year

Fertility Doctors Aim To Lower Rate Of Twin Births

A Fight Over Contraception Won’t Help Obamacare

The Vanishing Abortion Clinic (Map)

Abortion Cases in Court Helped Tilt Democrats Against the Filibuster

Feds: Us Abortions Dropped In 2010; Decline Slowed

Impact of U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion law on Alabama law unclear

Obamacare Event Hands Out Condoms as Prizes

Drugmaker Warns On Morning-after Pill

Pennsylvania Shuts Down Late-Term Abortion Center in Philadelphia

Beautiful Women Sell Their Eggs to the Highest Bidder, No Uglies Allowed

Morning-after pill may not work for overweight women

Twenty-Week Bans Raise Issue of Disability Discrimination Abortion

Abortion Practitioners Fail to Report Abortions on Raped Girls Under 14-Years-Old

Four Republican Senators Haven’t Co-Sponsored Late-Term Abortion Ban

Anti-Abortion Forces Reassess Their Tactics After Ballot Defeat in Albuquerque | NYT

Albuquerque pro-life measure hailed as valuable despite defeat | CNA

Undercover Video Shows Statutory Rapist Buying Plan B Drug for Girl He Raped

Planned Parenthood’s Massive Fraud: Profits. No Matter What. | William Saunders and Anna Franzonello at LifeNews

Broader meaning of the Supreme Court’s abortion order | Lyle Denniston at Constitution Daily

Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Pays $30,000 Fine for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

Inspections Find Texas Abortion Clinics Filthy, Run by Untrained Staff

New Video Exposes Albuquerque Abortion Practices

Scientific Fact: Human Life Begins at Conception, or Fertilization

Contraceptive pill ‘doubles risk of leading cause of blindness’

Polls find women support the so-called ‘war on women’

Adoption is the Answer to Child Abuse, Not Abortion

They Call Me ‘Dr. Kevorkian’ | Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D. at NY Times

    Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D. at NY Times: My co-attending doctor in the I.C.U. had tasked me with keeping the patient alive for the weekend. “I’m going to try and get the tubes out on Monday,” he explained. Knowing the prognosis, I asked him if he’d told the family the patient was going to die. “No. I can keep him alive for now,” he replied. With that, he left.

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Employee accuses Planned Parenthood of committing bait-and-switch abortions

    Jill Stanek at LifeSiteNews: I spoke with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Michael Norton about this apparent PP hustle. He said if it is true that PP isn’t providing full disclosure before the onset of one’s abortion in order to pull her in so deep financially she feels she can’t back out, then PP may be violating a state health standard and may also be liable for medical malpractice, which is suable. “Women who have been tricked and coerced to complete the abortion procedure after being baited to begin the process may have claims of fraud, failure to provide adequate informed consent, reckless endangerment, and pain and suffering,” said Norton. “In addition, Planned Parenthood may be committing both civil and criminal violations.”

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Albuquerque Votes on Late-Term Abortion Ban

High Stakes for Hybrids: OH law would ban animal-human hybrids

Planned Parenthood is closing four of 20 Iowa clinics

WI: Legislators advance pro-life license plate in bitter, late-night session

Harper Poll: PA Dems Split on Abortion & More

California: Signature Collection Approved for Abortion Initiative

Proposed abortion clinic buffer zone could trigger third free speech lawsuit against Portland in less than two years

Unanimous: 32 medical associations agree doctors should have admitting privileges to hospitals

Rand Paul raises specter of eugenics

How Roe Happened: The road to and away from our current abortion regime. | NRO Intervierw with Clark D. Forsythe

    Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Clark D. Forsythe of Americans United for Life at National Review: The political, social, and medical turmoil caused by the decisions has lasted for forty years and shows no signs of abating,” Clarke Forsythe writes in his Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade. The book is an authoritative resource on the back story behind the decision — the uncertainties, the politics, the all-too-human influences that went into the Roe and Doe decisions issued that day. Forsythe talks with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about what happened and how these four decades of knowledge and grave experience can shape our future.

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Texas AG to Supreme Court: No real abortion backlog

Tenn. Baptists voice support for abortion amendment

Roe at 40 conference at Washington & Lee School of Law

Pro-Obamacare ads targeting millennials stir controversy in Colorado

Catholic Bishops create new staff position to aid post-abortion healing

“Introduction of Women’s Health Protection Act is Critical Step in Safeguarding Reproductive Rights for All U.S. Women” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Michigan Pro-Life Group Starts Phase Two of Campaign to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions

Disability advocates back stricter Arizona abortion law

Greg Abbott to Justice Scalia: Let Texas enforce abortion law

Albuquerque’s considering the abortion ban languishing in the Senate

Abortion Clinics: When Closing a Business Makes Sense | Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. at Christian Post

Supreme Court decision disappoints abortion foes

The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion | The American Prospect

    The American Prospect: Last June, Ohio Republicans quietly slipped a handful of abortion restrictions into the state’s budget, alongside provisions to invest in Ohio’s highway system and a new funding model for the state’s colleges and universities. Eight states, including Ohio, already require clinics that perform or induce abortion to have a “transfer agreement” with a local hospital so that patients can be transported quickly to a more sophisticated medical center in case of an emergency.

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Democratic Senate candidate has abortion record questioned

Steady stream of abortion cases headed to high court

Planned Parenthood, ACLU Spend $500,000 to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth in New Mexico

Undercover Plan B Investigation Reveals Access To Abortion-inducing Drug Easier Than Sudafed | Students for Life

New Catholic Bishops President Created Pro-Life Blessings for Unborn Children