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Indiana abortion regulations bill watered down

WV: House passes 20-week abortion ban

5th Circuit to hear arguments over Mississippi abortion law

Bill banning abortion at 20 weeks heads to SC House

Dad may join two moms for disease-free designer babies

“After-birth abortion: The pro-choice case for infanticide”

Pediatrician group opposes child euthanasia

Georgia insurance bill bars abortion coverage

Ross Douthat: Contraception in the shadow of abortion

NY appeals court: No damages after test errors led to abortion

South Dakota kills bill to ban dismembering and decapitating babies during abortion

Washington high school denies censoring pro-life student group

Wesley J. Smith: Pushing multi-hospital death panels

Should parents be notified before child’s abortion? | Christian Post

Texas punishes first clinic and doctor under new abortion law

Montana: Catholic coach fired for work at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood starts providing abortion services in northern Arizona again

NH Senate passes bill keeping protesters 25 feet from abortion clinic entrances

Florida woman tricked into abortion seeks fetal protection laws

Gosnell’s depravity brings pro-life awakening

W.Va. House panel OKs bill to limit abortions

Politico: “The next battle in the abortion wars”

Abortion-doctor bill passes Oklahoma Senate committee

In-vitro pregnancies in U.S. hit a record high in 2012

Bill could ban most abortions in Alabama

Kermit Gosnell and Uncle Tom’s Cabin | Michael Stokes Paulsen

VA: Locke’s abortion bill killed in House

Colorado: Abortion complaint at Mercy hospital dropped

State suspends license of Houston abortion doctor

What Belgium’s child euthanasia law means for America and the Constitution

Pro-life advocates sue to overturn buffer zone outside Portland clinic

Vermont Senate repeals old abortion laws

Mississippi lawmakers move forward on 20-week abortion ban

Arizona bill would allow snap inspections of abortion clinics

North Dakota abortion docs get hospital access

Iowa legislator: A colic, crying baby is a good reason for an abortion

    LifeNews: “The Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill recently to ban telemed abortions . . . longtime abortion proponent Beth Wessel-Kroeschell of Ames railed against House Republicans . . . ‘we also know that they have the challenges they bring. They have colic, the sleepless nights, the finances, the disciplinary challenges . . . And what women do know is that we know where our limits are. We absolutely know where our limits are –whether we’re ready, whether we’re physically ready . . .’”

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WV legislature votes down bill banning abortions after 20 weeks

ND: Abortion clinic nears settlement with state over abortion law

SD panel passes abortion ban for gender selection

Worker at PA abortion clinic gets 6-12 years

Why easy stem cells raise hard ethical questions

North Dakota “admitting privileges” abortion law trial off as case settled

Senators aim to remove Vermont’s abortion provider law from the books

Maybe the abortion rate declined because fewer women want abortions?

On abortion rates: Good news and cause for reflection

Oregon: Abortion notification bill clears committee

Vt. lawmakers debate dated abortion, prostitution laws

Judge hears arguments over Alabama abortion law

Planned Parenthood must pay $2 million settlement after killing woman in abortion

VA: Senate weighing abortion legislation

20-week abortion ban considered in SC House

Ethics questions arise as genetic testing of embryos increases

    New York Times: “But the procedure also raises unsettling ethical questions that trouble advocates for the disabled and have left some doctors struggling with what they should tell their patients. When are prospective parents justified in discarding embryos? Is it acceptable, for example, for diseases like GSS, that develop in adulthood? What if a gene only increases the risk of a disease? And should people be able to use it to pick whether they have a boy or girl? A recent international survey found that 2 percent of more than 27,000 uses of preimplantation diagnosis were made to choose a child’s sex.”

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PA: Montour County mom charged with giving teen abortion pills waives hearing

Judge puts Alaska abortion limits for Medicaid patients on hold

Virginia panel rejects pre-abortion ultrasound repeal

Bill would outlaw telemedicine abortions in Iowa

Kentucky Senate passes ultrasound bill

Washington House passes bill requiring abortion insurance

Judge says Montana can’t defend new abortion law

Louisiana rescinds controversial abortion rules

Okla. House panel passes pro-life measure

Mississippi bill proposes abortion ban after 20 weeks

Indiana Senate backs abortion phone line requirement

Judge considers request to block Alaska abortion regs

Iowa lawmakers wade into abortion debate

Guttmacher report: US abortion rate at lowest since 1973

Planned Parenthood to honor Pelosi at gala

Sharonville abortion clinic can stay open pending appeal

NY: Assembly GOP omit abortion law from women’s equality push

Ultrasound bill clears Kentucky Senate committee

Missouri House committee approves extended mandatory abortion waiting period

Trimmed abortion bill goes to Indiana Senate

Planned Parenthood suing over Alaska abortion regulations

Ohio abortion clinic appeals state-ordered shut down

Indiana abortion law trial set for June 1, 2015