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Ten reasons not to have an abortion

Two lawyers in Texas are saving lives and helping the pro-life movement all for free

Nuggets from Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 annual report

Roe v. Wade: Absurd, deadly, catastrophic

What Mario Cuomo got wrong on abortion

Planned Parenthood performed 174 abortions for every adoption referral in 2014

Flirting with death

Three things Christmas tells us about human life and dignity

Abortion, conscientious objection and the UK Supreme Court: Greater Glasgow Health Board v Doogan & Anor

75-plus House members oppose proposed rule allowing secret abortion surcharge in Obamacare

Abortion should be stigmatized

    The Blaze: Oftentimes when someone is upset or in distress over a decision, they are encouraged to talk about it. Getting it out in the open is sometimes the best therapy. Lately some organizations have hosted events or created special websites or Twitter topics to encourage women to get something off their chests: a previous abortion. Why? So that abortion will become destigmatized and easily accepted into today’s culture.

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Killing has taken its toll: Abortion’s slippery slope has turned into euthanasia

Duggar family wins, TLC won’t cancel “19 Kids and Counting” after petition complains

St. Joseph council considers new abortion ordinance (video)

New prenatal screening tests are leading to abortions of healthy babies

    Life News: An excellent piece by Beth Daley from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting called “Overused and Misunderstood” is a must read. It is about the new non-invasive prenatal screening tests offered by companies that claim they are 99% accurate. These screens are done early in pregnancy using only a maternal blood sample giving couples an eariler look at the health of their unborn baby. The problem is that these are screening tests but are being used as diagnostic tests.

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They got abortions when the test said their baby would be disabled, but the tests were wrong

“Oklahoma’s Kermit Gosnell” arrested in sting operation

Hey kids! Let’s organ-harvest the suicidal!

The price paid when states turn a blind eye to the abuses of abortionists

Court passes up RU-486 abortion issue, again

Supreme Court turns down Arizona appeal to limit abortion drugs

Arkansas eyes more abortion restrictions

Prenatal testing: When a result is not a diagnosis

Torture and witness to life

Supreme Court lets Planned Parenthood risk women’s lives with dangerous abortion pill

Planned Parenthood exposed at UNC

Dear pregnant student: Don’t be afraid

Bioethicists debate should severely disabled infants be euthanased?

Half of all abortionists fear being exposed by undercover investigators: study

Planned Parenthood is operating a pedophile protection racket, says pro-life group in investigative report

HHS marginalizes its own ethics body for criticizing controversial study on premature infants

Counselor prevents abortion minded women from seeing sonograms of their babies

Making super-mice: First, you take an aborted human baby

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber: Abortion of ‘marginal children’ a ‘social good’

Teacher banned from pro-life outreach at abortion facility after worker seeks ‘stalking’ order

Room at the inn: A haven for pregnant college students

    Aleteia: What is the truly Catholic response to a scared, pregnant girl? Here’s what happened when two determined ladies – a biologist and a woman who suffered through an abortion at university – teamed up with the monks at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina to do something really revolutionary: create a home for pregnant college students and their babies.

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Christians threatened with ‘loitering’ citation for pro-life outreach take city to court

Federal judge rules Indiana abortion clinic law unconstitutional

80% of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics located near college or university

Genetic engineering: Three-parent embryo technique is more like cloning

Virginia ignores abortionists who violate health codes

Demographic data adds detail to CDC’s abortion drop

Befriend those who disagree: tips for pro-lifers

8 heart-rending quotes from women who aborted their babies

Defending the workplace baby bump

“I rejected abortion after rape, then the rapist sought custody of my child”

Pro-life group launches new resource for pregnant college students

Why is the abortion rate falling?

CDC report confirms there has been a big drop in the number of abortions

Pro-choice researcher admits that aborting imperfect children creates disability rights conflicts

78% of abortions in New York City were done on black, Hispanic babies

This interactive map tells you whether Obamacare makes you pay for abortions in your state

Abortionist: Late-term abortion is a ‘good parenting act’ to ‘reduce suffering’

Abortions fall to record low in U.S.

Richard Dawkins retweeted my article, and what we can learn from that

Alabama pro-lifers: Protect schoolchildren from abortionists and sex predators

Pro-life groups launch website to showcase abortion funding in Obamacare

End America’s “Hospice Cruel Choice” now

Planned Parenthood becomes a religion

    Red State: One of the most pernicious things the advocates of various deviancies and social pathologies are fond of doing in finding morally corrupt alleged “clergy” and getting them to endorse whatever perversion is in vogue. We’ve seen the homosexual marriage fascists to this with tortured explanations of how the Old Testament ban on sodomy doesn’t really mean sodomy but rather being rude to strangers. Keep in mind, if you believe this you have to believe that you have suddenly discovered a truth that was hidden to Jews of Palestine before the Christian era.

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Right to Life sues over NH clinic records

Child pornographer who offered to pay for his victim’s abortion gets 60 years in prison

30,000 People support Duggars after liberals lobby TLC to cancel “19 Kids and Counting”

After Hobby Lobby ruling, Obama admin still forcing religious employers to obey HHS mandate

Two women facing terminal brain disease, two profoundly different legacies

Planned Parenthood letter: Abortion won’t threaten your relationship with God

Activist: Abortion is okay because some women just don’t want to be pregnant

Political money, mobilization, unable to buy elections for Planned Parenthood’s political arm

Pro-life does not equal anti-woman

US state considers requiring ultrasounds before abortions

Mississippi’s last abortion facility will remain open as appeals court leaves state law blocked

Here’s a website for checking if your Obamacare covers abortion

Groups push for openness on subsidized abortions