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NY health boss resigning after agency failed to inspect abortion clinics

Jennifer Lahl and Christopher White: Why gestational surrogacy is wrong

    National Review Online: “The current political landscape surrounding surrogacy indicates that as a nation we have failed to reconcile the undeniable realities of both motherhood and childbirth with our laws surrounding how these technologies enable collaborative reproduction and the building of modern families. Those who argue that this reflects merely a misunderstanding of surrogacy and a bias in favor of certain family models have yet to account for the medical and moral consequences of paying women to gestate babies for others. Until we have a serious public debate over commercial surrogacy, women and children remain exposed to exploitation at the hands of those entrusted with their protection.”

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AZ Senate backs snap inspections of abortion clinics

Abortion restrictions bill advances in Florida Senate

Court extends stay on new Arizona abortion rules

U.S. Bishops voice abortion concerns over Affordable Care Act

NYC’s tanning salons inspected more regularly than abortion clinics

CA attorney general, Hoag Hospital reach accord on abortion

Arizona AG seeks end to stay on abortion ruling

Conscience and the moral status of the fetus

W. Va. pro-lifers seek special session to overturn veto of 20-week abortion ban

Ala. lawmakers approve doubling abortion wait time to 48 hours

Texas abortion providers sue over restrictive law

9th Circuit orders Arizona not to enforce abortion law during appeal

Pro-life, pro-marriage planks pulled from Clark County GOP platform

Okla. House panel passes abortion clinic standards bill

Operation Rescue accuses Ohio abortion clinic of fatally botching procedure

Three abortion bills move closer to becoming law in Alabama

Evangelicals opposed abortion much earlier than you think

Here’s the “missing” evidence for South Dakota’s sex-selective abortion ban

Do 60 percent of women use “birth control” for something other than family planning?

Bill restricts use of abortion drugs in Oklahoma

Federal judge orders trial over admitting privileges requirement at Alabama abortion clinics

Abortion restrictions pass 85-6 out of Louisiana House

5th Circuit paves way for Supreme Court showdown on chemical abortion regulations

Nancy Pelosi receives Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award

Florida: House committee moves abortion bill forward

Pro-life display allowed at Purdue after group protests

University of Michigan art show celebrates abortion

Jeremy Kee: The meaning of (pro) life

Matthew J. Franck: Hobby Lobby is an abortion case

Judge extends temporary restraining order on Alabama abortion law

University of California-Santa Barbara professor charged in confrontation with pro-life teen

Del. abortion provider’s suspension may end

Voice of Choice under fire for posting pro-lifers’ personal info

Arguments set on 2012 Miss. abortion clinic law

In contraceptives case, court may run into Plan B

Timothy P. Carney: Obama’s corporatist contraceptive mandate

Vatican Chief Justice: Obama “aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policy”

Kentucky House panel halts three abortion access bills

For the abortion industry, the question of when life begins doesn’t matter

La. lawmakers revive debate over surrogacy births

Indiana abortionist stored remains of babies in fridge alongside medication

Pro-life advocate loses appeal over Ohio home raid; judge criticizes Marshals’ tactics

Wisc. AG asks Supreme Court to review abortion law

Why is Planned Parenthood working to unseat Gosnell victim’s cousin?

Abortion doc admitting privileges bill advances to South Carolina Senate floor

We are not just our DNA: The ethical dangers of three-parent embryos

Planned Parenthood president to deliver commencement address at Barnard College

South Carolina House advances 20-week abortion ban

House committee approves abortion restrictions likely to shutter clinics in south Louisiana

Englewood, NJ adopts buffer zone for abortion clinic

Clarke Forsythe: Analysis of the Arkansas “heartbeat” ruling

Ban on abortion coverage in state health plan passes Georgia House

Could success of “pain-capable” abortion bans be a Pyrrhic victory?

20-week abortion ban proposed in Maryland

Iowa GOP senators want vote on tele-med abortion ban

Abortion, Hyde and the president’s 2015 budget

    Andrew Jenkins of Choice USA at The Hill: “Last week, President Obama released his annual budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year. The budget is our chance to get a clear understanding of the priorities held by the highest office in the land. . . . Unfortunately, abortion coverage restrictions remain in the president’s budget proposal. While it doesn’t come as a surprise, the inclusion of ongoing restrictions on abortion funding in the federal budget is evidence of an unfortunate truth in American politics today: we’ve come to accept that the reproductive health and rights of the poor are somehow less valuable or important – nothing more than a bargaining chip and compromise we’re willing to make in service of short term political victories.”

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Michael Stokes Paulsen: Lady Edith and abortion rights

79-year-old woman busted for protesting at Planned Parenthood

New Mexico AG Gary King appeals “right to die” ruling

Philly abortion tech is sentenced to 5-10 years

SC bill that could close abortion clinics advances

Jeremy Lott: Life isn’t just another “social issue”

New Hampshire nears repeal of death penalty

Mississippi Senate passes amended 20-week abortion ban

Bart Stupak: The contraception mandate doublecross

Missouri bill would require three-day waiting period before abortion

Carson Holloway on the culture of dishonesty: abortion, divorce, and Obamacare

U.S. top court case highlights unsettled science on contraception

Jim Geraghty: The coming huge fight over abortion — among Democrats

Judge sides with doctor in late-term abortion referral case

Joe Manchin: I support 20-week abortion limit in principle

Missouri House endorses second parent notification for minors seeking an abortion

Louisiana considers abortion restriction that closed Texas clinics