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“Introduction of Women’s Health Protection Act is Critical Step in Safeguarding Reproductive Rights for All U.S. Women” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Michigan Pro-Life Group Starts Phase Two of Campaign to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions

Disability advocates back stricter Arizona abortion law

Greg Abbott to Justice Scalia: Let Texas enforce abortion law

Albuquerque’s considering the abortion ban languishing in the Senate

Abortion Clinics: When Closing a Business Makes Sense | Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. at Christian Post

Supreme Court decision disappoints abortion foes

The Supply-Side Economics of Abortion | The American Prospect

    The American Prospect: Last June, Ohio Republicans quietly slipped a handful of abortion restrictions into the state’s budget, alongside provisions to invest in Ohio’s highway system and a new funding model for the state’s colleges and universities. Eight states, including Ohio, already require clinics that perform or induce abortion to have a “transfer agreement” with a local hospital so that patients can be transported quickly to a more sophisticated medical center in case of an emergency.

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Democratic Senate candidate has abortion record questioned

Steady stream of abortion cases headed to high court

Planned Parenthood, ACLU Spend $500,000 to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth in New Mexico

Undercover Plan B Investigation Reveals Access To Abortion-inducing Drug Easier Than Sudafed | Students for Life

New Catholic Bishops President Created Pro-Life Blessings for Unborn Children

Two-Thirds of Americans, Women Want Painful Abortions on Unborn Babies Banned

Primer from a Conservative Winner: Future candidates can take a page on “women’s issues” from Barbara Comstock’s playbook.

Future uncertain for Ohio abortion clinics

Can Republicans Bring Abortion Issues Back From the Fringe?

How to Fight the Fictitious ‘War on Women’ | WSJ

Rep. Issa jolts IRS probe with subpoena

Abortion fight returns to the Hill | Politico

Are We Entering “A Brave New World”? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Euthanizing the Unhappy: The Urgent Need for Love | Jennifer Roback Morse at Public Discourse

MS: Controversy Roils Around Abortion Clinic

The ACLU Targets Catholic Hospitals in Washington State

Cardinal O’Malley To Congress: Support The “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act”

TN abortion debate heats up over ‘Amendment 1′

U.S. Appeals Court Eases the Burden on Texas to Enact Abortion Safety Regulations | Clark D. Forsythe at NRO

Polling Data Consistently Shows Women are Pro-Life on Abortion

Archbishop Urges ‘Yes’ Vote On Abortion Measure

Campaigns begin push ahead of Tenn. abortion vote

A Poor Rationale for Banning Organ Markets | Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy

Memo from Paul Ryan to Georgetown Faculty: Ever Heard of a Tea Party Catholic?

Planned Parenthood Caught Allowing Illegal Distribution of Abortion Drug | LifeNews

Graham readies 20-week abortion ban

A dozen facilities could stop abortions today as appeals court lets pro-life Texas law go forward

Adopting a New Approach in Texas

Modern Families and the Messes We Make | Jennifer Lahl at Public Discourse

Federal Disability Rights Support Arizona 20-Week Abortion Ban | Life Legal Defense Foundation

Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks Heads to the Senate

When Boys Can’t Decide What Gender to Be Today

Legal Battle Likely to Keep Abortion in Spotlight Through 2014

National Pro-Abortion Campaign Ignores Women’s Pain, Critics Contend

Every Obamacare Plan in Washington, D.C. Pays for Abortions

Obama’s Political Group Behind Opposition to Late-Term Abortion Ban in New Mexico

Sex Education Part 2: The Practical Implications of Explicit Sex Ed Absent Morality

Texas Abortion Clinics Stay Open Following Ruling

“Planned Parenthood: AAP Announcement Supporting Increased Teen Access to Sex Education, Condoms Is an Important Breakthrough”

Abortion a fiery issue in Va. governor’s race

Pa. woman to face trial on charges she killed newborn found in plastic bag in bar toilet tank

100 Pro-abortion Storytelling Events Organized Across Country

Essure birth control: Woman dies, report filed with FDA on Essure coils

Alan Dershowitz: No Right To Abortion In Constitution

Court to hear arguments in ‘Choose Life’ license plates case

Lawsuit challenges Wisconsin’s ‘cocaine mom’ law

Language in the Abortion Debate: Should We Use Unborn vs. Fetus or Baby?

TX: Initial ruling expected in abortion law trial by Monday

Abortion and Murder’s Eroding Distinction | Nate Kellum at the Christian Post

Ala. Abortion Foes Seek Tighter Rules On Doctors

Taxpayer-Funded Medicaid Pays for Hundreds of Late-Term Abortions in New Mexico

    LifeNews: In just under 30 days, Albuquerque will be the first city in the country with the opportunity to vote to ban late-term abortions starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy. That vote is more important than ever in light of new research that reveals New Mexico’s taxpayers pay for hundreds of abortions each year that are halfway though pregnancy and later – often at the encouragement of the abortion providers themselves.

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Planned Parenthood spent over $1 million on ads slamming pro-life candidate for Virginia governor

Abortion providers ask judge to halt Texas law

Ilya’s Sensationalized “Designer Babies”

KS: Judge Mulls Whether To Toss Abortion Stalking Case

Clarke Forsythe’s New Chronicle of Roe v. Wade

Yale holds 1st annual pro-life conference, ‘Vita et Veritas’ on campus

The Case for Designer Babies | Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy

Not One Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Ohio Offers Prenatal Care

Attorneys for Apple Valley man argue fetus’ death was an abortion

Woman Describes Abortion Drug Experience: Agonizing Pain, Massive Bleeding, Severe Depression

“New Texas Abortion Laws Will Harm Women, Doctor Testifies” | Bloomberg

Cuccinelli pays the price for the GOP’s ‘truce strategy’ on abortion

The Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese urges voters to say no to QuestionOne