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UNESCO report promotes abortion and same-sex narrative

Two-thirds of women seeking abortions were using contraception: Britain’s largest abortion provider

Norwegian mayor sparks debate after posting picture of unborn baby

Canada: Husband keeps “brain dead” pregnant wife alive to allow son to be born

Dutch debate doctor-assisted suicide for depression

Northern Ireland to reconsider abortion guidelines

Philippines’ high court to rule on controversial contraception law

Quebec to vote on euthanasia bill that contradicts “basic human values”

Majority of Scots support the legalization of assisted suicide

Russia to set up pregnancy centers as it seeks to decrease abortion rates

Health Canada weighs RU-486 approval

European Commission confirms that EU has no competence on abortion policy

Pro-life nurse claims religious bias in Sweden

Pope expected to raise abortion, euthanasia in Hollande meeting

French lawmakers vote to relax abortion legislation

Chile: Parental notification required for distribution of morning-after abortion pill

Philippines: Pro-life group asks Pasay court to stop pro-abortion health conference

French parliament begins debate on controversial abortion bill

French court rules against passive euthanasia in tetraplegic case

European parties denounce plans to tighten Spain’s abortion laws

Germany: Ethical issues regarding emergency contraception

Belgium: Child Euthanasia Bill passes latest hurdle

Illegal abortion widely used by some UK ethnic groups to avoid daughters

China gives doctor death sentence for baby trafficking

Pope Francis: Abortion evidence of “throwaway culture”

Chinese couple seeks damages for forced abortion

Irish abortion law rushed into effect amid deep confusion

Estrela-report: Socialist Meps Launch New Attempt To Push Abortion

European Human Rights Court To Hear Case On The Status Of The Human Embryo

Argentina Proves Fertile Ground for Abortion Activists

“Anti-Abortion Republicans Are Largely Quiet As Israel Adopts Liberal Abortion Law”

China: Director Zhang Yimou Fined $1.2M for Having 3 Kids

Spain government to seek abortion consensus after party dissent

Indian Journal of Cancer: Birth-control pill and abortion spike breast-cancer risk

Health Canada admits blunder: abortion drug RU-486 application exists

‘Barbarities’: Ecuador’s president castigates ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’ gender ideology

Canada: Patient Leaves Hospital After Doctors Said He Would Die, Tried to Yank Life Support

New Zealand Abortions Drop 20% in Five Years to Lowest Level in 20 Years

Iran Tries To Reverse A Slumping Birth Rate

Russia bans abortion advertisements

Ireland extends abortion to women threatening suicide

Abortion is losing at the UN | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

Chinese Doctor Admits Selling Patients’ Newborns

Tens of Thousands Rally in Spain for Pro-Life Law Stopping Abortions

Mass Held in Spain Backs New Abortion Law

Belgian Senate votes in favour of euthanasia for children

US Official Claims “Collective Understanding” of Pro-Abortion Language at UN

Scientists looking closer at what happens when body dies; edge closer to new understanding

Vatican Official: Belgium’s Bid to Euthanize Children a ‘Perversion of Mercy’

Italy: Feminist Mob Invades Catholic Church, Unfurls Pro-Abortion Banner on Altar

“Women suspected of abortion in El Salvador face criminal charges, jail time” | PBS

Spain’s plan to reform abortion laws attacked as ‘serious step backwards’

Scientists draw up definitive list of genes that make us human

Patient in “Persistent Vegetative State” Communicates “I’m Not in Pain”

Malta: Europe’s ‘last man standing’ against abortion

Paul Lamb euthanasia bid would create a ‘duty to die’

3 of 4 Belgians Support Child Euthanasia With No Age Limit

Supreme Court to hear crucial end of life cases

Scientist create ‘robotic sperm’ to help with fertilisation and drug delivery

Euthanasia Safeguards Won’t Work

Pope: America Should Be ‘Prepared to Accept Human Life at Every Stage, From the Mother’s Womb to Old Age’

    CNSNews: In a message sent to the Americas on Dec. 12, a day the Catholic Church celebrates in honor of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Pope Francis, who was named Person of the Year this week by Time magazine, said that America is called to be “a land prepared to accept life at every stage, from the mother’s womb to old age.”

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“Access to Contraception Worldwide is Key to Women’s Human Rights” | Center for Reproductive Rights

European Parliament Again Rejects Bill Declaring Abortion a Human Right

A victory for European citizens: the Estrela Report defeated! | FAFCE

NI Justice Minister to consult on weakening abortion law

European Humanist Federation: “Sexual and Reproductive Rights are Human Rights ! Support the Estrela Report”

NI Justice Minister to consult on weakening abortion law

Petition launched against proposed Belgian euthanasia law

Abortion Advocates Intimidate Witnesses and Cover Up Contraception Scandal

Billboard Campaign Highlights How Abortion Kills 1 in 4 Children in Canada

One Abortion for Every Two Births in Bulgaria

UK: Judge rules that man in vegetative state should not be resuscitated if his condition deteriorates

New Zealand: Couple Wins Suit, Doc Didn’t Suggest Aborting Baby With Spina Bifida