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ACLU suit against Utah’s marriage amendment moves to federal court

Wilcox: Obama should have talked about marriage

Oklahoma marriage appeal will be put on fast track

9th Circuit grants 30-day rehearing extension in “sexual orientation in jury selection” case

Indiana House amends HJR-3, possibly delaying referendum

The dubious promise of universal preschool

    David J. Armor and Sonia Sousa at National Affairs: “The evidence suggests that we aren’t exactly sure what kind of program would succeed in leveling the playing field for low-income children. A review of the research on Head Start and other preschool programs, with a rigorous consideration of the benefits claimed by these programs and an informed cost-benefit analysis, must therefore be undertaken before the federal government spends billions of dollars on a new, untested program.”

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Fighting family breakdown will take more than contraception

CBS airs same-sex “weddings” during Grammy awards

    LifeSiteNews: “‘Same Love’ was nominated for Song of the Year at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, but lost out to Lorde’s ‘Royals.’ But it’s the on-stage performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that had people talking Monday morning, after 33 couples – many of them gay and lesbian – got legally ‘married’ during the performance, with rap artist Queen Latifah presiding.”

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Ross Douthat: More imperfect unions

“Gay-rights movement in uncharted territory” with Judge Reinhardt’s “heightened scrutiny” decision

Sen. Alexander to file bill encouraging school choice

Second Circuit to hear same-sex custody case in Conn.

Utah: Religious freedom and anti-bias bills announced at pro-traditional marriage gathering

Alaska senator: Same-sex “marriage” inevitable

Republicans slam Virginia AG Herring’s decision to attack marriage protection amendment

“Second sentence” becomes focus in Indiana marriage fight

“Utah governor says he’s open to civil unions, but must defend same-sex ban”

Virginia AG won’t defend “unconstitutional” marriage amendment

Harvard study: Family is most important factor in social mobility

    W. Bradford Wilcox at Slate: “Of all the factors most predictive of economic mobility in America, one factor clearly stands out in their study: family structure. By their reckoning, when it comes to mobility, ‘the strongest and most robust predictor is the fraction of children with single parents.’ They find that children raised in communities with high percentages of single mothers are significantly less likely to experience absolute and relative mobility.” The study is here.

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Judge consolidates challenges to Oregon’s marriage amendment

Supreme Court struggles to determine child pornography restitution

Judge rules Kansas sperm donor owes child support to same-sex couple

OK: Edmond lawmaker files bill for second vote to uphold traditional marriage

ACLU sues Utah for not recognizing same-sex “marriages”

Supreme Court hears case on child pornography restitution

9th Circuit: Jurors can’t be dismissed because of “sexual orientation”

The theological stakes of sexual difference

    Stephen H. Webb at First Things: “That sexual difference is a created good, a gift that serves multiple religious needs, does not necessarily mean that all same-sex relations have no theological rationale. Nevertheless, Roberts’ argument puts the burden on the theological defenders of same-sex marriage to articulate how a gay marital bond can still do justice to God’s gift of sexual difference. Here is the thought his book leaves us with: ‘To be what we are, we must find ways of life that thank God for having made us male and female.’ Can gay marriage do that?”

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Tulsa County Court Clerk wants expedited hearing on Okla. marriage appeal

Study: Charter schools raise nearby home values by thousands of dollars

Colorado group proposes ballot measure requiring pre-marriage education

Pennsylvania could tip the scales nationally on marriage

Federal appeals court upholds Mass. inmate’s right to taxpayer-funded sex change surgery

PA: Gov. Tom Corbett, Kathleen Kane dropped from marriage case

Mass. to recognize same-sex “marriages” from Utah

SC: Bill would allow same-sex couples to file joint tax returns

“Same-sex newlyweds in Utah can file joint state taxes”

Utah AG picks outside counsel in same-sex “marriage” fight

The Common Coring of private schools

“Utah marriage of same sex couples valid in Delaware, AG Biden says”

Judge weighing challenge to Ky. marriage laws

US judge hears challenge to Mich. marriage amendment

President Obama’s policies undercut importance of fatherhood

US judge strikes down Okla. same-sex ‘marriage’ ban

Virginia lawmakers table proposed repeal of constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage”

Lawmakers: Same-sex couples must file separate Idaho taxes

Is Eric Holder making up marriage law as he goes along?

IN: South Bend council passes resolution opposing ban on same-sex “marriage”

“Democratic Virginia lawmakers press gay rights bills”

Indiana House panel delays vote on same-sex “marriage” ban

The next frontier in fertility treatment

AG Holder’s lawless action on marriage in Utah | Ed Whelan

“Chris Christie vetoes bill allowing transgender people to get new birth certificates”

Mohler: The end of morality laws? Not exactly

Robert Gates: Obama emotionless on military, except for DADT policy

CDC says gonorrhea and syphilis are on the rise

South Bend City Council to vote on same-sex “marriage” resolution

Outgoing Cuccinelli issues opinions on same-sex “marriage,” abortion

“Federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages shows need for State Marriage Defense Act”

Bishops lament federal disregard for state marriage laws

Mormon church: “Lay bishops cannot perform or permit same-sex marriage on church property”

If You Really Care About Ending Poverty, Stop Talking About Inequality | W. Bradford Wilcox at the Atlantic

“Advocacy Group Asks U.S. and 18 States To Recognize 1300 Utah Same-Sex Marriages”

Indiana Family Institute: Statement on HJR 3 and HB 1153 re: marriage

Hearing set in Virginia marriage challenge

States May Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, But Navajo Nation Won’t

“HRC urges U.S. AG to ensure validity of Utah same-sex marriages”

Signature Count Begins in Effort to Overturn Calif. Law That Lets Boys Use Girls’ Bathrooms, Play on Girls’ Sports Teams

The ACLU Strikes Back – Will Sue To Preserve Utah’s Same-Sex Marriages

Congressional Leaders Continue To Show Support For Educational Choice

Polygamy as Lifestyle Choice, and a Reality TV Brand | NY Times

“3 Big Questions About The 1,360 Same-Sex Couples Married In Utah”

“Iowa’s ban on polygamy won’t be debated in 2014 session, say Branstad, top legislative leaders”

Confusing Advice from Utah Governor on Marriage Laws | Ed Whelan at NRO

Same sex “marriages” performed in Utah are void | Ed Whelan at NRO