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NY farm fined $13,000 for declining lesbian ‘wedding,’ ordered to prove staff training

School officials work to change sex ed book

Baby makes 3: More unmarried new moms cohabiting

No delay on Virginia same-sex marriage ruling

Brazen Fourth Circuit denies motion to stay ruling against Virginia’s marriage laws

California parents object to new health book that includes oral sex, bondage, drug use

Christian bridal shop under fire for refusing to lesbian wedding

Against obsessive sexuality

Christians who support same-sex marriage more likely to support other types of sexual immorality, data shows

Council defeats NDO by 6-5 count

Tennessee’s marriage law is constitutional, judge rules; breaks streak of marriage losses

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Lands’ End apologizes to customers for sending pornographic magazine as a customer bonus

String of same-sex marriage rulings broken

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The birds, the bees, and bondage

Atheists can now officiate weddings in Indiana

Virginia joins in urging same-sex marriage review

Tolerate or be stamped out

Attorney General Pam Bondi: Let the U.S. Supreme Court decide same-sex marriage, not Florida courts

Three states file appeals with U.S. Supreme Court over same-sex marriage

One court, three judges and four states with same-sex marriage cases

Both sides in same-sex marriage fight agree: Justices must act

Federal appeals court may be roadblock to same-sex marriage cases in four states

Military says “No” to Bible camp, “Yes” to “gay pride”

When the baby carriage comes before the marriage

    Family Studies: New research on the marital prospects of single mothers published in the August issue of the journal Demography has good and bad news for my friend. The good news is that biological father marriages are more enduring than stepfather marriages. In other words, saying yes to her daughter’s father means that she is more likely to stay married than if she had said yes to someone else. The bad news is that even though she opted for the better bet, the odds are still stacked against her marriage lasting.

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Opinion may post obstacle for same-sex unions

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