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Lawsuit challenges North Dakota same-sex marriage legislation

Kirsten Powers gets it dangerously wrong on the Bible and homosexuality

10th Circuit Court extends stay in Utah ruling validating same-sex marriages

McAuliffe and Herring going rogue in Richmond

We are here: faith and fatherhood by Sho Baraka

Utah appeals ruling to recognize same-sex marriages

Kevin Williamson is not a bigot

Southern Baptist ‘Church’ votes to keep pro-homosexual minister, go “Third Way”

High Court refuses to block Oregon same-sex marriage

How I evolved on gay marriage (and how I didn’t)

    First Things: After my Bloggingheads discussion on gay marriage and related matters with Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, a student at a prominent Evangelical college wrote me asking for advice. She said her campus has been riven by the homosexuality debate and she’s found herself challenged to address it in a faithful, thoughtful manner. In lieu of advice, I wrote to her about my own experience as an undergraduate at a time when the campus consensus was all but defined by the issue.

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Sex change we can believe in?

How dads affect their daughters into adulthood

    Family Studies: Conversations about the importance of fathers usually revolve around sons: how boys benefit from having a positive male role model, a consistent disciplinarian, and a high-energy roughhousing partner on their way to pursuing career and family success in adulthood. But as recent research shows, fathers also affect the lives of their young adult daughters in intriguing and occasionally surprising ways.

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Salina – following in Obama’s footsteps – declares June as LGBT Pride Month

Facebook introduces same-sex affirming emoji

National Park Service initiative seeks to ‘Celebrate and interpret LGBT heritage’

HHS Board rules Medicare must cover sex change operations

There is no ‘Third Way’ — Southern Baptists face a moment of decision (and so will you)

Gay rights vs. religious rights: Seven issues to watch

Parks Services to study potential historic LGBT sites

Medicare ban on sex reassignment surgery lifted

Gallup: Gay sex, divorce, extramarital sex reach new highs of ‘moral acceptability’

Houston passes controversial Equal Rights Ordinance

Catholic witness and march for marriage

Building strong marriages, one at a time

Sentiment trumps reason as judges impose gay “marriage”

Same-sex military spouses get in-state UNC tuition

Laws defining marriage as union of man and woman do not violate religious liberty

Court hears arguments in same-sex divorce case

US aims to identify, promote historic LGBT sites

City of Rochester will add transgender health care benefits for employees and families

Are same-sex couples just like you?

Same-sex marriage supporter under fire from same-sex marriage “speech police”

States should respect voters’ views on marriage

Plea to stop Oregon same-sex marriages

I can’t fight this feeling anymore: Discerning the conflict over human sexuality and religious liberty

Census to change the way it counts same-sex married couples

Five fascinating facts about single parent families for church leaders

An open letter to Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett to appeal ‘gay marriage’ decision by rogue Federal Judge

Six South Dakota couples file same-sex marriage lawsuit

Legal fight over same-sex marriage spreads to 29 states

Evangelical leader not waving white flag on same-sex marriage

Five reasons American needs more Dads

Support for same-sex marriage reaches all-time high in Gallup poll

Marriage: Where do we go from here?

Pennsylvania Gov. won’t appeal same-sex marriage ruling

Judicial juggernaut on same-sex marriage continues

Piling cliché upon cliché

    First Things: Judge McShane opens his opinion with a lengthy discussion of just how normal the plaintiffs are. They love one another. They’re in a committed relationship. They’re financially successful. They pay taxes. Meanwhile, the “state affords the same set of rights and privileges to Tristan and Isolde that it affords to a Hollywood celebrity waking up in Las Vegas with a blurry memory and a ringed finger.” The argument (such as it is) is downright conservative: Judge McShane, à la Andrew Sullivan, sets up same-sex marriage as a bastion of moral and civic virtue against the squalor of the wider culture.

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Army won’t pay for Bradley Manning gender surgery

Jennifer Knapp makes case for being ‘gay and Christian’ in book with evangelical publisher

“The Gay Marriage Debate Ends at Wall Street” (Or: redefining marriage is a movement of the elites)

Federal Judge strikes down Pennsylvania ban on same-sex marriage

Utah must recognize same-sex marriages performed during 17 days before stay; but this order temporarily stayed also

How not to talk to your kids about sexuality and sexual orientation

Is Evangelical opposition to homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage collapsing?

Same-sex couples begin tying the knot in Oregon

NOM files for emergency stay of federal court proceedings in Oregon same-sex marriage case

The evolution of marriage

Utah Supreme Court halts same-sex adoption cases

Digging for truth in the ‘gay Christian’ debates

Ministers diverge in opinion on lifting of Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban

Same-sex marriage is off again in Idaho and on in Arkansas

Separation should arise in ‘gay marriage’, ‘gay Christian’ debate

    Christian Post: Without a doubt, this issue will become a great dividing line in the Church, and I for one welcome it, since it points to a much deeper divide in our approach to God, His Word, and the people He wants to redeem. Ultimately, it will separate those who put God first and ask, “How can I fulfill His desires?” from those who put themselves first and ask, “How can He fulfill my desires?”

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Attorneys ask state Supreme Court to not suspend ruling striking same-sex marriage ban

Dear John Stossel: Marriage is not complicated

They just don’t get it

Arkansas same-sex marriages end, for now, after ruling

Maryland bill to stop transgender discrimination signed

Lawyers for same-sex couples want broader ruling

Decrying same-sex marriage, black pastors join legal fight

Marriage group stymied in Oregon challenge

Premature talk of surrender on same-sex marriage

Idaho ruling hardly small potatoes

My unasked for role as a ‘homophobic bigot’