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“Gay marriage advocates lobby to override Christie’s veto”

“Polygamist Special ‘My Five Wives’ Explores Faith and Marriage: ‘It’s About Love and Commitment’”

NM: “Clerk raises $28,400 for gay marriage fund”

Twin Cities Catholic leader courts controversy claiming Satan to blame for gay marriage, condoms

CDC: 94 to 95 percent of HIV cases among young men linked to gay sex

    LifeSiteNews: With the incidence of HIV among men so closely tied to homosexual sex, shouldn’t the government and all concerned and compassionate adults be urging young men and teenaged boys not to engage in or experiment with dangerous homosexual behavior? And yet, the CDC and other pro-”gay” institutions (including many schools public and private) are doing exactly the opposite, as they focus instead on affirming “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender” youth as a “sexual minority.”

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“Bombshell Book: Matthew Shepard Tortured, Murdered By Gay Lover”

New report shows continued rise in homeschool popularity

Lambda Legal demands Texas National Guard recognize same sex relationships

“Ex-NFL QB To Speak At Mormon Conference On Gays”

Rutherford County Schools Say NO to Posters that Note “Safe Places ” for Homosexual Students – Community Group Says “YES” (With Audio)

Should Christians Abandon State Marriage?

    WorldNetDaily: Currently, government is heavily involved in marriage. Changing that would require a wrenching overhaul of American law. For example, until recent changes adopted following the U.S. Supreme Court’s skewering of the Defense of Marriage Act, federal law treated married couples differently than single individuals in 1,138 ways, according to a 2003 GAO report. Marital status matters when it comes to taxation, federal civilian and military benefits, Veterans and Social Security benefits, private employer benefits, immigration and more. Uprooting this body of law would launch a social revolution in which marriage is treated no differently than those who prefer the same sex, multiple wives or any other imaginable intimate arrangement.

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AZ: Sedona to vote on same-sex civil union ordinance

Engaging the Issues: The Reality of a Transgender Worldview – Nancy Pearcey

“Marriage Equality Efforts Chugging Along Nicely” | Art Leonard Observations

“Meet The Top 10 Foundations Giving to LGBT Causes”

    South Florida Gay News: Well, looking at the LGBT-focused segment of the report yields some interesting data, like the fact that the top contributor in 2010 is the Arcus Foundation, which, on top of dedicating itself to LGBT issues, its second and equal priority is “to conserve and protect the great apes.” Arcus gave $14.6 million. Second place goes to the Gill Foundation, which came out at an even $10 million. Sixth place goes to the Ford Foundation, which in late July hired openly gay Darren Walker as its new president — it gave $4 million.

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“Gay Marriage Stirs Little Public Outcry in NM” | ABC (AP)

“IRS’ gay-marriage decision has many implications in shifting legal landscape”

    Beth Hawkins at MinnPost: Minnesota businesses — and in particular those that employ people throughout the country — are scrambling to figure out how to comply with the Internal Revenue Service’s decision to begin recognizing all legal same-sex marriages starting Sept. 16, regardless of where a couple lives. “The [Obama] administration is sending the message that from a federal law perspective, marriage equality now exists,” said Sarah Riskin, a labor and employment attorney at Nilan Johnson Lewis. “Which is really kind of huge.”

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Scotland: “Lawyers: Gay marriage poses threat to chaplains’ freedom”

TN: Treating marriage like a car lease | Video

Arkansas Family Council: Surprising Study on Same-Sex Marriage

A Guide to Saving Marriage: Building a different kind of culture.

    National Review: Hilary Towers is a developmental psychologist and a mother of five whose work focuses on marriage and parenting. She recently co-authored a series for the National Catholic Register on how we can better support and protect marriage as a culture and in communities (see here and here). She talks about these things with National Review Online.

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Republican lawmakers hire attorney for same-sex marriage legal battle

Commission to study federal influence on Louisiana’s definition of marriage

Democrat Lawmakers Implore Texas Military to Process Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

MN: Republican explores bid against GOP lawmaker who voted to redefine marriage

    Star Tribune: State Rep. David FitzSimmons, R-Albertville, may net a challenger because of his vote to legalize same-sex marriage. Republican Eric Lucero, a Dayton city council member, said he is conducting talking to voters to gauge feelings about what he called “the David FitzSimmons vote” in the Wright County district.

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Arizona’s New Frontier for Education | Lindsey Burke at Heritage Foundation

‘Gay-Free’ Alternative to Boy Scouts Launches | TIME

“Same Sex Marriage Initiative Folds Due to Lack of Support” | Center for AZ Policy

“Same-sex marriage fuels debate over path to change”

The Social Costs of Abandoning the Meaning of Marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

NC National Guard To Recognize Same Sex Marriages, Texas

MN: “Inmates, sex offenders may test same-sex marriage law”

New push in Ohio to redefine marriage

“Miracle of Prayer — Australia Rejects Homosexual Marriage”

Group Urges SEC To Expand Accredited Investor Rule To Cover Same-Sex Couples

U. Arizona seeks to boost transgender studies program

Miley Cyrus and Ugly Sex | Victor David Hansen at NRO

A Poor Substitute for Marriage: The Downside of Cohabiting | Eric Metaxas at Christian Post

“GOP Sen. Rob Portman Backs Gay Adoption, Silent on Fate of IVF Human Embryos”

Cohabiting mothers at greater risk financially, UVa research finds | Daily Progress

“Alabama Supreme Court ruling isolates grandparents, deals blow to children’s rights”

MO: Gay Man Charged With Spreading HIV Claims 300 Partners

After Years Of Decline, Us Births Leveling Off?

US bishops ask Friday prayers to combat pornography

“McDonnell says Virginia National Guard will provide benefits to gay couples”

“V.A. to Provide Spousal Benefits to Gays, Administration Says”

Wisconsin Guard gets first request for benefits from same-sex couple

NJ GOP hopefuls targeted by deep-pocketed campaign to redefine marriage

“Mainers’ acceptance of gay marriage up, according to new poll”

NM: Grant County to issue same sex “marriage” licenses next week

Poll: 47% support marriage redefinition in Ohio

Los Alamos couple denied same-sex marriage license

“Christians for Gay Marriage Launch ‘Not All Like That’ Campaign”

Holder’s Voucher Travesty | Rich Lowry at NRO

Obama vs. Education | NRO Editors

“Judge Vows Quick Pa. Same-sex Marriage Case Ruling”

Mexican Senate Passes Major Education Reform

Same-sex marriage suit: Haley will defend SC Marriage Law

Indiana: “Can the constitutional ban on gay marriage be defeated? Oh, yeah”

“Los Alamos County going to court over gay marriage”

Court proceeding could fast track a ruling on marriage in Pennsylvania

“2nd Ohio gay couple files to have state OK marriage”

“1 in 3 Minn. marriage licenses went to same-sex couples since Aug. 1″ | MPR

Rep. Johnson: Public Education ‘Being Dismantled’ by Charter Schools

New Mexico GOP legislators file lawsuit to stop same-sex marriage licenses

“Sister of Liz Cheney says she’s ‘dead wrong’ in opposition to gay marriage”

“ICE to recognize gay marriage from other states as valid in AZ”

Suit challenges South Carolina marriage laws

Texas Guard Refuses To Process Same-sex Benefits

Catholic Schools Respond to the Charter School Challenge

IL: “Gay Marriage Push Looking To Unions, Immigrants” | AP

How Christians Should Engage Modern Online Culture

Phoenix Catholic Bishop: Jesus ‘Not an Elective’ for Catholic Universities