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ACLU lawsuit challenges marriage in Virginia

Who Am I to Judge? The Pope, the Press, and the Predicament | Albert Mohler, Jr.

Santa Fe considers resolution calling for marriage redefinition

KY: “A same-sex marriage loophole the size of Canada”

MI: “Preparing for the possibility of judge striking down gay marriage ban”

Ballot measure to redefine marriage launched in Oregon

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey urges PA to redefine marriage

4 Reasons Being Happily Married Could Make You A Better CEO | Forbes

    Steve Cooper at Forbes: One thing that has been consistent over the years, however, is how beneficial a happy marriage is to a person’s health—including mental, physical, financial and other ways. If you really want to excel in the boardroom, take care of your needs and responsibilities in your own living room first. Here are four reasons that being happily married could make you a better CEO.

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U.S. Marriage Rates Keep Declining | Scientific American

“Ind. chamber staying neutral in gay marriage fight”

Marriage Amendment gaining co-backers in U.S. House

$1.35 Million Grant Will Examine Transgender Military Service

Lawmakers to revive marriage debate in Neb.

“First Gay Divorce Finalized In Colorado”

Rasmussen: Men Are Still Chief Breadwinners in Most Relationships

School Choice Is Important in the Black Community

    NCPA Policy Digest: In March 2013, the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) commissioned a survey of Black voters in four Southern states to gauge attitudes and opinions within the Black community on education reform, charter schools and the need for parental choice in their community. The findings indicate strong support among this significant segment of the population for greater freedom in K-12 education, widespread recognition of the need for better quality schools, and openness to charter schools and publicly funded scholarships as reform vehicles.

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“Same-sex Couple Marries Outside Philly Despite Ban”

“Young GOP Leaders See Need For Substantive Changes” | AP

“’75 law blocks benefits for gay vets’ spouses”

“Gay-marriage campaign heads to state courts”

AZ: 200 charter schools plan to sue state over funding

55% See Marriage As Very Important To U.S. Society

Federal-Court Ruling Against Ohio’s Marriage Laws | Ed Whelan at NRO

Montgomery Co., PA halts issuance of same-sex “marriage” license

What Must Be Done for the Future of Marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

North Carolina Legislature Passes Educational Choice Program

Race, sex, religion argued by Orleans Parish School Board

Just Christians: On Homosexuality & Christian Identity | S.M. Hutchens at Illinois Family Institute

    S.M. Hutchens at Illinois Family Institute: In homosexuality’s assault on the beliefs of churches that once unanimously identified it as sexual perversion—sodomy being “the abominable and detestable crime against nature”—its most potent weapon has been the counter-accusation that identification of homosexuality as sinful is a detestable offense against charity. By these presents, all who hold to the ancient interdict as God’s word may be numbered among the crowing yahoos of Westboro Baptist Church with its “God Hates Fags” placards.

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“Group blasts San Diego County clerk Ernie Dronenburg for questioning same-sex marriage”

“New York giving surviving gay spouses estate tax refunds”

Ore. proponents of marriage redefinition to collect signatures

“Mo. court seeks more input on gay death benefits”

New Mexico Attorney General Urges State Supreme Court to redefine marriage

CalPERS will start coverage of same sex “spouses”

Norfolk lawsuit seeks to redefine marriage in Virginia

PROMO, ACLU Partner to Push for Marriage Redefinition in Missouri

“Pa. Gay Couples Seek Marriage As County Defies Ban”

“San Diego Clerk Sues Over Gay Marriage” | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

What Helps Poor Kids Move Upwards? Religion and Marriage | Maggie Gallagher at NRO

After Perry & Windsor: A Conversation With Evan Wolfson, William Eskridge, Linda Greenhouse and Brad Snyder

“Republican party chair: Gay marriage, abortion still priorities for GOP”

PA: Montgomery County to start issuing same sex ‘marriage’ licenses

A new same-sex marriage ruling in Ohio, Cal. update | SCOTUS Blog

For some Minnesota Methodists, a same-sex marriage conundrum on Aug. 1

“Reince Priebus vs. Ken Mehlman on gay marriage” | NBC

“9 States Where the ACLU is Championing Gay Marriage”

Educational Choice Becomes Reality In North Carolina

House votes 221-207 to limit federal control over education

“Immigration Review Panel Announces Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Rule”

House Votes to Shift ‘No Child Left Behind’ Oversight to States

“NY official pushes Feds to recognize gay marriages” in all states

“California’s County Clerks Meet Over Same-Sex Marriages”

Quinnipiac Poll: “50% of Virginians surveyed back same sex marriage”

Richmond, Virginia: “3 councilmen propose gay-marriage ordinance”

“The IRS’s Gay-Marriage Tax Problem”

“Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage Gathers Dust In House Committee” | Huffington Post

“Wyoming Senate primary pits pro-gay ‘marriage’ Republican Cheney against pro-marriage incumbent Enzi”

More Women Are Keeping Their Own Names After Marriage, Says Facebook

    PolicyMic: Keep her own name. Take his. Take his and make hers a middle name. Take his legally but use hers professionally. Hyphenate. These are just five of the plethora of options from which women can choose regarding what to do with their last names after marriage.

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PA: Consider ouster of attorney general

Pastors want Kane to defend Pa. DOMA

Capitol Police arrest pastor praying for Pennsylvania attorney general A Montgomery County pastor, in an effort to see Kane, was arrested Friday while attempting to ride an elevator to a secure floor where her office is located. Pastor Wiliam Devlin said he came to pray for Kane, so she would “have a change of heart.” Capitol police cited him for disorderly conduct and carried him out of Strawberry Square, said police spokeswoman Holly Lubart. He’ll face a fine for the misdemeanor offense, she said.

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Marriage Rate Lowest in a Century | Science Daily

“Brain drain in states barring gay marriage” | Hank Plante at USA Today

“Some Gay-Rights Activists Regret Focus on Marriage” | ABC (AP)

Porn is everywhere. But that’s not what’s killing marriage. | Washington Post

Public schools can be fixed by ending compulsory attendance law

“Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says”

Evangelical Fuller Seminary Says “Yes” to Homosexual Campus Club | The New American

Are Women Wired Sexually Like Men? | Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at Huffington Post

Covenant v. traditional marriage in Arkansas

“Mormon Church abandons its crusade against gay marriage”

Chart of the Week: Marriage Guards Children Against Poverty | Heritage Foundation

Marriage May Calm a Criminal Impulse in Men