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“The Emperor’s New Gender”: Why Pope Francis is speaking out

The tension at the heart of adoption

Military divorce rate hits lowest levels in 10 years

Magistrates to opt out of same-sex marriage ceremonies in NC

Judge strikes down voter-approved marriage law

The law and children

    America Magazine: The one subject guaranteed to start fireworks today is children. Hence the pyrotechnics whenever Pope Francis talks of rabbits, sterility or contraception. Judging from my 16 years teaching family law, the law struggles with children too, for reasons similar to why individuals do. A church trying to figure out how to speak about marriage and family needs to understand this struggle, given that lawmakers are now considering redefining marriage—the last and most basic “place” where family law safeguards children.

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Three senior faculty attack Notre Dame’s granting of benefits to same-sex couples

Teacher forced out for Facebook posting on religious objections to school billboard can sue

61% of Americans don’t want Supreme Court to force same-sex marriage on the states: poll

Truth-telling and the right of self-government: Why Obama’s marriage lie matters

Family income more apt to impact kids’ well-being than marital status of parents

1-parent families hurt kids, but what can we do?

Knot Now: The benefits of marrying in your mid-to-late 20s

Marriage as a springboard to the middle class

    Ed Excellence: As I explain in Education Next, a more holistic approach would also take seriously what Isabel Sawhill and Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution call the “success sequence”: get at least a high school diploma, work full time, and wait till you are at least twenty-one and married before having children. They estimate that 98 percent of individuals who follow those three norms will not be poor, and almost three-quarters will be solidly middle class. On the flip side, three-quarters of young people who fail to follow any of those norms will be poor, and almost none will be middle class.

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How schools can strengthen families

Officer in parade controversy speaks out on religious liberty

Officer in same-sex pride parade incident speaks out

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Congratulating Wesleyan

Russell Moore responds to amicus brief in 8th Circuit Court of Appeals case on same-sex marriage

Rob Bell to Oprah: Church is ‘moments away’ from embracing same-sex marriage

Texas county issues its first marriage license to same-sex couple; Texas Supreme Court issues stay halting other marriages

Law firms say they will perform free same-sex marriage ceremonies if court clerks won’t

Abraham Lincoln and same-sex marriage

Texas attorney general says same-sex couple’s marriage is void

Texas Supreme Court blocks same-sex marriage licenses

Oregon to swear in nation’s first openly bisexual governor

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Army considers easing policy on transgender soldiers

Same-sex marriage, racism, and what everyone misses about the inevitability of social change

Hooked up and tied down: The neurological consequences of sadomasochism

In sort-of-defense of Roy Moore

    The New York Times:
    But Moore’s frustration with the process by which gay marriage has arrived in his state, as opposed to the ultimate outcome, is understandable. The process has been peculiar. This is what has been at issue in Alabama since Jan. 23, when District Court Judge Callie V. Granade struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage. District-court rulings, even if they’re about important matters of policy, usually affect only the people involved in the case in question. They don’t typically make law for an entire state; that responsibility falls to a state’s highest court, or a federal appeals court — in this case the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit — or eventually the Supreme Court, which makes law for the country.

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Groups seek Alabama Supreme Court mandamus to stop same-sex marriage licenses

    Religion Clause: While Probate Judges in 50 of Alabama’s 67 counties have begun to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, opposition to a federal district court’s invalidation of the state’s same-sex marriage ban has not ended. The Alabama Policy Institute and the Alabama Citizens Action Program filed a petition (full text) with the Alabama Supreme Court on Wednesday seeking a writ of mandamus ordering county probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or recognize licenses issued to them. The petition argues that fededral court injunctions aimed at the state’s attorney general do not bind probate judges. The Supreme Court yesterday issued an order, with two justices filing dissenting opinions, (full text) ordering respondents to file answers by Feb. 18. Justice Shaw dissenting said: “I would urge restraint and would urge this Court not to interject more confusion into what is already a very confusing situation.” Also yesterday Equality Alabama filed and amicus brief (full text) urging dismissal of the petition. Meanwhile, a Mississippi Ku Klux Klan faction called for support of efforts to defy federal court same-sex marriage rulings.

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Nebraska clerks, couples prepare for ruling on same-sex marriage

U.S. military approves Manning’s “gender reassignment” hormone treatment

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Rejecting the industrialized sex of ’50 Shades of Grey’

Christian and counter-cultural: A response to Michael Hanby

    First Things: Over the past decade, especially in the struggle over same-sex marriage, some of my friends and allies among social and religious conservatives have called me a defeatist for my culture-war pessimism. I believe that pessimism today is simply realism, and that it is better for us to retreat strategically to a position that we are capable of defending. The cultural battlefield has changed far more than many of us realize.

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S.F. archbishop’s morality clause at Catholic schools outrages many

Report: Just 17% black teens live with parents, 54% for whites, both low marks

Graph: Most states have majorities who favor same-sex marriage

Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Americans are ready for same-sex marriage

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