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Committee of the Kansas Board of Regents to study implications of same-sex marriage

Redefining marriage redefines parenthood

Does marriage make you happier? What a new study found

Rejecting the industrialized sex of ’50 Shades of Grey’

Christian and counter-cultural: A response to Michael Hanby

    First Things: Over the past decade, especially in the struggle over same-sex marriage, some of my friends and allies among social and religious conservatives have called me a defeatist for my culture-war pessimism. I believe that pessimism today is simply realism, and that it is better for us to retreat strategically to a position that we are capable of defending. The cultural battlefield has changed far more than many of us realize.

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S.F. archbishop’s morality clause at Catholic schools outrages many

Report: Just 17% black teens live with parents, 54% for whites, both low marks

Graph: Most states have majorities who favor same-sex marriage

Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Americans are ready for same-sex marriage

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Many Ala. counties refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses

SCOTUS & SSM: The fix is in

Is Alabama’s Roy Moore the new George Wallace?

The “no difference” theory is dead

The nature and purpose of pornography

    Ethika Politika: The production and the consumption of pornography are human activities. (From here, I’ll refer to production and consumption together as pornographic communication.) Accordingly, pornography, in both its production and consumption, is intentional in structure—that is, what identifies pornographic production and consumption is the intent of the parties involved in that production and consumption. So in an effort to identify what is pornographic or non-pornographic, it isn’t enough to delineate or envision a collection of physical behaviors that is “off-limits.”

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Kellerism comes to Alabama same-sex marriage wars, care of a political blast by New York Times

You new around here? Some thoughts on Alabama and same-sex marriage

    Doug Wilson: Look. Racial bigotry is a sin. Sexual perversion is a sin. The fact that the respective players in these two battles were and are Alabama and the Federal Government is completely beside the point. Those who glibly point to that as though it settles everything are like those who think that a son who once participated in an intervention over his mother’s alcoholism has thereby earned the right, twenty years later, to pressure her into committing tax fraud. No, no. Let’s go over this carefully. Drunkenness is a sin. Fraud is a sin. They are both sins. Whoever is championing the sin is the sinner.

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Writing as though history happened: On being countercultural Christians

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Support family-friendly, economically-wise policies–Not transportation pork or dependency

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Christian activist says he asked baker for ‘God hates sin’ on cake, not ‘God hates gays’

Many heroes, so little heroism

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