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The way God conducts us

Mind the marriage gap: The 2014 election edition

Promiscuity pays: The rewards of a virtuous life may have to wait

    Aleteia: “Men who had slept with more than 20 women lowered their risk of developing [prostate] cancer by almost one third, and were 19 per cent less likely to develop the most aggressive form,” report researchers from the University of Montreal. The news for chastity gets even worse: “Men who said they had never had sexual intercourse were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who said they had.”

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Not sentiment, prejudice, or tradition: Exploring the nature of marriage

Catholic capitulation on marriage

How schools can help disadvantaged families

Judge overturns Missouri marriage amendment

North Carolina judge explains why he quit over same-sex marriage

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A word for discretion

KS Supreme Court arguments Thursday in same-sex marriage case

Why kids sext

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North Carolina judges continue to resign after orders to conduct same-sex marriages

Transparently lame

Doing what we can to support marriage

Robert P. George: Victims of marriage culture breakdown are poor children

Ex-gay therapist responds to SBC’s ‘reparative therapy’ stance

    The Christian Post: By now you’ve likely heard RNS News report that Dr. Russell Moore has supposedly “denounced reparative therapy” for same-sex attracted individuals who wish to change their sexual attractions and join the ex-gay community. But if you read all of Moore’s statements, you cannot find him downright rejecting sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE). Instead, he’s putting therapy in its place on the hierarchy of healing, as I explained over at The Christian Post while rejecting that notion that the solution is ultimately change.

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New York’s highest court unanimously rules in favor of incest ‘marriage’ between uncle and niece

You don’t need to slam stay-at-home moms to support women’s equality

Empowering teen girls means protecting their overall health, not just preventing pregnancy

    Family Studies: Twenty-six year-old “Hannah” participated as a teenager in a St. Louis study that provided 14 to 19 year-olds with free birth control, including long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). She told the New York Times that, “Having an IUD … I think its empowering.” Now married, she said she enrolled in the study to “break the cycle of poverty in my family.” Published this October in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study found that teenagers involved in the free contraception program (72 percent chose LARC) “had lower annual pregnancy, birth and abortion rates than teenage girls nationwide.” The findings are being used to strengthen the push for LARC as a “first line” of defense against early pregnancy for adolescents.

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Will steps step up to the challenge of elder care?

    Family Studies: Last month the Institute of Medicine released a dense and edifying report on the current and future state of end of life care, Dying in America.Overall, the esteemed, interdisciplinary authors stressed the importance of treating the patient as part of a broader family system and not as an isolated, autonomous being with signs and symptoms of disease to be treated. I fully support this premise based on my experience in hospice care where the patient and family are considered an integrated unit to be served by the healthcare team.

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Southern Baptists break bread with groups that disagree at conference

Learning about love: How sex ed programs undermine happy marriages

Did Russell Moore denounce reparative therapy for same-sex attraction?

District finally agrees to stop using ‘purple penguin’ handouts

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Churches should shift priorities from defending to re-teaching marriage, say ERLC conference panelists

NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece

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Southern Baptists admit errors on homosexuality but reject same-sex marriage affirming churches

ETSU wonders about impact of sex week

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If you care about the poor, care about marriage

How the decline in marriage is fueling inequality

“Murphy Brown” was wrong, new research suggests

The economic case for not giving up on marriage

And this just in! Southern Baptists still convinced Christianity has been correct on marriage for 2,000 years

    Get Religion: Like I suggested earlier, people in public life that journalists embrace tend to “argue” that something is right, or “observe” certain truths to be self evident. Those on the wrong side of issues “rail” against them. They also “believe” that something “goes against God’s will” rather than, well, defend 2,000 years of Christian doctrine on a topic.

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Southern Baptists’ surprising tones towards sexuality

Notre Dame University to hose controversial ‘Gay in Christ’ conference

Top United Methodist council affirms reinstatement of minister who officiated same-sex wedding

The passion of pregnancy

    First Things: In quiet hallways and private corners, I’ve made my confession to trusted friends. Guilty and ashamed, but seeking solace, I have admitted the truth: I hate being pregnant. Now, in the throes of my sixth round of this freely chosen misery, I have decided to speak openly. We religious types rarely, if ever, publicly address the real burden that pregnancy puts on women. Instead, we jump ahead to the value of the life she carries. Unless we find ways to acknowledge this aspect of the experience of women, our defense of the truth that every human life has value risks ringing false.

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Living on both sides of the parenting gap

Why voters in seven states should choose their children over gambling