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Sex education in America: How yesterday’s extremists shaped today’s sex ed

School district requires parental permission to join a pro-’gay’ club; ACLU reacts

How marriage makes people healthier

    The Economist: THE link between marriage and better health is well established. Less clear is whether marriage causes good health or vice versa—healthy people may simply be more likely to marry in the first place. In a recently updated paper Nezih Guner, Yuliya Kulikova and Joan Llull of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona looked at data on Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 in order to try to work out which way the causation runs. Does marriage make people healthier?

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351 studies from 13 nations prove benefits of households with a dad, a mom, and their kids

Justices take up marriage challenges

Incest: The next frontier in ‘reproductive freedom’

Has SCOTUS stacked the deck against same-sex marriage in how it has framed the question?

On same-sex marriage, Supreme Court to weigh rights

What’s the real story on marriage and family trends? Here are 11 findings

Supreme Court to rule on whether states have right to define marriage

Report: New York woman to marry her biological father

Virginia seeks to remove references to ‘husbands and wives’ from state law books; replace with gender-neutral ‘spouse’

Taking up same-sex marriage, but on its own terms

Is the next Roe v. Wade coming? Supreme Court to hear marriage case

Same-sex marriage returns to the Supreme Court

Supreme Court agrees to settle same-sex marriage dispute

Supreme Court will rule on same-sex marriage

Supreme Court to hear marriage challenge: How should Christians respond?

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Research shows the hands-on dad isn’t a new phenomenon

Brownback touts ‘healthy families’ as key to state’s success

Fathers who spend time with their kids make happier employees

Is porn bad for marriage?

Judge rules South Dakota’s voter-approved marriage amendment unconstitutional

Minister sues Mich. for right to marry same-sex couples

The problem with exposing kids to sexual and violent content

NYT same-sex marriage advocate claims ‘live and let live,’ but wants gov’t coercion, Ryan Anderson argues

Is a lavish wedding a prelude to divorce?

Massachusetts: The best state for children?

Same-sex marriage warning as Florida introduces redefinition

Gender-neutral single-stall restrooms now required in West Hollywood

Same-sex divorce granted by family court judge

Cautious about marriage, but not cohabitation

‘Gay Christian Network Conference’ features “Third Way” pastor

Judge rules South Dakota’s marriage law unconstitutional

Starkville mayor vetoes board’s repeal of non-discrimination resolution

Judge O’Scannlain’s dissent from denial of en banc review in marriage cases

    National Review: Late last Friday, the Ninth Circuit issued an order denying the petitions for rehearing en banc in the Nevada and Idaho marriage cases. The order includes a strong dissent from Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, joined by Judge Johnnie B.Rawlinson and Judge Carlos Bea. (It’s possible that other judges voted for rehearing but chose not to register their votes publicly, but, given the composition of the Ninth Circuit, I doubt that the vote margin was close.) Rawlinson is a Clinton appointee. Given the dissent’s discussion of Loving v. Virginia, I’ll also note that she is African-American.

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“Religious liberty” is now a right-wing “dog whistle”

Religious liberty vs. erotic liberty–religious liberty is losing

Strip clubs linked to crime, but ban them? The law’s on their side

Court denies one same-sex marriage case (UPDATED)

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War on Poverty: WMass sees link between teen pregnancy, poverty