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Spanish opposition leader may move to reverse same-sex marriage law

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Swiss can ban naked hiking, court rules

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“Australian PM says she favors vote on gay marriage”

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“Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage”

“Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage”

“Buggery and health – What the gay-rights lobby doesn’t tell you” | Jamaica Gleaner

Forced Marriages in Germany Becoming More Prevalent

In Sweden, a generation of kids who’ve never been spanked | CNN

‘Let them cut off aid:’ African countries revolt against UK threat to cut aid over homosexuality

Top Chile court overwhelmingly rejects same-sex ‘marriage’

Germany: Authorities to Homeschool Parents: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!

Welsh government’s ‘opt out’ organ donor consultation

UK: Armed Forces recruits lack moral compass as family life crumbles warns Lord Dannatt

Watchdog moves to curb sexualised songs on radio

Transsexual makes debut in new Polish parliament

Cameron’s plan to redefine marriage will cost votes

Law shake-up ‘will fuel the epidemic of fatherless families’: Proposals condemned by IDS think-tank

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African nations angered by UK’s threat to cut aid budget over homosexuality

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Scots families ‘should stop at two children’

Countries that ban homosexuality risk losing aid, warns David Cameron

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Uganda Parliament Votes to Continue Anti-Homosexual Bill

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South Korean credit policies responsible for increased trafficking and prostitution in the U.S.?

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