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Legal Periodical: “Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina”

    (abstract only below)

    Juan Marco Vaggione, Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina, 65 University of Miami Law Review 935-954 (2011).

    The legal regulation of marriage in Argentina has undergone reforms that, in a variety of ways, have dismantled religion’s influence over law. While these reforms reaffirm the centrality of marriage in the construction of the sexual order, they also redefine marriage, distancing it from the sacrament defended by the Catholic Church. In 1888, civil and religious marriages were distinguished from one another as part of a reform process in response to late-century secularist and liberal ideologies. 1 Church and State became, at least legally, autonomous with respect to marriage; while the latter regulated the civil contract, the Church only concerned itself with the celebration of the religious sacrament. However, the legal construction of marriage was, of course, substantiated by the religious doctrine. Almost a century later, in 1987, 2 the related Divorce Law was passed, 3 made possible largely by the recent restoration of democracy and the influence of women’s movements in the region. 4 The law distanced itself from religious sacrament by establishing the solubility of the bond as a constitutive part of the institution of marriage. Finally, in 2010, a new reform took place through which marriage was authorized between same-sex couples, 5 arising from a demand primarily promoted by the movement for sexual diversity. This reform broke from the principle of Catholic doctrine that the sexes are complementary and generated complete equality in marriage between partners of the same or opposite sexes.

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Sweden: 23 women convicted of child pornography

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Archbishop attacks Cameron’s ‘gay marriage’ plan

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Australia women allowed to take on frontline military role

Pornography has no place in our culture

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Many Canadian youths believe in old-fashion gender roles: study

Saudi women get right to vote, but can’t drive yet

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Scottish Government doesn’t deserve support of Catholics says bishop

Canada: Lies, seduction, and criminal activity: pro-family group exposes homosexual ‘Out in Schools’ program

Scotland: Same-sex marriage is really an assault on the church

“Tasmania Passes Motion for In-Principle Support for Gay Marriage”

Pakistan: Two jailed for refusing polio drops

B.C. man sued by mother for parental support

UK: ‘Gender free’ passports under consideration

Egyptian Copts Seeking Divorce Plan To Resign To Invoke Legal Loophole

“Tasmania Parliament first to vote in favour of same-sex marriage”

UK gvmt promises to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ before 2015

UK: Sex ed shock for angry parents

ABC News and the UN Foundation to launch the “Million Moms Challenge”

    United Nations Foundation: Today ABC News and the UN Foundation will launch an initiative engaging millions of Americans to support millions of moms across the globe around the critical issues of pregnancy, childbirth and children’s health — moms here helping moms worldwide. The Million Moms Challenge will be featured on weekly segments on ABC News’ broadcasts including “Good Morning America,” “World News with Diane Sawyer,” “Nightline,” and “20/20,” as well as other ABC News platforms including and ABC News Radio. The initiative will lead up to a one-hour prime time special on maternal health anchored by Diane Sawyer on December 16, 2011.

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UK: Like many co-habitees, Louise dismissed marriage as ‘just a piece of paper’. Now she admits it would’ve kept her family from falling apart

UK: ‘Nearly half of parents’ back corporal punishment

AD and BC ditched from history school books in Oz

Court Drops Charges Against Homeschoolers in Spain

Canada: “McGuinty Liberals won’t back down from imposing gay agenda in classrooms: lesbian minister”

‘X’ now a gender option in Australian passports

Simpson files police complaint against anti-homophobia program

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Homeschool victory in Spain

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Africa and Middle East in spotlight as group launched to tackle homophobia

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Church of Ireland Faces Split Over Civil Partnership*Bennison to Close Parishes

Catholic Church questions validity of Scottish Government’s consultation on marriage redefinition

Leaked cables: Obama admin called Catholic Church source of spreading “homophobia” in Poland

“Britain to lift ban on gay men donating blood”

UK: Proposals to give cohabiting couples increased rights are dropped

UK: End ‘intrusive’ equality surveys, says Govt minster

Australia: Marriage at the heart of a crucial commitment to children

    Patrick Parkinson at But we need to do more than this. We need to look afresh at the overwhelming evidence that children do best in families with two married parents. It is not the wedding ring that does it. What seems to make the difference is that process of clear decision and public commitment. The promise to commit for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health really matters when the ”worse” happens, when money is tight, and when sickness strikes. Of course it is not a guarantee, but the likelihood that a non-marital relationship with children will break down is many times higher than for marriages.

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