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Same-sex marriage blocked by Scottish evangelicals and Muslims

Australia: Liberals defy Abbott on same-sex marriage

“UN official tells nations to end gay executions”

2/3 Brits think “sex ed” should lie with parents

“A Global Gay-Rights Crusade” | National Review Online Editors

UK: Should everyone be allowed to have children? | BBC

Colombian government fights to protect two children from adoption by American homosexual activist

“Northern Cyprus to decriminalize homosexuality”

Canada: “Honour Killing Entrenched in Islam”

    Canada Free Press: Against the backdrop of the Shafia honour-killing trial in Kingston, Montreal’s Concordia University graduate Sikander Ziad Hashmi, an imam with the Islamic Society of Kingston, tells us “there is no such thing as ‘honour killing’ in Islam.” Last week, Hashmi challenged readers of Canada’s National Post Full Commentonline to find one classical Islamic religious text that endorses the murder of a family member to preserve honour. PointdeBascule in Montreal answers the imam’s request by producing not one, but TWO Islamic texts stating that a father who kills his child must NOT be subject to punishment (“retaliation”).

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Australia: Bishop ‘appalled’ that Catholic school denied admission to child of homosexual couple

Netherlands: “Islamic extremists call for lesbian’s death” | LGBTQ Nation

“Toronto Catholic teachers’ union backs gay relationships”

UK: 1,000 polygamous families claiming benefits

Canada: Internet Providers Must Now Report Child Porn

Canada: “Abortion, gay marriage could be next on chopping block, Chrétien warns”

UK: Children aged 5 set to learn about “transgender equality” in schools

UK: Forced marriage victims could number 8,000 as ministers plan to make it illegal

UK: Parents claim link between flu vaccine and narcolepsy

“Gay rights activists at UN: No more bullying”

Scotland: Marriage plan gets 50,000 responses

UK: Divorces rise for first time since 2003

Scotland: Protests over bill to redefine marriage

Malawi to review homosexuality law

Australia: Abbott will hold party line against marriage redefinition

UK lifts ban on female submariners

Scots Episcopal Church says NO to redefining marriage

Nigeria: Same-Sex Marriage – Human Rights Group Demands Apology From British Ambassador

UK: Labour welcomes proposals to teach kids how to gamble

Nigeria: “Cleric advocates death penalty for same sex marriage”

“Bill outlawing gay marriage in oil-rich Nigeria puts foreign HIV, AIDS funding at risk”

Australia: “MPs fear backlash on same-sex marriage in marginals”

Australia: “Christian lobby warns ALP of backlash over its policy change on same-sex marriage”

Cohabitation and Marriage: Not Equal Alternatives | Zenit

“Philippine health chief hit for anti-gay comments”

Free schools and academies must promote marriage

Wendy Wright: “Triparenting” Hogwash Slapped Down

Nova Scotia: Sexting teens warned about child porn

Russia must ban ‘disgusting’ gay propaganda, says deputy PM

Archbishop Nichols responds to critics of his civil unions approach | Catholic News Agency

Speaker squanders taxpayer money on ‘equality’ crest

“England’s top Catholic bishop endorses gay civil unions” |

LSN reporter Matthew Hoffman speaks to Brazilians about dangers of homosexual movement

Swedish academic argues for triparenting

“Salvador Dallies in Gay Rights”

Nigeria: Citizens Celebrate Ban of Same-Sex Marriage

Canada: Multiple marriages, multiple questions

Iranian women fight controversial ‘polygamy’ bill

Polygamy is not an option, says Morocco Islamist premier’s wife

“Church of Scotland against gay marriage law change”

Australia: “Gay marriage on Labor conference agenda”

New group, ‘Scotland for Marriage’, launched today

Homosexual flag hoisted over Oxford University college

Australia: “Left believes it has numbers to change policy on same-sex marriage”

Asian women now reject marriage

Unwitting father sues fertility clinic after his girlfriend ‘stole his sperm and got pregnant with twins via IVF’

Bangladesh: Polygamy costlier in Chittagong

The return of France’s polygamous Muslim butcher

Australia: Evangelical church’s stance on homosexuality: Tolerance or selling out Christ?

“Denmark to approve gay weddings in church”

Sen. Demint apologize to El Salvador for Obama’s Proposed Ambassador

Switzerland: “Politician compares gay couples to cocaine”

“Nigeria Moves To Ban, Criminalize Gay Marriage”

How children are the victims of their parents’ lost values

British Scouting Organization Considering Religion Neutral “Promise”

UK: “Law stopping NI gay couples adopting is challenged”

Europe: “Sexual orientation-based persecution not adequately addressed in asylum procedures”

Scotland: Evangelical churches join forces to fight gay marriage

Archbishop of Westminster ‘disappointed’ with Government same-sex marriage plan

Spanish opposition leader may move to reverse same-sex marriage law

“Concern over Govt response to RC marriage postcards”

Australian PM gives conscience vote on redefining marriage