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Australian lawmakers propose redefining marriage

“St. Petersburg Anti-Gay Law Advances”

Professor says evolution unpopular in Muslim world

Boy, 6, taken from gay pair – suspected members of international pedophilia ring

Australia: “MPs set to debate gay marriage in House of Representatives”

Court suspends Spain’s most famous judge

UN Secretary General Tells African Nations to Adopt “LGBT Rights”

Uganda reintroduces legislation criminalizing homosexuality

“New Spanish justice minister sees no constitutional case against same-sex marriage”

Church of England reaches compromise on women bishops

Church of England General Synod challenged to urgently defend marriage

How America made its children crazy

    Asia Times Online: Now we know that computers don’t help children learn and that drugs don’t help them concentrate, because the establishment mandarins who sold us the computers and drugs have conceded failure. In the January 29 New York Times, [1] a prominent professor of child development shows that attention-deficit-disorder drugs only harm the three million children who take them. One out of 10 American children have been diagnosed with so-called Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and most of them have been medicated. [2] Some months ago, the Times reported that test scores lagged in school districts that invested massively in digital education.

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Sexual promiscuity costing UK billions of pounds

Scotland: Opposition party leaders unite over same-sex marriage

Nine year old British girls forced to marry under sharia

“UN chief: Africa leaders should respect gay rights”

Canadian jury finds all guilty of 1st-degree murder in Islamic family’s honor killings

Europe’s lost generation: how it feels to be young and struggling in the EU

Parental Rights Group Warns Against US Ratification of UN Rights of Child Treaty

UK: Ministers to bar polygamists from claiming extra benefits

“Number of French parliamentarians opposing gay ‘marriage’/adoption reaches 115″

UK: Labour MP backs right of parents to smack |

UK: Pagan who denies polygamy wins immigration case

HPV vaccine for boys recommended in Canada

Member of European Parliament has questions about EU funding for homosexualist lobby

One in five children from broken homes lose touch with parent

UK: Ministers ban extra welfare benefits for multiple wives

UK: Biggest marriage increase for a decade

New B.C. Special Prosecutor Will Look At Charges Other Than Polygamy Against FLDS Members

63% of French favor gay ‘marriage’: poll

“Honduras is test of new US policy on gay rights”

Raul Castro’s daughter: Cuba eyes same-sex unions

Is there a parental right to have a baby at home? EU court may decide case by Czech moms

UK: Backbench rebellion over plans to introduce homosexual marriage

Canada: Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board says no to so-called ‘gay-straight alliances’

Amsterdam Study: “Teens of Lesbian Parents Appear Well-Adjusted”

UK: “Why is this gay cleric considering suing the church if he won’t win?”

“Former Scottish Tory leader dismisses same-sex marriage”

In Canadian Province, Catholic Schools Hit By Complaints Under Parental Rights Law

Expectant mums, midwives to sue Czech state in Strasbourg

UK: “Gay editor: ‘we will teach your kids the new norms’”

Malaysian gay rights activists challenge government in court to quash ban on arts festival

Spain: Homosexual campaign to suppress book on healing same-sex attraction backfires

“MercatorNet: British Conservatives and same-sex marriage”

42 percent of Indian children under 5 malnourished

Critics blame tax system for number of single parents

“Gay marriage a threat to humanity’s future: Pope”

2011: The year the LGBT agenda was officially adopted as US Foreign Policy by the US Department of State

Spain’s New Government Remains Silent on Defense of Traditional Values

Canadian study: Sex and personality differences underestimated

Slovenian court: referendum challenging same-sex ‘marriage,’ adoption law can proceed

International Homosexual Lobby Group Funded Mostly by Governments

Australia: MP takes vow of consensus on same-sex “marriage” bill

American Exceptionalism? Clinton’s Human Rights Day Speech

“2011 International LGBT Roundup: Decriminalization of Homosexuality and Anti-Discrimination”

“The Department of State’s Accomplishments Promoting the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People” Human rights are inalienable and belong to every person, no matter who that person is or whom that person loves. Since January 2009, Secretary Clinton has directed the Department to champion a comprehensive human rights agenda—one that includes the protection of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The Department uses its full range of diplomatic and development tools to press for the elimination of violence and discrimination against LGBT people worldwide, particularly those forced to flee their homes or countries.

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“The Global Effort for Gay Rights” | The Atlantic

B.C. has polygamy appeal options, say government lawyers

Why marriage is an ‘absolute yes’

Zambian churches unhappy with US stance to tie aid to homosexual rights

Belize: Christians “stand firm” against UNIBAM!

“UN Report Tries Unsuccessfully to Create New LBGT Rights”

Ireland: “NI homosexual adoption case put on hold until New Year”

George Neumayr: Hillary’s Surreal State Department: She Discovers a New Global Right

‘Cultural Marxism’ new threat to society says Brazilian commentator

UK: Affair baby must be adopted, rule judges out of fear of “honor killing”

UK: “Deputy PM: I don’t support the marriage tax break plan”

Scotland: “SNP considers plan to buy off concerns over gay marriage”

“Nigeria: Much Ado About Same-Sex Marriage”

“UN issues first report on human rights of gay and lesbian people”