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“Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage”

“Buggery and health – What the gay-rights lobby doesn’t tell you” | Jamaica Gleaner

Forced Marriages in Germany Becoming More Prevalent

In Sweden, a generation of kids who’ve never been spanked | CNN

‘Let them cut off aid:’ African countries revolt against UK threat to cut aid over homosexuality

Top Chile court overwhelmingly rejects same-sex ‘marriage’

Germany: Authorities to Homeschool Parents: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!

Welsh government’s ‘opt out’ organ donor consultation

UK: Armed Forces recruits lack moral compass as family life crumbles warns Lord Dannatt

Watchdog moves to curb sexualised songs on radio

Transsexual makes debut in new Polish parliament

Cameron’s plan to redefine marriage will cost votes

Law shake-up ‘will fuel the epidemic of fatherless families’: Proposals condemned by IDS think-tank

Scotland: Councillors in Glasgow vote in favour of redefining marriage

African nations angered by UK’s threat to cut aid budget over homosexuality

“Concern over ‘act less gay’ anti-bullying advice” | BBC

“Uganda fury at David Cameron aid threat over gay rights”

Scots families ‘should stop at two children’

Countries that ban homosexuality risk losing aid, warns David Cameron

Tunisia’s secular women fret over rise of Islamism

Austrial: Forced marriage law extension likely

“Govt has ‘no view’ on a Scots referendum on gay marriage”

Uganda Parliament Votes to Continue Anti-Homosexual Bill

French sex change couple test marriage laws

South Korean credit policies responsible for increased trafficking and prostitution in the U.S.?

UN: World will miss economic benefit of 1.8 billion young people

In the Holy Land, a changed Christian world

Irish to choose a new President from a field that includes country’s “top gay-rights crusader”

Australia: “Queensland MPs to debate gay civil unions”

Denmark moves to redefine marriage

“Gay groups get 10 times more cash from Scots Govt”

Church of England bishops told: publicly back marriage like the RCs

Clergy say same-sex marriage will be “fatal” for Church of Denmark

Korea: Homosexuality at school: Homoeroticism is hard topic for underage students

Canada: “Teaching gay acceptance in schools urged” by anti-bullying experts

Smacking ban ruled out in Wales, for now

Turkish Cypriots urged to scrap sodomy law

“Spanish town rushes to wed gays before election”

UK: Peer slates ‘appalling’ content of sex ed materials for kids

UK: Church moves step closer to appointing women bishops

Scotland: RC bishop: ‘marriage older than the state’

Wales: Police force displays rainbow stickers at front desks to promote ‘diversity’

UK: Halt the bandwagon on same-sex marriage, PM told

‘Government persecution does target homeschoolers’

Legal Periodical: “Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina”

    (abstract only below)

    Juan Marco Vaggione, Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina, 65 University of Miami Law Review 935-954 (2011).

    The legal regulation of marriage in Argentina has undergone reforms that, in a variety of ways, have dismantled religion’s influence over law. While these reforms reaffirm the centrality of marriage in the construction of the sexual order, they also redefine marriage, distancing it from the sacrament defended by the Catholic Church. In 1888, civil and religious marriages were distinguished from one another as part of a reform process in response to late-century secularist and liberal ideologies. 1 Church and State became, at least legally, autonomous with respect to marriage; while the latter regulated the civil contract, the Church only concerned itself with the celebration of the religious sacrament. However, the legal construction of marriage was, of course, substantiated by the religious doctrine. Almost a century later, in 1987, 2 the related Divorce Law was passed, 3 made possible largely by the recent restoration of democracy and the influence of women’s movements in the region. 4 The law distanced itself from religious sacrament by establishing the solubility of the bond as a constitutive part of the institution of marriage. Finally, in 2010, a new reform took place through which marriage was authorized between same-sex couples, 5 arising from a demand primarily promoted by the movement for sexual diversity. This reform broke from the principle of Catholic doctrine that the sexes are complementary and generated complete equality in marriage between partners of the same or opposite sexes.

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Sweden: 23 women convicted of child pornography

Australia: “Rann in push to legalise same-sex marriage”

NYT: “Same-Sex Marriage in Portugal”

TIME: “Poland Poised to Elect Its First Transsexual Parliamentarian”

Pakistan: Divorce remains sticking point in Hindu Marriage Act

“Gay marriage ‘a danger’ to Scotland says ex-SNP chief”

Scrapping forced marriage law is “unwise” says Supreme Court judge

Public urges David Cameron to restore tax break for marriage – says new opinion poll

RC Church steps up marriage campaign

“Nearly 700,000 attend gay pride parade in Rio” | AP

UK to consider criminalizing forced marriages

Scotland: Free Church backs RCs in opposing same-sex marriage

BC: “School trustee balks as gay anti-bullying material exposes children to gay porn videos”

UK: PM’s speech claiming it is conservative to redefine marriage criticised by church leaders

UK: No, homosexual marriage isn’t conservative

Archbishop attacks Cameron’s ‘gay marriage’ plan

Ireland: NI keeps blood safeguard, but critics slam decision

UK: Duncan Smith calls on PM to give tax break to married couples

UK: New passports to appease homosexual lobby

“National Post apologizes for pro-family ad, donates proceeds to gay activist group”

Tasmanian pro-homosexual pols gear up to challenge Federal Marriage Act

Okla. Governor appoints “outspoken homosexual” to state election bard

Australia: Study finds marriage increases self-control, may reduce crime

“Warning of violence during Serbia gay pride march”

Saudi king overturns verdict against woman driver

Australia: Protesters target Gillard in Melbourne

Nigeria: Marriage Bill Passes 2nd Reading in the Senate

UK: Primary schools ‘punished’ for resisting sex education

Australia women allowed to take on frontline military role