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“Australia election: Kevin Rudd defends gay-marriage stance”

Cambridge University introduces “gender-neutral” dress code for graduates

Swedish family hit with huge fine for homeschooling their child

“Gay Rights Activists Plan To Meet Obama In Russia”

Australia: Homosexuality is no longer an abomination, says Penrith Christian School

Chilean presidential candidate plans to enact abortion and redefine marriage ‘little by little’

Germany: Homeschooled children seized in shocking raid

University of Alberta creates ‘all-gender’ restrooms for transgender students

38 Latin American nations sign document urging radical support for abortion, homosexuality

Human Rights Groups Support Russian Law

    C-FAM: A statement from civil society affirms the recently enacted Russian law, which imposes fines on individuals and groups that promote homosexuality among minors, as important steps towards fulfilling international obligations towards the family and minors. Organizations from around the world are “rushing” to offer their support according to Profesionales por la Etica, the Spain based organization coordinating the effort. In just one week 71 organizations have offered their support.

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Pakistan’s Islam: The Flaying of a Muslim Wife

UK Chief Rabbi links secularised society with breakdown of marriage

UK: “Young people think opposition to gay marriage is wicked, says archbishop”

How to lose the fight over gay ‘marriage’ in one easy step | John Jalsevac at LifeSiteNews

“Barbara Boxer to Vladimir Putin: Repeal anti-gay laws”

Thailand considers redefining marriage

One-third of women conceive naturally after IVF

23 percent of German men say “zero” is the ideal family size.

Section 28 row: Schools tear up controversial homophobic policies

Russian Minister: Homosexual relations like drug abuse, we want to protect our children

Report: UK Family Living Standards Dropping

Scotland: School children to be fed ‘gay’-promoting lessons

M, F or Blank: ‘Third Gender’ Official in Germany from November

Switzerland opens drive in ‘sex boxes’ to make prostitution safer

Economic Independence Is Transforming India’s Marriage Culture

Russian world champion condemns homosexuality

Australia: Same-sex marriage push a ‘fashion of the moment’, says Tony Abbott

Immigration Minister: Canada will ‘seriously’ consider refugee claims by Russian homosexuals

BBC to air kids’ show on ‘gay marriage’

$2M NIH Grant to Study Effect of Cultural Stigma on Chinese Homosexual Men

India: Rajya Sabha passes bill for compulsory marriage registration

Australia: Labor mounts digital campaign to redefine marriage

Australia: “Same-sex marriage supporters await next step: a Coalition conscience vote”

First Same-Sex Couple To Marry In Mexico’s Yucatan State

“Nigerian bishops warn against legalization of same-sex marriage”

“Q&A On Anti-gay Legislation In Russia”

Russian lawmaker is Putin’s conservative champion

UK: No. of over 60s getting divorce up by three quarters

“Ioc Wants Assurances From Russia On Anti-Gay Law” | AP

Brazil Army Must Recognize Same-sex Civil Union

“Taiwan upholds first transgender marriage”

The Russian Demographic Crisis: Resisting the Influence of a Sexualized Culture | S. Michael Craven

‘Sinister’ state guardian plan for every Scots child

UK: Fear of intolerance ‘stops children playing out’

‘Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18′

British redefinition of family undermines Royal Family’s claim to throne

Senator to introduce resolution denouncing anti-LGBT law in Russia

Lesbian couple must recognise biological father’s rights, French court says

Portsmouth Bishop on England’s New Definition of Marriage

UN Risks Credibility with Campaign Pushing Homosexual Rights

“New South Wales: First Australian State To Legalize Gay Marriage?” | Huffington Post

“Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests”, Dolan comments | WSJ

“No Gay Diplomats: U.S. and British Promotion of LGBT Rights Abroad Sparks Backlash”

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards

“Pope Francis Says He Won’t Judge Gay Priests” | AP

“Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?” | BBC

Oxford English Dictionary to Change Definition of Marriage

Bans on Homosexual Propaganda Advance Despite Western Outrage

David Cameron: ‘I want to export gay marriage around the world’

First Same-sex Civil Union Legalized In Colombia

Cameron doesn’t support ban on topless women in newspapers

“Opponents Attack Montenegro’s First Gay Pride”

European Ombudsman: Commission Not Allowed To Discriminate In Favour Of Homosexual Propaganda

Some Porn Should Be Censored To Help Parents Shield Their Kids | Jonah Goldberg at NRO

Cameron’s Porn Power Grab | Charlie C. Cooke at NRO

Russian Orthodox leader vows to continue battle against ‘gay propaganda’

German home-schoolers to appeal to Supreme Court

Islamic And Secular Laws Clash In Nigeria’s Senate

PM ‘misleads’ over web porn crackdown

More Than 1,000 Show Up For Haiti Anti-gay Protest

“International Olympic Committee warns Russia after anti-gay law”

“Book a Vacation at a Divorce Hotel and End Your Marriage in Luxury” | Daily Beast

Kenyan Men Panic Over Rights for Women in Marriage Bill | AllAfrica (Reuters)