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“Could A Win For LGBT Adoption Rights Kill Marriage Equality In Colombia?”

    BuzzFeed: On Nov. 16, El Espectador published a story reporting on a leaked draft of the court’s ruling, written by Luis Guillermo Guerrero, a conservative judge who took over from liberal Juan Carlos Henao in 2012. To their relief, it suggested the court was preparing to rule in their favor. The fact that a judge with Guerrero’s conservative reputation is planning to endorse a ruling in favor of LGBT family rights came as an encouraging surprise to LGBT rights advocates. But they won’t see it as a total win if the ruling is issued as El Espectador reports

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David Cameron welcomes family-friendly internet filters

Israeli State Rabbinical Court Fines Mother For Refusing To Have Son Circumcised

“Croatia: Post-communist Nomenklatura Wants To Re-define Marriage, But Civil Society Resists”

Prof calls for lowering age of consent to 15, PM says no

“Anti-religious rhetoric” putting off religious couples from adopting

MSP: Scottish Parliament ‘out of touch’ over marriage redefinition

Vatican Under Fire From UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Print

Scotland: MSPs give initial approval to marriage redefinition

Church Of England Backs Women Bishop Proposals

German judge bars homeschooling family from leaving country

“State Dept. Criticizes Russians–Not Saudis–on Gay Rights”

Over three quarters of Irish voters back same sex marriage | Irish Independent

Croatia To Vote On Marriage

Forthcoming Grand Chamber judgment in a case concerning civil unions in Greece

UK: Veils in court: proposed consultation on judicial guidance

Ireland schedules 2015 referendum on marriage

NI: Churches urge Guides to scrap ‘hurtful’ godless pledge

“Israel’s civil union bill must apply to everybody, not just same-sex couples”

    Haaretz: There are three bills on Knesset members’ desks that aim to extend the eligibility for civil unions beyond couples who claim to have no religion. Two of them are egalitarian proposals, giving the civil union option to any interested couple: the civil union bill initiated by Yesh Atid, and the proposal the Justice Ministry issued Sunday called the “Joint Living Law.” A third proposal would allow civil unions only for gays, while other voices within the coalition and outside it would specifically exclude same-sex couples from eligibility for civil unions. These last two approaches are unacceptable

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Kuwaiti woman arrested for driving sick father to hospital

Dutch Group Calls For Action On Child Webcam Sex

Gay adoption ‘forced’ on N. Ireland as Supreme Court rejects appeal

Malta Bill To Redefine Marriage Halts Adoptions From Russia

How marriage DOES benefit your wealth, health and children… by think tank that used to say it didn’t matter

Confusion over Church same-sex blessings plan

UN Freedom Of Religion Official Recommends Controversial Sex Ed

Irish government looks to referendum on marriage definition, homosexual adoption

The Global Fight for Children’s Rights: Europe

Stop ‘eugenic’ creation of 3-parent embryos: Council of Europe Members to Britain

“Stop Promoting Moral Corruption In Our Country”: Georgian Intelligentsia To Eu Special Adviser

Sexual Radicalism: Imperial Project, Global Goliath

“Bid to stop gay adoption in N. Ireland at Supreme Court rejected”

UK: “PM dodges gay awards over same-sex marriage ‘uproar’”

Vatican Halts Remarriage Debate Before It Starts

Local Australian Parliament Votes to Redefine Marriage

ACT prepares to debate marriage redefinition

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

“Scots gay marriage Bill may be scuppered by IT blunder”

Britain’s Underage Muslim Marriage Epidemic

“Transgender woman fights for her marriage and gender identity in European Court”

UK: Proportion of babies born in wedlock falls to new low of just 53 per cent

Australian Labor picks out lesbian to lead party in the Senate

5 Things To Know About China’s New Aged Care Law

French court overrules exception to same-sex marriage prohibition

“Australia’s Abbott to Challenge Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Court”

Africans Reject Stealth Homosexual Agenda at UN Conference

European Parliament condemns gendercide

Argentina Grants Female Id To 6-year-old Boy

Transgendering children

UK: Christianity relegated as RE squeezed out of schools

“Lesbian couples twice as likely as gay men to end civil partnership as ‘divorces’ up by 20%”

UK: Home birth mother fears she could lose home if she appeals to Supreme Court

A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada | Mark Regnerus at Public Discourse

Yorkshire Islam preacher ‘agrees to girl, 14, marrying’

Yet Another New Study: Children with Same-Sex Parents Fare Worse

Only 1.1 per cent of Britons identify as homosexual

Scottish MSP: No logical reason to exclude polygamy if same sex “marriage” enacted

Eleven Countries Promise to Keep Homosexuality on UN Agenda

Kenya: Polygamy and Polyandry

Tory Councillors believe redefining marriage will cost votes, conservative association memberships down

Scotland: “Call for right to remove kids from gay marriage lessons”

“Gay Pride March Again Banned In Serbia”

Demographics and Divorce in Russia

“IOC ‘fully Satisfied’ Over Russia’s Anti-gay Law”

Australia: Tony Abbott will test legal grounds for ACT same sex marriage bill

German homeschooling family reunited – as long as they promise to attend state schools

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew Speaks Out Strongly! No to Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Let’s not just talk about sex — what Pope Francis really said to the Jesuit Interviewer

“Same-Sex Marriage in Japan: A Long Way Away?”

“Catholic Church And Popular Politician Spar In Peru’s Fight For LGBT Rights”

    BuzzFeed: The struggle over LGBT rights in Peru has taken an ugly personal turn, with the leader of the country’s Catholic Church accusing a popular politician of pushing for civil union legislation in order to “justify his [sexual] orientation.” Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, leader of Peru’s Catholic church, slammed Congressman Carlos Bruce’s decision to introduce the legislation on Thursday, along with other members of his legislative bloc.

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NI gay adoption case goes to UK Supreme Court

“Thailand May Lead Most of Asian-Pacific on Same-Sex Partners” | WSJ

“Putin Says No Discrimination Of Gays In Russia”