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“Pope Francis Says He Won’t Judge Gay Priests” | AP

“Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?” | BBC

Oxford English Dictionary to Change Definition of Marriage

Bans on Homosexual Propaganda Advance Despite Western Outrage

David Cameron: ‘I want to export gay marriage around the world’

First Same-sex Civil Union Legalized In Colombia

Cameron doesn’t support ban on topless women in newspapers

“Opponents Attack Montenegro’s First Gay Pride”

European Ombudsman: Commission Not Allowed To Discriminate In Favour Of Homosexual Propaganda

Some Porn Should Be Censored To Help Parents Shield Their Kids | Jonah Goldberg at NRO

Cameron’s Porn Power Grab | Charlie C. Cooke at NRO

Russian Orthodox leader vows to continue battle against ‘gay propaganda’

German home-schoolers to appeal to Supreme Court

Islamic And Secular Laws Clash In Nigeria’s Senate

PM ‘misleads’ over web porn crackdown

More Than 1,000 Show Up For Haiti Anti-gay Protest

“International Olympic Committee warns Russia after anti-gay law”

“Book a Vacation at a Divorce Hotel and End Your Marriage in Luxury” | Daily Beast

Kenyan Men Panic Over Rights for Women in Marriage Bill | AllAfrica (Reuters)

Publication Of A Study On “abortion And The European Convention On Human Rights”

UK: Challenge issues to Archbishop over Lords vote on marriage redefinition

Countries Reject Declaration of Homosexual Rights at OSCE

    C-FAM: Homosexual groups were dealt a humiliating blow at the end of last month by the world’s largest regional security organization. The Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE) shot down a resolution recognizing a controversial declaration on homosexuality by a vote of 24 to 3. Even countries that are usually friendly to homosexual groups deserted them.

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“Gay marriage: Britain, France in surprise contrast” | Boston Globe (AP)

British House of Commons Gives Final Approval To Same-Sex Marriage; Authorizes Study of Humanist Ceremonies

India: Debate on pros and cons of religious education rages on

France’s same-sex marriage law exposes a deep social divide

UK: “First gay marriages to take place next summer after legislation clears House of Lords”

UK new curriculum revised to include Islam history

UK: House of Lords approve marriage redefinition without a vote

UK: Most babies born out of marriage by 2016, trend suggests

EU Survey Fails to Show Increased Violence Against Homosexuals

European Council Investigates France Over Abuse of Marriage Supporters

“Dominicans Freak Out Over Obama’s Gay Ambassador Pick”

UN questions Vatican over child abuse cases

Polygamy, exploitation charges considered in Bountiful case

Same-sex parents ‘should be featured in school books’ says academic

Poll: 59% Tory grassroots oppose marriage redefinition

“NIH: $357K For Spanish Ad Campaign Convincing Gay Illegal Aliens to Use Free Condoms, Get Treated for HIV”

Church Of England Backs New Push For Women Bishops

Costa Rica: Leftists secretly slip marriage redefinition into bill that Conservatives approve

Church of England postpones marriage debate

Singapore politician challenges sodomy law

After granting foreign same-sex ‘marriage,’ Canadian Senate now approves gay divorce bill

Law Requires Chinese To Visit Their Aging Parents

Senegal President rebukes Obama on homosexual agenda

France Accused of Police Brutality Against Marriage Demonstrators

“Gay couple sue French mayor over marriage refusal”

Israeli appeal court upholds Christian marriage in unusual divorce case

Polyamorists want legal recognition in Canada

Ontario’s lesbian Premier to become first to march in Toronto Pride Parade

Obama promotes homosexual agenda in Africa

The Case Against Legalized Prostitution

Jamaica Church Leaders Rally For Anti-sodomy Law

European Parliament Committee Wants “compulsory Sex Education In And Outside School”

Bulgaria: City Of Sofia Cancels Indecent Parade – City Of Chisinau Is Pressured To Accept It

UK: Faithfulness not necessary in a marriage, says Govt

Scotland: SNP wants ‘marriage-lite’ unions for heterosexuals

Who Study: Third Of Women Suffer Domestic Violence

Indian court rules that any couple who have sex are legally married…

Australia’s “Bernardi: I was right on gay marriage and polygamy”

UK: “Former Speaker queries gay weddings in Commons chapel”

China Bans Private Adoptions Of Abandoned Infants

Russia To Ban Adoption By Same-sex Couples

UK: I’m Not Sure That Google’s New Child Pornography Database Is Going To Work | Tim Worstall at Forbes

Petitions show Croatians want to vote on marriage, but left-leaning government stalls

Wanted: More homosexual money bundlers who want to be an ambassador

State Department to Spend $450,000 Protecting Transgenders – Overseas

“Oregon Legislature Repeals Surgery Requirement for Gender Change on Birth Certificate” | ACLU

Church of England Archbishops to ask clergy: ‘Are you having gay sex?’

Pope Wades Diplomatically Into Marriage Debate

‘Intersex’ included on Australia’s new gender guidelines

Vive La France: It’s About the Children