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Global Marriage and Family Issues

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Prostitution policy splits NGOs in top court AIDS case

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Human Rights Council Shelves Families to “Protect” Children

Uruguay’s senate votes in favor of same-sex marriage

France’s senate takes up marriage debate

Russian Orthodox Church urges Anglicans not to support female bishops, same-sex marriage

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How much more tolerance can Europe take?

“Leading lawyer says Coalition is faffing around with same-sex marriage”

Smacking: Scots Lib Dems narrowly vote against ban

Marriage votes scheduled in Uruguay and Colombia

Foreign Law Invoked in U.S. Supreme Court Consideration of Marriage

Children born outside marriage in Europe rise to 40% of total

1.4 Million Rally In Paris Against Same-sex “marriage”. Government Uses Tear Gas Against Families With Children

In New Zealand and France, Support for Same-Sex Marriage Wanes as Legalization Looms

Two in five EU babies born out of wedlock

UN report equates lack of access to abortion and reparative therapy for homosexuals with ‘torture’

Why U.N. Feminists Should Want to Partner with the Holy See

Finnish parliament to take up marriage definition

Russian Orthodox Church, Vatican to stand up for family values

Video: Holland discusses ‘group marriage’ as next step

Scottish marriage consultation closes today

UK: Teachers get ‘sexting’ curb guide

Finland: Parliament to take up bill to redefine marriage

Puerto Rico Gov’t Signals Support for Homosexual Adoption

UK: “Plan for Parliament chapel to conduct gay marriages”

“A Transgender Elected Official Reflects an Evolving Cuba” | NY Times

UK: ‘Voters sick of modernists meddling with marriage’

How the French are fighting for marriage

‘Change Royal succession law for children of a lesbian Queen’

UK: Bid to allow straight couples to enter civil partnerships

“Federal minister: bill mandating gay clubs in Manitoba schools is ‘unconstitutional’”

Public urged to respond to Scots Govt’s marriage plans

Germany To Legalize Anonymous Hospital Birth

Group marriage is next, admits Dutch ‘father’ of gay ‘marriage’

UK: 69% think Tories should back traditional families

Russian Orthodox Church condemns gay ‘marriage’ legislation in UK, France

Germany: “Rogue Conservatives Mull Pro-Gay Petition”

“Queen Elizabeth expected to sign Commonwealth Charter, which could support gay rights and gender equality”

“During Benedict’s Papacy, Religious Observance Among Catholics in Europe Remained Low but Stable” | Pew Forum

“Half Of Girls In South Sudan Forced To Marry” | AP

Same sex ‘marriage’ is the ultimate act of dissolution, sociologist warns

Widdecombe: PM must listen to party over marriage

“BBC uses Easter show about crucifixion to push gay agenda”

Atheist Nick Clegg will send son Antonio to Catholic secondary London Oratory in Fulham

Germany: Will Fight Female Boardroom Quotas

We don’t buy and sell people | Bruce J. Clemenger of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

UN agency nixes Gaza marathon over ban on women

“Spanish minister angers gays over same-sex marriage comments”

Germany: Conservatives reconsider stance on marriage

Quebec Government: Please Differentiate Between Transphobia and Homophobia

“‘Crisis’ for Cameron as gay marriage row aids Tory defeat”

“Gay Rights Emerge as Campaign Issue in Germany” | NYT

“‘No mandate’: More Tories quit over gay marriage”

UK: Leading SNP figure risks losing seat over marriage redefinition

Ireland: Transgender sues for new birth cert

New Zealand: ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ To Be Removed From Family Laws

New Zealand: Churches & Celebrants Not Protected By Marriage Bill

Bahamas Bishop: ‘Bad’ families are creating a ‘homosexual avalanche’

Catholic expert details ‘Huge homosexual underground in the Church’

New Zealand Parliamentary Committee votes to redefine marriage

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Canada: Transgender bill may face vote this week