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Marriage redefinition: Deal to allow bill to proceed in Parliament

“Church Of Scotland Takes Step To Allow Gay Clergy”

Croatian activists promote referendum to define marriage as male-female union

Cameron will rely on labour to help redefine marriage

Czech President In Dispute Over Homosexual Activist

Afghan Parliament Tables Bill Protecting Women After Objections From Islamic Legislators

Thousands of anti-gay protesters riot in Georgia

UK: Govt ponders high price tag of civil unions for heterosexuals in bid to advance marriage redefinition

“EU Survey Reveals Many Gays Live In Fear” on International Day Against Homophobia | AP

Protestors derail “gay pride” parade in Georgia

Portugal Limits Expansion of Adoption Rights For Homosexuals

“Pressure Grows In Australia To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage” | NPR

UK: Conservative MPs call for referendum on marriage definition

US embassies push ‘gay pride’ celebrations in countries that outlaw homosexual acts

UIK: Tories seek referendum on marriage

“Hong Kong Transgender Wins Legal Battle to Marry”

Royal College of Psychiatrists evidence for marriage redefinition ‘seriously flawed’

Zambian men arrested over alleged homosexual acts

Nordics Launder Lgbt Advocacy Through Un Human Rights Office

UK: ‘Huge scale of marriage breakdown crisis’

PM urged to drop marriage redefinition in face of election losses

UK: Conservatives urge Prime Minister to drop marriage redefinition bill

UK: “‘First ever’ C of E service to affirm transsexual”

India: Marriage Laws bill divides Cabinet; referred to GoM

Tocqueville, Texas, Marriage, and Zombie Catholicism | Robert Zaretsky at NYT

U.S. Taxpayers Spend $355,825 to Reduce Stigmatization of India’s Transgenders

Video: Hundreds protest marriage redefinition outside Cameron’s office

Poll: Tories to lose hundreds of seats over marriage

UN official: sex rights are key for empowerment of young people

“As Gender Equity Rises, More Ugandan Women Divorce” | AP

Anglican Bishops of W. Indies denounce Obama blackmail over homosexual agenda

First Baby Born In Shrinking Spanish Village In 45 Years

Church urges MLAs to reject same-sex marriage in N. Ireland

Homosexual activists push agenda by registering ‘marriages’ in Mexican municipalities

Brussels: “Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water”

Russia to change agreement with France to prevent adoption by same sex couples

Indian Supreme Court considering online porn ban

“Colombian LGBT rights advocates visit U.S.”

Hundreds of Chicago Middle and High School Students Debate World Issues at 11th Annual Global Classrooms Model UN Conference

Putin Warns France Marriage Could Affect Adoptions

Swedish School Opens Gender-neutral Changing Room

Paris riots after vote to redefine marriage

“France: Gay marriage legal as president plunges in polls”

Group seeking support for legal recognition of polyamorous ‘marriage’ in New Zealand

Scotland: Kirk commission publishes civil partnership liturgy

French opposition to marriage redefinition intensifies

Anglican school where 75% of the pupils are Muslim drops Christian hymns from assemblies

France: Ordinary homophobia vs. friendly atmosphere

We deserve marriage rights | International Socialist Organization of NZ

“French police assault a priest protesting gay marriage. This debate is bigger and uglier than the mainstream media admits” | Telegraph

    Telegraph: Not so in France, where it’s turned incredibly French. It’s surprising to discover that, in a country with a proud tradition of secularism and political liberalism, only a slight majority of Frenchmen support the bill to legalise gay marriage that faces the National Assembly on Tuesday – and opinion is evenly split on a parallel bill to let gay people adopt children. More remarkable still has been the scale of the opposition’s street protests: the largest drew 340,000 to Paris in a demonstration of popular will normally associated with the Left. This has received very limited coverage in the European and American mainstream media, where there also seems to be a veritable blackout about the state’s violent response.

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The debate that wasn’t: New Zealand’s rushed marriage revolution

“French politicians scuffle over same-sex marriage legislation”

Second bid to force same-sex “marriage” on Northern Ireland

“Gay marriage: church leaders at odds with opinion in the pews, study suggests”

Hidden implications and roots of the clash between natural law, “natural rights,” the rise of so-called “same sex marriage”

“Widdecombe: Drop error- strewn gay marriage plans”

Zambia: Church, State agree to reject homosexuality

Thousands of young people protest French fast track on marriage redefinition

French cardinal warns coerced redefinition of marriage is sign of societal disintegration and risks violence

Marriage should be redefined, Vietnam minister says

New Zealand on the verge of redefining marriage

“Hong Kong’s Highest Court Considers Trans Woman’s Marriage”

“Thailand: ‘Phoenix Rising’ For LGBT People — But Questions Remain”

Same-sex “marriage” In Ireland?

Marriage Protest Becomes Catch-All for French Anger Toward Socialist Policies

France braces for more marriage protests (includes video)

UK: Muslim Council attacks Gove’s proposed history curriculum

Russian Patriarch Denounces ‘dangerous Feminism’

French uproar over dictionary’s marriage definition

Singapore Court Refuses To Strike Down Ban On Male Homosexual Conduct

Homosexual beaten in French Muslim neighborhood, media blames opponents of marriage redefinition

Uruguay considers redefining marriage

Church of England rejects blessings for same-sex couples

Senate vote moves France closer to marriage definition