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Global Religious Freedom Issues

Judge censors Bible for public preaching

Bishop: Make war on ISIS

Religious freedom is not a British value, poll finds

U.N. urges ISIS trial for suspected genocide

United Nations expert on religious freedom launches first official visit to Lebanon

High Court ruling clears way for Loyola’s religious studies course

Supreme Court rules Quebec infringed on Loyola High School’s religious freedom

Supreme Court sides with Quebec Catholic school on religious freedom

Malaysia Shariah Law: Islamist party passes bill to implement harsh Islamic criminal punishment

Burma court gives 30 month sentences to bar owner and manager for Buddha Facebook ad

Myanmar court finds trio guilty of insulting religion

Attacks in Lahore, Christian religious leaders invite community to peace and forgiveness

Christians say under siege in Modi’s India after rape, attacks

Brazilian court affirms right of Adventist to close his service station for Sabbath.

ISIS tweets destruction of more Christian sites

Saving persecuted Christians

German court overturns ban on headscarves for Muslim women teachers

Six new freedom of religion or belief prisoners of conscience

Bishops call on Pakistanis to stand with fellow Christians, against extremists

    Asia News: “The Catholic Church of Pakistan strongly condemns the brutal suicide bombings against churches of Youhanabad, Lahore. Government, political parties, religious leaders and all citizens of Pakistan must stand alongside their Christian brothers and sisters, against extremist forces”, reads the official statement released by Msgr. Joseph Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi, President of the Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan (PCBC). “The government of Punjab and federal government – he underlines – must take extraordinary measures to protect churches and religious minorities in the country”.

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World seeking to hide persecution of Christians, says Pope Francis

Courts should not meddle with faith and religion

Religious persecution and hostility on the rise: The first freedom is under global siege

Idaho boy pens heartbreaking birthday invitation to father jailed in Iran

A third of all journalists jailed globally are being held in China and Iran

MSPs to debate petition calling for ban on teaching of creationism

Faith schools ‘damaged by British values curriculum’, says MP

Equality research underlines challenges faced by Christians

Street preacher on trial for gospel preaching

NHS to provide ‘atheist chaplains’ – new guidance

New survey: Christians face widespread discrimination

MP: ‘Faith schools are being damaged by British values’

“If I hear one homophobic word, I will arrest you:” Street preacher on trial for Biblical preaching

Christian street preacher on trial for ‘hate speech’

Five facts on global religious hostilities

Foreign troops retake Nigerian towns from Boko Haram

China stops Tibetan monks from returning to monasteries

US missionary kidnapped in Nigeria has been freed, church says

M&S backtracks on banning ‘Christ’

Government may back-track on protecting free speech in universities

Christian area in northeast Syria said to be under heavy ISIS assault

American missionary kidnapped in Nigeria set free

Indian police beat Christian evangelists

Boko Haram violence causing worsening refugee crisis for Nigeria

Islamic State: Ancient Nimrud ruins ‘bulldozed’ in Iraq

Egypt closes 27,000 places of worship

Pope Francis thanks churches in North Africa for their courage

The genocide of Assyrians that started in Iraq continues in Syria

Who are the Assyrian Christians? Islamic State’s latest captives are part of a long-persecuted group

Religious freedom increasingly at risk in India as new attacks are perpetrated against Christians

Evangelical Fellowship of India: Persecution Watch Annual Report 2014

Canadian pastor detained on most recent aid trip to North Korea

Kidnapped Assyrian Christians: Four more hostages released by Islamic State

Family: Canadian pastor being held in North Korea

RUSSIA: Prosecutions for public evangelism and public meetings for worship

Christians persecuted in Ukraine by national-radical forces – Lavrov

Islamic State releases 19 Christians, more than 200 still captive: monitor

Iraqi forces try to seal off Islamic State around Tikrit

No lull for India’s Christians from Hindu extremists despite Modi’s reassurance

Religious restrictions among the world’s most populous countries

Discrimination against Christians ‘ignored’ across Europe – MPs

Southern Baptists urge Obama to defend ‘the least of these’ against ISIS

ISIS’ apocalyptic endgame: They want to defeat Christian crusaders — Americans — in a massive battle in a town in northern Syria

Five facts about religious hostilities in Europe

The Council of Europe, religious intolerance and “reasonable accommodation”

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi could be retried and beheaded, say his family

Five key findings about global restrictions on religion

Canadian pastor missing after aid trip to North Korea

Four things you should read about ISIS and Christianity

Chart: The sad state of religious freedom around the world

Iranian pastor released from prison but others arrested same day remain

Study: China most restrictive of religious freedom

Dominicans keep hope alive among Iraqi Christian community

Activists: Number of Christians abducted by Islamic State rises to 220