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China To End Forced Late-term Abortions And Sterilizations?

Did this graphic abortion picture take down China’s forced abortion policy?

Canadian Auto Workers Union protests pro-life MP

HIV-positive Kenyan women plan to sue over sterilisation

“Staunchly Catholic Poland takes a new look at easing abortion laws”

UK: “Pickles: Church concerns over gay marriage are ‘valid’”

US Experts Testify on Dangers of Disabilities Treaty

Australia: “Feminist forces anti-abortion advocate into soft-shoe shuffle”

British Medical Association Names Euthanasia Backer Deputy Chair

UK: Prosecution presents witnesses against pro-life protestors who showed aborted baby images

UK: Minister calls for change on assisted suicide law

Australia: “Abortion will hinder rise of China and India: Pell”

Abortion giant threatens pro-life group with legal action

UK: Junior health minister personally backs assisted suicide

Irish Abortion Debate Skewed by Propaganda

    John Waters at the Irish Times: A STRIKING aspect of the culture we are industriously constructing is the automatic assumption that individual claims regarding “rights” must trump more established concepts of societal organisation and human self-reflection. By a process of purposeful osmosis, Irish culture has of late been painstakingly manipulated to make one set of understandings appear outmoded and pernicious, and the other axiomatic and benign.

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Philippines: Senate deletes provisions on abortion, contraceptives

Abortion Drugs Linked to Maternal Deaths in Developing World

“Bill and Melinda Gates: Changing the world” | Al Jazeera

    Melinda Gates says that despite criticisms from the church, she still feels obligated to bring safe contraceptives to the developing world:” We shouldn’t shy away, as a world, from doing things because we have made them difficult. Yes, contraceptives have had some sticky times in the past – absolutely – some not great things happened in Peru, our own country and in India and other places. But it means that we stepped back from it as a world and yet we are letting women die because they can’t space their children.”

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‘Read my veto: no abortion!’ says popular Uruguayan ex-president as vote approaches

Robert George in Australia: A Decent Society Rests on Three Foundations

Australia: Couple Fretting Over Last Frozen Embryo Highlights IVF Issues

Prohibition Of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: The ECHR Censors The Italian Law

Multiple abortions linked to premature births, study shows

Sex education has little impact on teen pregnancy

Australia: Abortion pill to become more readily available

Asian Population Conference Laments Aging But Touts Abortion and Contraception

Vietnam: Woman Has Buried 4,000 Babies Dying From Abortion, Infanticide

Irish Times: Courts have spoken, Church should shut up on abortion

Pregnant rape victims need ‘compassion, not abortion’: N. Irish pro-life group

‘Retrogressive’ for Catholic Church to lobby politicians against abortion: Irish Labour minister

British couples flying to US for banned baby sex selection

Dutch Candidate Echoes Akin Rape Pregnancy Comment

EU Abortion Law Decisions Coming to Catholic Ireland

Fine Gael Must Continue Resisting Ireland’s Abortion Regime

Secretive suppression of Canadian abortion data ‘obstructs’ democracy: new report

Canada: Parliament debate on humanity of unborn child set for September 21, 2012

Down’s syndrome testing sparks abortion controversy

UK: Family of Muslim man in right-to-life court battle

Filipino bishops: We will strip Catholic status if schools defy Church teaching

Australian judge rules conception occurs at ‘implantation’ rather than fertilization

Philippine Legislator Says High Maternal Mortality Figures Propaganda

Assisted suicide performed in UK despite illegality

Rwanda embraces treaty guaranteeing “legal abortion” Affirming the importance of women’s access to safe and legal abortion, the Rwandan government has lifted its reservation to Article 14(2)(c) of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights of Women in Africa (also known as the Maputo Protocol). The Maputo Protocol is the only international treaty that explicitly guarantees the right to legal abortion. Under the Protocol, the Rwandan government is now required to “protect the reproductive rights of women by authorizing medical abortion in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest, and where the continued pregnancy endangers the mental and physical health of the mother or the life of the mother or the fetus.”

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China: Can Organ-Harvesters Be Number One? | George Weigel

    George Weigel at EPPC: Despite some hiccups caused by the sorry state of the world economy, China is still The Future for many global analysts. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has even suggested that Americans have a lot to learn politically from the economic successes of Chinese authoritarianism. That China is the rising world power seems taken for granted in many elite foreign policy circles. I’m not buying. I didn’t buy “Japan is Number One” when that was the mantra two decades ago, because Japan had severe demographic problems-as in, very few children; its lack of the most basic form of people power in the most elementary form, I thought, would soon become evident in economic weakness (as it has). China also has serious demographic problems. Thanks to a brutally enforced one-child policy

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Disability Treaty Loses Support Over Abortion Worries

‘Just being human doesn’t give you a right to live’: Peter Singer sums up pro-abortion philosophy

India Girls Victimized by Sex-Selection Abortions Have New Hope

Canadian Medical Association votes against reopening abortion debate, says life begins at birth The organization representing Canada’s doctors says life begins when a baby emerges from its mother’s womb. Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general council meeting Wednesday supported keeping a section of the Criminal Code that declares a child becomes a human being at the moment of birth. Their moves comes after concerns that a private member’s motion in Parliament could be a backdoor to criminalizing abortion and the doctors who perform it.

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Hindus from Pakistan flee to India, citing religious persecution

Ireland: Ulster abortion figures concern

Philippine Senate majority leader accuses groups of promoting abortion

Former Prime Minister: Singapore ‘will fold up’ if citizens don’t reproduce

NZ: “Gay or straight baby – the choice could be yours says expert”

Parents who believe in miracles ‘torturing’ dying children, doctors warn

UK: Judge rules boy’s life support can be removed without parental consent

On Britain and Abortion

Nigerian Woman Responds To Gates’ Contraception Campaign

UK: Six million abortions – just 143 to save the mum’s life

Amnesty International Uses Maternal Deaths to Push for Unrestricted Abortion

Abortion and the Cuban Economy

Pro-life advocates: Population control cartel behind Philippines’ Reproductive Health Bill?

China: “Expired Permit? Then we’ll need you to ‘agree’ to kill that child.”

British NHS to Give Hospitals Money to Pressure Organ Donations

Philippine House Ends Debate On Contraception Bill

Eliminating People to Help People?

Forced Abortion Victims File UN Complaint Against One-Child Policy

UK suggests ethically controversial strategies to increase organ donations

Do 80 Percent of Canadians Really Support Assisted Suicide?

Spain becomes Europe’s center for in-vitro procedures

Euthanasia Rate in Netherlands Has Increased 73% Since 2003

Abortion: Cuba’s Bitter Harvest

Namibia High Court Rules In Favor Of Sterilized HIV Women

Kenya’s bishops decry international push for contraception