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Global Sanctity of Life Issues

LifeSiteNews banned from public sessions of Canadian bishops’ meeting

‘We want the debate’ declares Canadian pro-life group

Chinese woman dies during forced abortion: was six months pregnant

Australia: UWA Embryonic-like Stem Cells In Breast Milk

UK bishop ties England’s riots to 5 million abortions over last 40 years

Ignoring millions of petition signatures, Colombian congress shelves pro-life amendment

Birth dearth: over 60 million fewer children in developed world than in 1965

100 Members of Congress Tell Obama: De-Fund Pro-Abortion UNFPA

Can a blood test really tell you when you’ll die?

Stanford report claims U.S. Mexico City policy increased abortions in Africa

Ontario: Pro-life memorial targeted by township: pro-lifers must remove or face legal action

Queen’s cousin: there is no such thing as a ‘right’ to abortion

Ireland rejects UN recommendations – The Irish Times – Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Ireland Justice Minister fails to defend nation’s pro-life laws at UN hearing

Most popular contraceptive in southern and eastern Africa may double HIV infection risk

‘Like pigs in the slaughterhouse’: The day Chinese officials brutally murdered my unborn child

Council of Europe Blasts Sex-Selection Abortions, But Promotes UNFPA

Land: Cut U.S. Funding to UN’s Population Fund

Major Pro-Life Legal/Scientific Document Launched at UN Headquarters

House panel OKs money cut for UN population fund

Wesley J. Smith: “Biological Colonialism: Bioethicists Urge Science Boycott of China Over Organ Killings”

Will There be Class Conflict Over Life-Extension Technologies?

    Sonia Arrison at The Volokh Conspiracy: Could class conflict or even warfare break out over life-extension technologies? It is true that technology is rarely adopted by everyone at the same time, and when life-extending science hits the market, it will almost certainly be used by the wealthy first. In the early stages of the technology’s rollout, disparities in life expectancy between people within developed countries will surely grow, as will the difference in life expectancy between developed and developing countries.

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Assisted suicide law around the world

Contraceptive Increases HIV Risk in African Study

Canadian Pro-Lifer Is Jailed Again — and Is Counseling Pregnant Women in Prison

Muslims, Christians Criticize Two-Child Proposal In Indian State

Land: Cut U.S. Funding to UN’s Population Fund

India ‘two-child policy’ state bill to target large families, religious leaders

Canadian gvmt caught violating promise not to fund abortion abroad, MPs ticked

French abortionist complains that doctors are increasingly refusing to do abortions

UN toys with euthanasia, considers new treaty on aging

Bill De-Funding Pro-Abortion UNFPA Gets Hearing Next Week

Mexico High Court Lets Anti-Abortion Law Stand

Thai morgue worker jailed for concealing fetuses

UK: Judge rejects bid to end ‘conscious’ woman’s life

Bill Bans China’s Population Controllers From U.S. Entry

Polish pro-life leader found ‘not guilty’ in criminal suit by top abortion activist

‘Blood streamed across his body’: Leaked report details chilling stories of China one-child policy

IVF babies up to 10 times more likely to suffer rare genetic disorders: geneticist

Assisted Suicide – A New Campaign in Canada

One Child Policy — Groundbreaking New Report Documents Brutal Coercion

UN Official Says Abortion is a Human Right, Secretary General Endorses Report

    C-FAM: While world attention may be focused on the UN General Assembly as it grapples with Palestinian statehood, the methodical drive by United Nations officials to promote legal abortion internationally goes on largely unnoticed. During the summer months, when press coverage of UN activities is minimal, the UN Secretariat released a report from the UN Human Rights Council calling on all nations to accept that women and girls must be granted access to legal abortion in order for them to fully enjoy their human rights.

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Only 1 in 10 doctors would commit euthanasia if bill passes in Portugal: ethicist

Canada Renews Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Conference: Legal Abortion Doesn’t Reduce Maternal Mortality

Canada Renews Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

UK medics lead Europe’s first embryonic stem cell trial

Elderly Canadian priest suspended for denouncing abortion, homosexual behavior

Bill Saunders: Time to End Funding for UNFPA Over Forced Abortions in China

France: Pro-Abortion Activists Violently Attack Pro-Lifers

Mexican Roe v. Wade: Mexico Supreme Court Considers Case to Revoke Personhood of Preborn Children

UK: MP speaks up for terminally ill

China stuck in a gender balance time warp

“U.N. Committee against Torture: Ireland Must Ensure Access to Lawful Abortion”

Teresa Collett: Liechtenstein rejects legalized abortion and UN pressure

Brazil: Abortion Hinders Achievement of Development Goals

Irish university locks out students, pro-life counselors from abortion ‘masterclass’

Colombian Senate to debate pro-life constitutional amendment supported by millions

Congressional Hearing Marks 35 Years of China’s One-Child Policy

What happens if the population forecasts are wrong?

New Brunswick court orders re-trial for dad convicted of spanking

Pre-teens in South Africa given contraceptive injection without parental consent

The graying of the world: UN’s high fertility projections still show rapid global aging

Liechtenstein rejects plan to legalize abortion

Ireland: State response to European court abortion ruling ‘inappropriate’

Chinese respect for elderly devastated after decades of population control

Canada: McGuinty Liberals consider expanding taxpayer funding for IVF

Chilean president promises to veto ‘therapeutic abortion’ bills

European Court of Human Rights Hears Italian Bioethics Case

McGuinty Liberals consider expanding taxpayer funding for IVF

Increase third world ‘family planning’ to deal with overpopulation: Head of UN women’s agency

William Saunders: “European Court of Human Rights Finds No Right to Abortion Under European Human Rights Convention”

    William Saunders at The Federalist Society: Before the European Court of Human Rights (“ECHR” or “the Court”) delivered its decision in the case of A. B. and C. v. Ireland (“ABC” or “ABC v. Ireland”) on December 16, 2010, there had been widespread speculation as to the potential breadth of the decision and its implications for the sovereignty of nation states that are members of the Council of Europe. Such speculation was encouraged by the fact that instead of being heard by a single Chamber of the ECHR, the case had been referred to the Grand Chamber, composed of all judges of the ECHR, and by the fact that the Court took longer than it normally does to issue its opinion…

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Island nation of Mauritius gives way to UN pressure to legalize abortion