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Chilean president promises to veto ‘therapeutic abortion’ bills

European Court of Human Rights Hears Italian Bioethics Case

McGuinty Liberals consider expanding taxpayer funding for IVF

Increase third world ‘family planning’ to deal with overpopulation: Head of UN women’s agency

William Saunders: “European Court of Human Rights Finds No Right to Abortion Under European Human Rights Convention”

    William Saunders at The Federalist Society: Before the European Court of Human Rights (“ECHR” or “the Court”) delivered its decision in the case of A. B. and C. v. Ireland (“ABC” or “ABC v. Ireland”) on December 16, 2010, there had been widespread speculation as to the potential breadth of the decision and its implications for the sovereignty of nation states that are members of the Council of Europe. Such speculation was encouraged by the fact that instead of being heard by a single Chamber of the ECHR, the case had been referred to the Grand Chamber, composed of all judges of the ECHR, and by the fact that the Court took longer than it normally does to issue its opinion…

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Island nation of Mauritius gives way to UN pressure to legalize abortion

Chinese Human Rights Oppression: Anyone deemed disloyal to the Party is excluded from the people and loses his rights

Pro-Life World Congress to be held in Costa Rica in October

Parents could be barred from knowing sex of unborn baby

Chinese question one-child policy: A generation less willing to follow the party line

Mexican secretary of health opposes freezing embryos as country debates issue

U.S. Govt. Largest Population Control Promoter in Philippines

Dutch Guidelines Compel Doctors to Refer for Euthanasia

Chile Senate Passes Measure Aimed at Legalizing Abortion

Liechtenstein prince threatens to veto abortion legalization referendum

Legalising Death

Polish lawmakers threatened with fine for supporting abortion ban defend vote

Philippines: Three Pro-RH Bill Groups Support Abortion

Top of Chinese wealthy’s wish list? To leave China

UK legislators reject curb on abortion advice

UK: Evangelicals back independent abortion counselling for women

UK: CPS is failing to prosecute cases of assisted suicide

UK: Nadine Dorries in ‘covert whipping’ claim on abortion

British lawmakers in rare debate on abortion law

Quebec lawyer seeks right to euthanasia for woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease

The Guardian: “Anti-abortion bid in disarray as critics rally”

Demoting Humans: John Haas Discusses the Greatest Bioethical Challenge Today


    ZENIT: What are the most important subjects in bioethics today?

    Haas: From my point of view it is the de-personalization and de-humanization of health services. Human beings are being regarded as lacking rights. Organ donation has become an international business. The same happens with in vitro fertilization that, in the United States, moves close to $5 million every year. Men and women are not being regarded as human beings, but as material to use for scientific experiments, even on some occasions for experiments that, on the surface, have the very good intention of helping others.

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New UN Population Projections Have India Outpacing China

End Human Trafficking: A Contemporary Slavery

Abortion law reform plans criticised by women’s groups

Australia May Have Dangerous Abortion Drug Available Soon

Roman prostitutes were forced to kill their own children and bury them in mass graves at English ‘brothel’

Canada warns of buying ‘fresh’ semen

Mother in critical condition, unborn baby dead at Melbourne abortion facility

Historic Polish ban on all abortions fails by razor-thin margin

AP: “One-child policy a surprising boon for China girls”

PBS: “Brazil’s Shifting Views of Church, Abortion and Lifestyle”

Kosovo’s leader to be investigated over organ trafficking allegations

Bishop ‘continues to be silent’ in face of abortions at Barcelona area hospitals, says priest

Pro-lifers ‘wary’ about UK bill mandating independent abortion counselling

A dying nation: must-see video lifts veil on Russia’s abortion crisis

UK: Abortion is about money as well as morals

UK: Ministers back anti-abortion lobby reforms

Indian Supreme Court upholds compensation for unborn killed in accident

Philippines: Sponsor Admits RH Bill About Population Control

Aussie Woman in Intensive Care After Botched Abortion at MSI

Eugenics: Aborting Children with Down Syndrome in Denmark and the U.S.

Biden Voted Against Condemning China’s One-Child Policy

UK: 2200 abortions for each adoption in 2009

Angolan pro-lifers fight proposal to remove penalties for abortion

Pro-life and pro-abortion forces duel with opposing legislation in Mexican state

United Nations’ Forecasts Invent Nonexistent Overpopulation

“Dutch Priest stands ground after denying funeral to man who chose euthanasia”

More contraceptives the solution to Afghanistan’s maternal health woes: UN-trained health minister

Poland MPs Vote Down Legislation for Complete Abortion Ban

WH: Biden finds China one-child policy ‘repugnant’

India: regional government pays people to be sterilized

GOP slams Biden over comment on China’s one-child policy – Washington Times

Proposal to allow for profit abortion ads on TV criticised

Katter’s Australian Party Outlines Core Christian Values

UNFPA Accused of Ignoring Sex-Selection Abortions

New Documentary Shows Pro-Life Struggles in the Philippines

Joe Biden “Fully Understands” China’s Mandatory Abortions

China doubted over announced end of sex-selection abortion

Prince of Liechtenstein declares opposition to depenalization of abortion

The decline of Asian marriage: Asia’s lonely hearts

“Most Austrians back extended abortion services”

Philippines: House leaders vow fair debates on RH

Ctr. for Reproductive Rights: Historic U.N. Ruling Finds Brazil Violates Woman’s Human Rights in Maternal Death Case

Canada: B.C. Supreme Court shoots down Right to Die’s quest for assisted suicide

UK: ‘Wonderful’: Baby born after mum refuses abortion

Teresa Collett: Infanticide or Murder? Canada’s shifting answer

‘Gendercide’ in India

Study Confirms Abortion Not Needed to Halt Maternal Mortality