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Obama’s Illegal Funding of Abortion Promotion Needs Scrutiny

UK: IVF cycles for single women on the increase

Ireland Poll Shows Strong Pro-Life Views on Abortion

Calgary: Mom of baby found in dumpster charged with attempted murder

Vaccines group plans to buy cervical cancer shots

Probe: Obama Admin Broke Law to Push Abortion in Kenya

Royal Society of Canada report urging legalization of euthanasia a ‘sham’: anti-euthanasia leader

Dutch doctors end the life of senile dementia patient

60% of abortions in island city. Gender bias to blame?

Quebec family programs doomed due to low fertility, abortion, debt: report

European Court of Human Rights upholds Austria’s ban on egg or sperm donation for IVF

Pope on Embryonic Research: Don’t Take One Life to Save Another

Assisted-suicide debate hits Vancouver courtroom

UN Committee Tells Peru to Compensate Girl Denied an Abortion

Ireland: IVF mum admits she was too old

Pro-Abortion Group Tries to Redefine Health as Abortion at UN

Prince Edward Island: Abortion laws staying the same despite calls for change

No abortion on Prince Edward Island, but some want to change that

Vatican Hosts International Conference on Stem Cell Research

Church-backed abortion bill sparks protest in Russia

Scotland: Churches’ fears over euthanasia ‘workshop’

Poll: Canadians Want Palliative Care, Hospice, Not Euthanasia

University refuses approval, but B.C. pro-life students set up display anyway

India: 11,000 college students to work as ‘save girl sainiks’

Is the tide turning against the killing of ‘cursed’ infants in Ethiopia?

“U.N. Rules that Peru Must Relax Restrictions on Abortion” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Vatican, biotech firm host adult stem cell meeting

New Zealand Prime Minister Wrong to Back Assisted Suicide

European Court Upholds Austria Ban on In-Vitro Fertilization

China’s One-Child Policy Blasted in Congressional Hearing

Austrian Law Banning Egg and Sperm Donation In a Single IVF Procedure Upheld

Tory MP blasts legal-abortion supporter Justin Trudeau over talk to Catholic students

Make abortion ‘core’ hospital service, designate later-term abortion sites, urges Ontario report

Another Study Shows Abortion-Mental Health Issues Link

The Birth Control Solution |

Over 93,000 children killed by abortion in Canada in 2009 according to new stats

Congress to Hold Hearings on China’s One-Child Policy

72% of Canadians want legal protections for the unborn: poll

Shortage of women due to sex-selective abortion in India giving rise to ‘wife-sharing’

Dutch Doctors Expanding Euthanasia to “Lonely” People

Ted Turner: 7 billion reasons to empower women

Chuck Colson: We Must Fight the United Nations’ Pro-Abortion Culture

Hillary Clinton Visiting Philippines as Pro-Lifers Gather

Puerto Rican Senate approves penal code prohibiting abortion

India: Let’s abort our biases

European court recognizes human life from the moment of conception

Governments Condemn UN Official’s Attempt to Create A Right to Abortion

Experts challenge China’s 1-child population claim

UK: IVF for single women calls into question Government’s family values

Scotland: MacDonald in new suicide Bill attempt

CLF Granted Intervener Status – BC court to revisit constitutionality of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide

Ministries battle Uganda’s thriving child sacrifice business

“The buzz behind 7 billion people: A milestone and a warning” |CNN

Eastern Europe Sees Growing Pro-Life Effort Against Abortion

“U.N. Special Rapporteur calls on governments to decriminalize abortion”

Anu Kumar: “Do U.S. Abortion Restrictions Violate Human Rights?” | Huffington Post

Barcelona ‘Catholic’ hospital admits abortions and vasectomies continuing, priest says

United Nations Foundation – “7 Billion Reasons to Invest in Women’s Reproductive Health”

And Baby Makes Seven Billion: Human beings are minds, not mouths.

Australia’s leading ‘conservative’ politician backs away from pro-life, pro-family positions

Chinese abortion death due to birth quota enforcement, family claims

7 Billion People: What Population Control Advocates Don’t Say

Chinese toddler ignored after hit-and-run dies

Russia parliament adopts law restricting abortions

Greenpeace Was Behind EU Lawsuit Seeking to Patent Embryos

European Human Rights Court Protects Human Embryos

UK: Backdoor euthanasia in the NHS

‘Defund abortion’: Ontario taxpayers to rally in Toronto on Oct. 22nd

Pro-Life Leaders Meet for Asia-Pacific Congress in Kazakhstan

Tommy Thompson to address stem cell conference at Vatican

LifeSiteNews banned from public sessions of Canadian bishops’ meeting

‘We want the debate’ declares Canadian pro-life group