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Pro-life groups unite behind politician’s call to reopen Canadian abortion debate

Church of England statement on the report of the Commission for Assisted Dying

UK: Falconer Commission recommends legalising assisted suicide

67% of Canadians support physician-assisted suicide: poll

UN Agencies Sitting on Billions in Cash Reserves, Refuse full Compliance with Auditors

UN’s Pro-Abortion Efforts — Or US’s International Agenda?

UK: Floren and Reuben Blake – the twins born five years apart

Staggering abortion rate among UK’s teenagers

Salvation Army USA clashes with international group over abortion

Evangelical leaders call on Canadian Parliament to open abortion debate

Catholic Bishops of Angola oppose move to decriminalize abortion

Abortion decriminalization passes in Uruguay Senate

The daughter’s return: A glimmer of hope in the sad tale of sex-selective abortion in India

How Population Control has Harmed National Security

MP calls for Parliament to examine Canada’s total lack of abortion law

Abortion Industry Drooling over Latin America

Salvation Army USA Furious Over International Group’s Abortion Stance

Armenian women still have average of 8 and as high as 20 abortions in lifetime

Peru president replaces pro-abort women’s minister with pro-lifer in ongoing shakeup

China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed

UNFPA Armenia Report: 7,000 Women Have Sex-Selective Abortions Preferring Boys

Australia: Woman dies after abortion clinic visit

Unrestricted availability of abortifacient morning-after pill in Spain results in soaring sales

India: 50,000 Girls Become Victims of Abortion Monthly

Red Cross: ‘Safe abortion’ is essential to maternal health

Red Cross: Women Should Have “Access to Safe Abortions”

Congress restricts funding to enforce incandescent light bulb ban, but fails to put limits on international “family planning”

UK: Assisted suicide: GMC to draw up new advice

Belgium Government Official Wants Euthanasia Law Expanded to Include Minors

Canada: Christian Legal Fellowship arguments in Carter euthanasia case

India Classifies More Castes as ‘Backward’ In Affirmative-Action Bid to Help the Poor | (subscription)

Abortion Review confirms that 98% of all abortions in Britain are technically illegal

Assisted Suicide Guidelines Don’t Protect Once Prescribed Death is Legalized

Canada: Carleton U. again seeks to shut down lawsuit by arrested pro-life students

UK: “Analysis says no mental health risk with abortion”

New US “Right” to Family Planning Policy Hurts Trafficked Women

UK: Stem cell research sees ‘significant milestone’ for 2014 human trials

Argentinean province officially declares itself ‘pro-life’

Taiwan’s gender balance worsening as more parents abort female fetuses

Catholics denounce Rockefeller Foundation’s push to depenalize abortion in Uruguay

European Parliament resolves to fight HIV/AIDS through … abortion!

Human Rights “Cloud” Obscures Development vs. Human Rights Debate

PNCI report on latest international pressures for abortion

UK: £118m for 173,000 NHS-funded abortions

China Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Reported Alive

Pro-Life Manifesto Spreading

Irish government forms panel to review abortion law

Rogue UN Officials Reprimanded by UN Member States

    C-Fam: The most recent example of an independent expert going beyond their mandate is Anand Grover, the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health who claimed in his report last month that abortion is an international right. Individuals like Grover are appointed for their expertise in a particular area of human rights, but when they show significant bias in their reporting or claim that their opinions have international legal force, that expertise is called into question.

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“Canada woman pursues doctor-assisted suicide”

India’s proposed two-child policy: targeting freedom and the privacy of the bedroom

UK: Paralysed man begs doctor to let him die

Brazil government seeks to shut down Catholic TV network in ongoing conflict over abortion

Mexican presidential front-runner opposes government protection for unborn

At UN Vatican reaffirms stance against condoms for HIV/AIDS prevention – Analysis

San Jose Articles Used to Block Right to Abortion in Uruguay

Nigeria: Abortions, Prostitution prove fitness for marriage?

Pro-life group runs pro-adoption ads at time when 40% of unplanned babies aborted

“Off-Island abortion costs hidden, Prince Edward Island warned”

Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

Obama’s Illegal Funding of Abortion Promotion Needs Scrutiny

UK: IVF cycles for single women on the increase

Ireland Poll Shows Strong Pro-Life Views on Abortion

Calgary: Mom of baby found in dumpster charged with attempted murder

Vaccines group plans to buy cervical cancer shots

Probe: Obama Admin Broke Law to Push Abortion in Kenya

Royal Society of Canada report urging legalization of euthanasia a ‘sham’: anti-euthanasia leader

Dutch doctors end the life of senile dementia patient

60% of abortions in island city. Gender bias to blame?

Quebec family programs doomed due to low fertility, abortion, debt: report

European Court of Human Rights upholds Austria’s ban on egg or sperm donation for IVF

Pope on Embryonic Research: Don’t Take One Life to Save Another

Assisted-suicide debate hits Vancouver courtroom