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Family unit struggles in Russia as divorce rates, abortion rates soar

Chinese mothers forced to flee to U.S. to give birth

China bans nasty family planning slogans

China to Soften One-Child Policy Marketing, But Not the Law

Trouble in Vatican: Pontifical Academy members upset with ethics deficit at infertility conference

The Power Of Population Growth: The Philippines Will Become 16th Largest World Economy By 2050

Canada: “Tory backbenchers want to talk abortion: Why that’s not necessarily a bad thing for Harper”

UK: Is it illegal to abort an unborn baby because of its sex? Not necessarily

MP calls for reform of UK abortion law

Obama Admin Sends Pro-Abortion Delegation to UN Women’s Mtg

Australia: Ethicists justify infanticide in major medical journal

Russia defunds late-term ‘social abortions’ as country moves to curtail high abortion rate

Woman Euthanized in the Netherlands for Macular Degeneration

Pope raps IVF, calls for research on other treatment for fertility

UK: Revelations regarding widespread illegal abortions must be acted upon

UN, Brazil Falsely Claim 200K Women Die From Illegal Abortion

UK Abortion Docs Suspended for Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions

Honduran Supreme Court upholds ban on abortifacient ‘emergency contraception’

Abortion investigation: doctors filmed agreeing illegal abortions ‘no questions asked’

Ireland: Socialist introduces abortion bill

“Russia piles on abortion restrictions” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Obama Admin Continues to Ignore Forced Abortions in China

Irish poised to revisit abortion law

More People Die in Switzerland Via Assisted Suicide in 2011

EU abortion roundup: Albania gender imbalance due to sex-selection; Spanish abortion bankrupt

Ireland Statistics: 94% of Pregnant Women Reject Abortion

Ireland: Abortion legislation to be introduced

UN Committee Temporarily Shuts the Door on Pro-Abortion and Anti-Catholic Advocacy Groups | C-Fam

Justin Trudeau will back Quebec separatists if Harper restricts abortion?

We’re fighting pro-life legislation in Congress, Brazilian government assures UN

Fear of Demographic Deficit Leads to Abortion Restrictions Being Tightened in Russia

2011 Census data reveals bleak demographic future for Canada

Canada: The EFC Supports Parliamentary Study on “Human Being”

Honduras Supreme Court Upholds Absolute Ban on Emergency Contraception

    Center for Reproductive Rights: The Honduras Supreme Court has upheld the country’s absolute ban on emergency contraception, which would criminalize the sale, distribution, and use of the “morning-after pill” — imposing punishment for offenders equal to that of obtaining or performing an abortion, which in Honduras is completely restricted.

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UNESCO official calls for national registry of doctors who object to abortion: Spain

Radical pro-abort bill being pushed on Tanzania by international organizations

Liechtenstein royals reject plan to remove veto

“Eastern Europe’s Conservative Crackdown on Reproductive Freedom” | Huffington Post

Abortion is bankrupt in Spain

Archbishop of Canterbury warns of dangers of euthanasia

Scientists Manipulating Unborn Babies to Have Three Parents

UK: Girls, 13, given contraceptive implants at school without parental knowledge

UK: Lawyers can seek volunteers to help ‘locked-in’ man die

Canada: Pro-life MP rebukes Harper’s “ironclad” party discipline

Taiwan’s crackdown on sex-selective abortion showing marginally positive results

Australia: Couple sue IVF doctor for $10M in ‘wrongful birth’ case

UK: Abortion protestors prosecuted in free speech case

Afghan Kin Accused of Killing Wife for Not Bearing a Son

South Africa recalls 1.35 million condoms

Pro-aborts throw rocks, trash at pro-lifers protesting abortions at Barcelona Catholic hospital

Further attempt to push assisted dying on Scotland

Victory: Council of Europe Adopts Resolution Against Euthanasia

Planned Parenthood: Roe Dying, Sex-Selection Abortions OK

Spanish justice minister announces abortion reform

UK: Private abortion clinics to advertise on television

Church leaders unite against change in organ donation law

BC court dismisses appeal by pro-lifers convicted of violating abortion ‘bubble zone’

Briton with locked-in syndrome seeks assisted suicide right

Assisted dying status quo defended by Hertfordshire Age UK chief

UK: Ministers reconsider independent abortion counselling

Mexico authorities unravel child trafficking ring

Prosecutors ordered to track number of women in Mexico imprisoned for abortion

Irish government stacks abortion panel with legal abortion advocates

International Planned Parenthood’s Strategic Goal: Increase Abortion Services by 82 Percent–in Africa

Majority of Argentinean legislators say they favor decriminalizing abortion: poll

Mexico’s ‘conservative’ party floats pro-abortion candidate for Mexico City mayor

Serbia Has Highest Abortion Rate In Europe, Poses Economic Threat

South Africa’s falling birth rate ‘threatens future workforce’

Malawi: Abortion debate goes to university students

Working with Muslims to protect the unborn

Canada: Selective abortions prompt call for later ultrasounds

Increasing number of teen pregnancies in abortionist Mexico City alarming public health officials

‘Selective reduction’ abortions on the rise

Sex-selection abortion tilts population figures against females worldwide

UK: No safe way to allow assisted suicide, admits Lord Falconer