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UK House of Commons OKs making babies from DNA of 3 people

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Protecting doctors’ freedom of conscience

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Chile, among the few countries that ban all abortions, moves to allow them in some cases

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Churches oppose three-person baby plan

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Son challenges Belgian law after mother’s ‘mercy killing’

C of E: Legalising GM babies would be ‘irresponsible’

Commons vote on GM babies set for Tues 3 February

Euthanasia: A personal perspective

For Indian bishop, to save girls from selective abortions, minds must be educated

Twenty seven years ago today, Canada allowed unlimited abortions up to birth for any reason

Assisted suicide Bill ‘erodes dignity’ and ‘creates mistrust’

Ethical stem cells used for dementia ‘breakthrough’

Presumed consent is ‘state- imposed tax on bodies’

China to get tough on illegal sex-selective abortions

Palliative care doctors reveal opposition to assisted suicide

Leading scientists call on MPs to support ‘three parent babies’ legislation

Second ‘gender-abortion’ doctor to appear before Crown Court

Dutch euthanasia clinic has knuckles rapped over tinnitus death

Parents of twins explain why they refused to abort

Young and old at risk from ‘naïve’ assisted suicide plans

In first-ever speech to Duma, Russian patriarch calls for total abortion ban

China official calls for reduced birth rates in Xinjiang

Russian Orthodox patriarch wants to cut ‘horrifyingly high’ abortion rates

Team GB mum: ‘Doctors told me to abort but I won’t’

Ten-year-olds being given contraceptive implant

‘Prepare for designer babies’ – leading scientists warn the UK

Concerns growing as Canadian Supreme Court set to rule on assisted suicide

Midwives, second-class: Terminating religious freedom in the UK

GM babies rules ‘legally flawed’, warns senior lawyer

Disabled lives ‘undervalued’ by Scots assisted suicide plans

Baby given 0% chance of survival now seven years old

MSPs told assisted suicide plans ‘threaten palliative care’

Northern Ireland abortion plans exclude pro-life views, says RC Archbishop

‘Bond of trust could be broken by assisted suicide’

High Court to hear NI abortion law challenge in February

Letter calling for assisted suicide law blasted by critics

Europe’s euthanasia craze

Japan’s birth rate problem is way worse than anyone imagined

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Mother threatened with child abuse charges for showing pro-life film to her kids

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Peer quits BMA committee over its pro-abortion stance

RC midwives’ abortion ruling overturned by Supreme Court

Beyond ‘The Interview’: UN votes to send North Korea to Intl Criminal Court for forced abortion, other atrocities

“Catholic midwives must supervise abortions, Supreme Court decides”

Pro-abortion to pro-life: Why I changed my mind

Eliminating the impoverished does not eliminate poverty

UK’s highest court rules two Catholic midwives can not object to being involved in abortions in landmark case

Court tells pro-life midwives they must participate in abortions or lose their jobs

Presumed organ donation ‘ethically unacceptable’

Doctor admits aiding 7 people to kill themselves

Human rights quango to challenge NI abortion law

Assisted suicide opposed by Welsh Assembly

Parents who refused abortion celebrate son’s 1st birthday

First Christmas home for baby whose mum refused abortion