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Group that helped China launch its one-child policy reveals how it will push abortion globally

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European Court: No human right to kill a baby with down syndrome in abortion

Surrogacy couple wanted abortion, refund

In Korea, Pope Francis to visit cemetery for aborted babies

Thai surrogacy clinic violated regulations by selling child to pedophile? Investigation launched

African pro-life activist: We don’t need abortion

Irish Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is determined to push abortion

Firing health professionals who refuse to abort babies is watershed moment for Europe

UK’s Supreme Court makes unprecedented advances to legalize assisted suicide

Dutch professor who once backed euthanasia warns it leads to surge of deaths

Government dishonest over GM babies, warn scientists

Poll: More Italians support abortion rights than cosmetic surgery

Poll: Assisted suicide opposition grows as evidence revealed

BPAs criticised over ‘morning-after pills to new mums’ call

UN Committee demands Ireland change constitution to allow wider abortion

After twenty years, Morgentaler abortion clinic shutting down in Fredericton

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Ronaldo’s mum says she wanted to abort him

Assisted suicide strongly criticised in House of Lords

‘Assisted suicide bill would tell people they’re worthless’

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey supports assisted suicide bill

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The simple truth: Abortion is legal up to birth in Ireland in some cases

Euthanasia: Don’t make our mistake, says Dutch academic

Her mother was almost forced to have a sex-selective abortion at 8 months, thankfully she’s alive

Forced abortion in China confines woman to wheelchair afterward

Volunteers in India go undercover to stop illegal sex-selective abortions

Euthanasia case rejected by UK’s highest court

Kids should get help to kill themselves, say charities

Over 8 million abortions since 1967 Act, new stats show

Italy’s Catholic bishops denounce court ruling that OK’d sperm donors

Poland’s PM: doctor’s duty is above his faith

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Christians urged to oppose euthanasia

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Maternal mortality and abortion advocacy

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