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UK: Debate on use of graphic abortion pictures

China family planners storm home, drag off mom to forced abortion

UN Abortion Groups Set Sights on African Women

The Brave New World of Three-Parent Babies

Irish priest resigns from hospital board over new abortion policy

New Zealand MP withdraws euthanasia bill from ballot

Chinese woman opens up about brutal, 13-day-long forced abortion that nearly killed her

Chinese Dissident Has 3 New Academic Ties In Us

Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation

Repentant abortionist lays his surgical instruments at the feet of the Pope

Global Study: World Not Ready For Aging Population

UN Secretary General and IPCC climate report: human impact is ‘unequivocal’

New Australia Law Will Allow Doctors to Refuse Life-Saving Treatment for Terminal Patients

Irish Catholic hospital to comply with abortion legislation

USAID, Gates, Planned Parenthood Push Dangerous Contraceptive On Poor Black And Latina Women

End ‘heinous’ sex-selection abortion now: Catholic Women’s League to Canadian Prime Minister

4,188 Dutch people killed by euthanasia last year

Canada: Pro-abort hooligans trash pro-life grandmother’s car, scrawl ‘Too bad you weren’t aborted’

Did You Know 200 Million Girls are “Missing” Thanks to Abortion, Infanticide?

Pope urges Catholic doctors to refuse abortions

Gendercide in the Caucasus

Nigeria: Catholic Bishops Reject Anti-Life Laws

Pope Blasts Abortion After Decrying Focus On Rules

Lost in Translation: The Failure of the International Reproductive Rights Norm

“Why women have a right to sex-selective abortion” | Sarah Ditum at the Guardian

Australia: ‘Zoe’s law’ stalemate: women fearing abortion consequences fail to sway MP

India Gender Crisis: Mortality Rate for Girls 75% Higher Than Boys

Expert: 2% of Russia’s Population Aborted Every Year, Nation Falling Apart

Chilean lawmakers establish day for unborn children

EU: Further legal protection for Human Embryo closer thanks to Citizen Initiative

Since When Did Abortion Trump the Rule of Law? | Peter Smith at Bell Towers

Top science journal prints criticism of GM babies plan

Canada: Judge lambasts Linda Gibbons, gives maximum sentence for abortion clinic protest

Stem cells: Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state

US lawmakers examine gender imbalance in India

The Shocking Stats About Rising Rate of Unsafe Abortions in Africa

    PolicyMic: Even as politicians fight to shut down Planned Parenthood and other family planning facilities across the U.S., many African women are fighting their own battles when it comes to sexual health and are often dying as a result. Thanks to a failing health care and education system in many nations, as well as a ubiquitous stigma against the use of contraceptives or abortions, an increasing number of women are turning to unsafe abortions across the continent to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

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Spanish government poised to change abortion law

Sex-selection abortion trial terminated

“Women diagnosed with foetal anomaly ‘denied surgical abortions’”

Population Control Goes Out With A Whimper

    Stefano Gennarini at Turtle Bay and Beyond: After decades of population control programs to avert a seemingly inevitable population Armageddon, the people and institutions that are primarily responsible for the false alarmism are on their way out. While some at the United Nations, UNFPA, USAID and the Obama administration still cling to their condoms and bad science under the pseudonym “family planning program” or the oxymoron “reproductive rights” ( it never has to do with women choosing how many children to have and always with USAID telling women not to have any more children), economists and demographers are all agreed that the problem the world is facing is population aging and population decline – caused by human beings. Unfortunately, it will takes decades, and maybe centuries to re-trace the trail of misery and ignorance they have left.

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UK: Hunt concerned by lack of prosecutions in gender abortion case

UK: “Abortion: A decision that doesn’t serve the public interest”

UK: Docs who said yes to gender abortions won’t be prosecuted

Two Child Policy in China: Too Little Too Late?

    C-FAM: With its announcement of possible reforms, China has implicitly admitted its forty year-old one child per-family policy has been a failure. The rules led to draconian abuses. There were an estimated 336 million abortions, including forced abortions and sterilizations at the hands of a powerful and intrusive family planning establishment controlling the most intimate aspects of Chinese life.

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Canadian Pro-Life Group Urges Day of Prayer to Oppose Euthanasia Bill

Uganda: Abortion Is Murder, Church Tells Minister

“Despite Country’s Own Laws, Costa Rica Continues to Deny Women Legal Abortion” | Center for Reproductive Rights

Doctors in Belgium to Prey on Disabled, Euthanize Them to Harvest Their Organs

UK: My daughter’s boyfriend put pressure on her to have an abortion

China: Wife Missing Who Lobbied Govt After Husband’s Forced Sterilization

Canadian health minister says no to euthanasia

Chinese Woman Victimized by Forced Abortion at Nine Months of Pregnancy

Organ trafficker gouges out Chinese boy’s eyes for corneas to sell on black market

“Thank the Catholic church for terrifying abortion restrictions in Latin America” | The Guardian

Ireland’s first legal abortion carried out in Dublin

Canadian Medical Association votes against becoming pro-euthanasia

UN Meeting in Latin America “Hijacked” | CFAM

UN Conference Pressures Nations in Latin America, Caribbean to Legalize Abortion

Australia’s Dr. Death Launches Voluntary Euthanasia Party for Next Election

Report Shows Huge IVF Failure: 3.8 Million Embryos Produce Just 122,000 Babies

UK Court Oks Vasectomy For Man Who Can’t Consent

850,000 People Tell European Parliament: Protect Human Life From Conception

Government refuses conscience opt-out on abortion for Irish Catholic hospital

New Zealand euthanasia bill is wide-open and open to being wider, says the author of the bill

16-year-old girl became infertile from Gardasil vaccine: British Medical Journal

Anti-abortion activism in China: A new kind of activist | Economist

Study Aims To Expand Medical Abortion By Using Euphemism

USAID Rep Shuts Down Workshop on Abortion Complications

Dogs Found Gnawing Body of an Abandoned Newborn Girl in India

Russia: Surgeons Questioned About Involvement In Trade In Human Body Parts

Brazil to provide ‘morning-after’ pill for rape victims

Therapeutic Abortion Faces Political Resistance in Chile

Relaxing China’s Birth Limits Won’t End Coercion or Abuses, Activist Says