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Named Person legal challenge dismissed – appeal considered

Why taking a page out of a U.K. tabloid is good for women

Same-sex marriage – Comparing the U.S. and Australia

Same-sex marriage is ‘ideological colonization,’ says Vatican spokesman

Activist: Christian bakery legal case should be dropped

Ofsted quiz kids at Christian school on ‘what lesbians do’

Irish PM ‘happy to campaign strongly’ for same-sex marriage

NI council calls for quango to drop Christian bakery case

Belgian bishop says Catholic Church should bless same-sex couples

Canadian Mennonites officiate first same-sex wedding

Vietnam set to amend marriage law

Parents failing to protect their children online, survey reveals

Miliband: ‘Christianity should be respected’

NI Christian printer backs calls for conscience clause

Government stalls on humanist marriages in England and Wales

Named Person: Judge hears new aspect of legal case

Ireland: Same-sex marriage vote is planned

Russell Moore on Vatican trip: World’s religious leaders optimistic about their fight against the sexual revolution

PM told: Bring back those alienated by same-sex marriage

Bill criminalising purchase of sex passes final stage in NI

‘Widespread’ polygamy among Muslims, says new report

Sex ed: ‘Parents sidelined in favour of named persons’

Heterosexual couple start legal bid for civil partnership

RC cuts ties with agency over same-sex couple adoption ruling

Irish school withdraws worksheet on Bible’s teachings on homosexuality over complaint

Family breakdown points to important role of marriage

Do ‘gendered toys’ contribute to domestic violence?

Greek Justice Minister declares he will never back same-sex marriage; says it’s dangerous to society, traditions

Same-sex marriage acceptance by Finnish Lutheran Archbishop prompts mass resignations from church; nearly 8,000 resign over weekend

The Marriage Pledge – Its relevance in Europe

Study: Children suffer negative effects of divorce

‘Welsh smacking ban would criminalise most parents’

‘Parties treat same-sex marriage opponents as morally inferior’

‘Monty the Penguin’ advert criticized for not being inclusive enough

Pastor Johann Christoph Arnold on “God, Sex, and Marriage”

All schools must back same-sex marriage, say humanists

Celebrity role models causing rise in ‘sexting’

Rome’s extraordinary ecumenical event

QC: ‘Basic human rights infringed’ by Named Person

MLA says court action against Ashers is ‘essentially bullying’

Nearly two-thirds of human trafficking victims are from Asia

Thousands slam Red Cross for axing pro-marriage volunteer

Sex between 13-year-olds is ‘healthy’ says school resource

Victory: Plans to ‘criminalise religious parents’ dropped

Emerging family-friendly towns in Europe

    Family Studies: The scholarly literature on family policies abounds with studies at the national level. Often central European governments establish measures for workers to balance work and family and policies that allow parents to obtain paid or unpaid leaves to care for their children. Yet the lives of most families revolve around towns, whether big or small, so towns or villages often provide kindergarten centers or parenting services for families with children. Nevertheless, scholars have paid little attention to family policies at the local level. There was not a coherent body of literature on such policies in Europe as of 2010, according to Francesco Belletti and Lorenza Rebuzzini, nor does it seem to exist yet.

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First ever ‘families test’ for government published

‘PM should challenge Red Cross decision’ – Widdecombe

Children’s lives ‘marred’ by same-sex parents’ legal fight

Ashers: Equality watchdog issues further legal threat

Pope Francis to open Vatican conference on traditional marriage

Red Cross axes volunteer for opposing same-sex marriage

Pope to host international conference on complementarity of man and woman

Russell Moore, Rick Warren to join Vatican conference on marriage and family life

Buddhist nationalist group in Burma calls for restrictions on interfaith marriage

Child sex exploitation ‘social norm’ in Greater Manchester

Downgrade marriage, family judge suggests

Named person website is ‘blatant propaganda’

Buying sex to be outlawed, after historic NI vote

Scrapping adultery law ‘sad and reckless’

Voters leaving us over same-sex marriage, says Tory MP

The ideal and the reality of European family size

Synod releases document with new tone, calling for mercy, listening

Estonia becomes first former soviet country to recognize same-sex partnerships

PM reaffirms support for same-sex marriage in BBC interview

The U.K.’s gloomy marriage forecast

Synod on the family: There is no need to fear debate in the Church

British sex survey 2014: “the nation has lost some of its sexual swagger”

Incest should be decriminalized, says German ethics council

HeForShe: When are we going to get honest about gender issues?