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Death Penalty Order Deepens Hard-line Islamist Trend in Pakistan, Critics Say

Dem calls on Uganda’s president to veto criminal sodomy bill

Tens of Thousands Rally in Spain for Pro-Life Law Stopping Abortions

Mass Held in Spain Backs New Abortion Law

Moroccan Convert from Islam Sentenced for 30-Month Prison Term

Islam to become Ireland’s second religion by 2043

Russia bombings kill 31, raise concern on Olympics

Malaysia: Church Can Sue Jais For Banning ‘Allah’, Say Lawyers

Religious freedom chief aims to make Canada a rights leader

Maldives Parliament Sends Penal Code Back To Committee Over Concerns About Consistency With Sharia Law

Who Took “Christ” Out of Christmas? | Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Germany: Topless Feminists Disrupt Christmas Mass to Protest for Abortion

Nigerian Opposition Win Despite Islamic Uprising

Extremists Kill 12 In Nigerian Christian Villages

Pastors in West Java, Indonesia Struggle with Church Closures

Egypt Arrests Al-jazeera Tv’s 4-member Crew

UK Supreme Court: Religion Does Not Require God

Canadian Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-prostitution Laws

Italy: The Rise Of Homo-fascism

Belgian Senate votes in favour of euthanasia for children

“Gay marriage: Civil liberty protections rejected by MSPs”

Dutch gov’t condemns Wilders for Islamic insult

Israel: Christian group plans 100-foot-tall Jesus statue in Muslim-dominated Nazareth

Syria: Bishop calls on Christians to fight Islamists

Israel’s Supreme Court Issues Temporary Stay Of Rabbinical Court’s Order Requiring Boy’s Circumcision

India Government Asks Court To Review Sodomy Law

Uganda Passes Tough New Bill Against Homosexuality

US Official Claims “Collective Understanding” of Pro-Abortion Language at UN

Turkmenistan: “Singing about God here is banned”

Azerbaijan: Fined for praying for deceased

Scientists looking closer at what happens when body dies; edge closer to new understanding

Vatican Official: Belgium’s Bid to Euthanize Children a ‘Perversion of Mercy’

Chinese journalists face Marxist ideology exam

“Human Rights Campaign Gives $100K To Russia LGBT Rights Movement”

Scotland pushes to bring lingering religious divides into the open

“Canada approves ‘homophobic’ law school” | BBC

War on Christmas? It’s more like ‘War on Christians’ in many parts of the world | Juan Williams at Fox News

Judge formally warned over pro-marriage comments

The Prince of Wales: Say a prayer for Christians in the Middle East

Italy: Feminist Mob Invades Catholic Church, Unfurls Pro-Abortion Banner on Altar

Senate Panel Passes Religious Freedom Envoy Bill Opposed by Administration

Meet the co-parents

Colombian Guerrilla Group Bans Worship Services, Threatens Pastors

Italian high court finds ‘romance’ in 60-year-old man’s sex with 11-year-old, overturns sentence

Media And Politicians Want To Impose Same-sex “marriage” – But Citizens Fight Back. The Case Of Estonia

Christians persecuted by Islamists, says Prince Charles

“Women suspected of abortion in El Salvador face criminal charges, jail time” | PBS

Spain’s plan to reform abortion laws attacked as ‘serious step backwards’

Scientists draw up definitive list of genes that make us human

Patient in “Persistent Vegetative State” Communicates “I’m Not in Pain”

Russian Appeals Court Says Qur’an Translation Is Not Extremist Publication

European Human Rights Court Says Refusal of Vegetarian Diet To Buddhist Prisoner Violated His Religious Rights

“Obama Selects Gay Athletes For Sochi Delegation”

GOP balks at Obama’s human rights nominee

Girl Guide Group Faces Expulsion After Refusing To Drop God From Promise

Scotland: “MSPs could ‘lose seats’ over support for gay marriage”

Out of Business: Prostitution in Canada – Putting an End to Demand | EFC

At least 205 Christians Killed by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State, Nigeria

New Calls For Jewish Prayer At Jerusalem Holy Site

Chilean President Elect Supports Marriage Redefinition

U.S. Weighing Closer Ties With Hardline Islamists In Syria

Experts warn of ‘ominous trends’ in Western secularism

Is Putin One of Us? | Pat Buchanan at CNSNews

    Pat Buchanan at CNSNews: Is Vladimir Putin a paleoconservative? In the culture war for mankind’s future, is he one of us? While such a question may be blasphemous in Western circles, consider the content of the Russian president’s state of the nation address. With America clearly in mind, Putin declared, “In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered.”

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Canada: “With sex-work ruling, Supreme Court can be on the right side of history”

Canada’s First Religious Law School Clears Major Approval Hurdle

Indian gov’t considering repealing recently upheld law against ‘unnatural sex’: reports

Malta: Europe’s ‘last man standing’ against abortion

The European crusade against Christianity | Voice of Russia

Paul Lamb euthanasia bid would create a ‘duty to die’

Israel nears law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation

The Christian Underground In ‘Atheist’ China

Scotland: Catholic priest to sue church for unfair dismissal

3 of 4 Belgians Support Child Euthanasia With No Age Limit

Egypt: Sudden Threat Endangers Hillary’s 2016 Run: Mrs. Clinton named in criminal charges

Fatherlessness Harms the Brain, Neurobiologists Find