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Very, Very Quiet Diplomacy on Religious Freedom

After 300 years, British monarchs can once again marry Catholics

Scottish National Party official quits over plans to redefine marriage

MP wants child of ‘royal gay marriage’ to get crown

China Renews Commitment to One-Child Forced Abortion Policy | LifeNews

In China, signs that one-child policy may be coming to an end | Reuters

Kazakhstan Has Prosecuted 7 For Illegal Missionary Activity

Jailed Chinese Lawyer Gets Rare Family Visit

Egypt to Receive F-16s

New Zealand: 72,000 sign in opposition to marriage redefinition

Turkey: Police break up plot to assassinate pastor

Pope to charities: Refuse partnerships that even indirectly support acts opposed to the faith

Japanese Official: ‘Let Elderly People Hurry Up and Die’

Chinese Workers Revolt Over 2-minute Toilet Breaks

“Russian Protest Against Anti-gay Law Turns Violent”

Nepal To Issue ‘Third Gender’ IDs

Italian teacher under fire after speaking out against homosexual agenda

European Court of Human Rights rules that mother’s parental rights were breached

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UK: Hundreds of Down’s abortions not recorded by Government

Top lawyer: European judges got Ladele ruling ‘wrong’

Ireland Urged To Tackle Growing Persecution of Christians

Muslims rush from Mosques to destroy Coptic Building

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“Gay marriage ‘last straw’ as MPs ‘plot’ to oust Cameron”

U.S. court rules on lesbian couple’s Russian child custody dispute | Russian Legal Information Agency

Iran: Jailed American Pastor To Be Released On Bail

100 percent of Uruguayan doctors opt out of new abortion law in some areas

Irish medical students are being trained to perform abortions by British Pregnancy Advisory Service

30,000 pro-lifers rally in Dublin: tell Irish PM, ‘Keep your promise. No abortion in Ireland.’

Catholic Schools In Indonesian Municipality Agree To Give Koranic Education To Muslim Students

USCIRF Calls on Iran To Release American Pastor Held On National Security Charges

Pakistan’s Ambassador To U.S. Faces Blasphemy Investigation At Home

“Russia Moves To Enact Anti-gay Law Nationwide”

“Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby”

“No surrogacy visa for gay foreigners”

French Homosexuals Join Demonstration Against Marriage Redefinition

“Church teaching on homosexuality ‘is like justifying slavery’, says evangelical leader”

Election is banned in Islam: Saudi scholar

South African Christian college under attack over ex-gay therapy

Russian Official Reassures U.S. Adoptive Parents

Scottis Archbishop: Gov’t doesn’t outlaw all immorality, but it also shouldn’t mandate immorality

Egyptian Press Confirms Washington Infiltrated By Islamists

Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God | Legal Periodical

French Catholic bishops endorsing homosexual unions, undermining pro-family cause, warn activists

D.C. Federal Judge Orders Russia to Pay $50K Per Day in Contempt Sanctions

Vatican official fears ‘moral relativism’ becoming European legal norm

French campaign in Mali escalates into ground war

McCain chides Egypt’s Morsi over remarks on Jews, but press for more funding

UK Watchdog Fines Playboy For 2 Pornographic Sites

Psychiatry expert: ‘scientifically there is no such thing as transgender’

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Elton John, David Furnish Welcome 2nd Son

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