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The debate that wasn’t: New Zealand’s rushed marriage revolution

“French politicians scuffle over same-sex marriage legislation”

IPas Promotes Abortion Acceptance Through Survey To Measure Stigma

Paralysed man continues push for assisted suicide

Second bid to force same-sex “marriage” on Northern Ireland

“Gay marriage: church leaders at odds with opinion in the pews, study suggests”

Egyptian Religious Ministry Bans Interactions With Evangelical Church

Germany Cracks Down on Critics of Mega-Mosque

Push for Paralyzed Assisted Suicide in UK | Wesley J. Smith at NRO

Ban on teacher upheld in name of “British tolerance”

Euthanasia: 4,620 per cent rise in cases in Belgium

UK: MP urges Govt to record gender of aborted babies

Pakistan’s Musharraf flees court after judges order his arrest

Hidden implications and roots of the clash between natural law, “natural rights,” the rise of so-called “same sex marriage”

An Islamic Declaration of War on Christianity | Ryamond Ibrahim at Middle East Forum

Liberia’s New Top Judge Vows To Implement Reforms

Transgender Pakistanis Running For Election

European Union Report Details Growth Of Human Trafficking

Turkish woman with transplanted uterus may now be pregnant

Ireland: Chief Justice announces new forum for judiciary

Abductions of Christian Girls Increased in Egypt Since Regime Change

500,000 Filipinos Gather for Pro-Life Rally Before New Elections

“Widdecombe: Drop error- strewn gay marriage plans”

“Commentator: People forced to agree with gay marriage”

Zambia: Church, State agree to reject homosexuality

Sri Lanka: Fears churches may be hit by legislation on cults

Antisectarian Campaign in Egypt Urges Citizens to Remove Religion From ID Cards

North Korean reveals cannibalism is common after escaping starving state

Number of Mexicans converting to Islam rises

Bangladesh simmers as Islamic conservatives and progressives clash

Tens of thousands of Peruvians march in opposition to the legalization of abortion

Thousands of young people protest French fast track on marriage redefinition

Renowned Turkish Pianist Given Suspended Sentence For Blasphemous Tweets

“UN chief Ban Ki-moon to lead global campaign for gay rights”

EU Blasts Hungary Over Non-compliance With EU Law

Nigeria Sets Up Islamic Extremist Amnesty Group

French cardinal warns coerced redefinition of marriage is sign of societal disintegration and risks violence

North Korea: A Prison without Bars: Religious persecution is all too real under the Kim dynasty.

Marriage should be redefined, Vietnam minister says

Egypt’s Christians ‘in need of prayer’

Pro-marriage sportscaster’s complaint dismissed by Canadian Human Rights Commission

New Zealand on the verge of redefining marriage

Indian State Stops Playboy Beach Club From Opening

“Hong Kong’s Highest Court Considers Trans Woman’s Marriage”

“Thailand: ‘Phoenix Rising’ For LGBT People — But Questions Remain”

Same-sex “marriage” In Ireland?

Former Ecuadorian presidential candidate censored for disagreeing with homosexual practice

Christian Tourists in Kashmir Face Violence over Conversion Claims

Marriage Protest Becomes Catch-All for French Anger Toward Socialist Policies

France braces for more marriage protests (includes video)

Liberian President Appoints New Chief Justice

Supreme Court becoming ‘Charter-averse,’ expert says

Turkish Pianist Sentenced for Twitter Postings

History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government

UK: Muslim Council attacks Gove’s proposed history curriculum

Engineering our way to a eugenic future

U.S. Support for the Hague Courts and Tribunals on the Rise

After cathedral clash, Copts doubt their future in Egypt

    Reuters: When Egyptian Christian Kerollos Maher watched on television as petrol bombs and rocks rained on Cairo’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral he had only one thought – emigration. “Egypt is no longer my country,” said the 24-year-old construction worker, standing in the courtyard of the country’s largest cathedral where one Copt and one Muslim died in sectarian clashes this week. “The situation of Christians is worsening from day to day. I’ve given up hope that things will improve,” he said.

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Russian Patriarch Denounces ‘dangerous Feminism’

What We Want Is The Head Of The Friar | New Yorker

West must stop US pastor’s anti-Islam move: Iran MP

Russian converts to Islam face persecution

Azerbaijan’s President Approves Restrictive Law On Distribution of Religious Books and Materials

Rights Groups Urge Us To Raise Concerns With China

Outcry As School Bans Daughter Of China Activist

Uzbekistan: “Unbelievable” fines after no trial and raid with no warrant

    Forum 18: Protestant married couple Ashraf and Nargisa Ashurov were each fined 100 times the minimum monthly wage by a court in Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent without a hearing, Protestants told Forum 18 News Service. Also fined was their babysitter. The fines followed a raid on the home where they are staying, conducted without a warrant, and seizure of Christian literature belonging not to them but to the home owner. “For a couple, who barely earn any living, this total fine of nearly 16 million Soms is an unbelievable punishment,” a Protestant who knows the couple complained to Forum 18. An officer of the Police Criminal Investigation Division told Forum 18 that the Anti-Terrorism Police had conducted the operation.

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French uproar over dictionary’s marriage definition

European court upholds ban of “extremist” Czech party

Libya releases four Egyptian Christians

UK: Equality watchdog scorns belief in ‘mum and dad’

Arrested for Hoodie with Pro-family Message in Paris

Chen Guangcheng Shows Congress List of Chinese Officials ‘Responsible for 130,000 Forced Abortions’

Egypt’s Copts Need Protection: What’s Morsi Waiting For?

Vatican adult stem cell conference gets underway