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Chinese city forces all women of child-bearing age to be fitted with IUDs or sterilized

Purpose of International Planned Parenthood Federation: Keep the money flowing

UK: “Former Speaker queries gay weddings in Commons chapel”

Lebanese Church leaders decry Western support for Syrian rebels

A More Secular Europe, Divided by the Cross | NYT

    New York Times: It therefore came as a rude surprise when, late last year, the National Bank of Slovakia announced that the European Commission, the union’s executive arm, had ordered it to remove halos and crosses from special commemorative euro coins due to be minted this summer . . . “There is a general suspicion of anything religious, a view that faith should be kept out of the public sphere,” said Gudrun Kugler, director of the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, a Vienna-based research and lobbying group. “There is a very strong current of radical secularism,” she said, adding that this affects all religions but is particularly strong against Christianity because of a view that “Christianity dominated unfairly for centuries” and needs to be put in its place.

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China Bans Private Adoptions Of Abandoned Infants

Russia To Ban Adoption By Same-sex Couples

Four Nigerian churches burned; Boko Haram suspected

Egyptian Muslim cleric burns Bible, sentenced to 11 years in prison

UK: I’m Not Sure That Google’s New Child Pornography Database Is Going To Work | Tim Worstall at Forbes

Letter smuggled from Chinese labor camp reveals suffering Christians

Petitions show Croatians want to vote on marriage, but left-leaning government stalls

Nearly 80% of Italian doctors refuse abortion; MPs attack conscience rights

Wanted: More homosexual money bundlers who want to be an ambassador

State Department to Spend $450,000 Protecting Transgenders – Overseas

Egyptian Courts Continue To Convict for Insulting Religion

Iran’s Rowhani Urges ‘path Of Moderation’

Columnist: Religious beliefs ‘bottom of the pile’ in Scotland

Report: Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam

British Health Board Tries to Force Catholic Midwives to Supervise Abortions

Vietnamese authorities rule Christian leader’s prison death a suicide

Irish PM: Abortion activists send letters in blood

“Oregon Legislature Repeals Surgery Requirement for Gender Change on Birth Certificate” | ACLU

Church of England Archbishops to ask clergy: ‘Are you having gay sex?’

Ireland Govt Called “Dishonest” for Saying New Bill “Restricts” Abortions

House Hearing Is Critical of US Implementation of International Religious Freedom Act

Kazakhstan: “Double punishment” of fines and exit bans

Belarus: Raids and fines restart, eviction again suspended for now

Pope Wades Diplomatically Into Marriage Debate

‘Intersex’ included on Australia’s new gender guidelines

Vive La France: It’s About the Children

UK Research: Unborn Babies Can Show Pain In The Womb

France: Mayor faces jail for same sex ‘wedding’ refusal

Rand Paul: Your Taxes Fund Regimes That Kill Christians ‘for Blasphemy Against Islam’

Crown punts prostitution issue to politicians in landmark court battle

A Survey of LGBT Americans: Attitudes, Experiences and Values in Changing Times| Pew Research

Israeli Knesset Passes Law Requiring 4 Women On Rabbinical Judges Selection Committee

El Salvador Outmaneuvers International Pro-Abortion Cabal

Homosexual Cause Not So Inevitable at UN Despite Pressure

French Appeals Court Upholds Order Requiring Twitter To Disclose Names of Anti-Semitic Tweeters

Inclusivity Week: different sexual orientations celebrated at Ontario Catholic school

China Launches Huge Campaign to Force Women to Get IUDs or be Sterilized

Belgium Parliament Votes to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Mother of Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe Victimized by One-Child Policy

UK: PM ‘marched us on to the guns’ over marriage

Scotland: Our beliefs risk being made ‘illegal’, says adoption agency

“Gay State Department official tapped for ambassadorship”

Bishops Urge Irish Lawmakers To Stop Abortion Bill

Egypt’s Opposition Says ‘too Late’ For Unity Talks

Egyptian Christian Teacher Convicted Of Blasphemy

Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for ‘sexual propaganda’

Burma: 2-child policy enforced against Muslims

UK: Queen pulled into marriage debate

Tens of thousands rally in Dublin against Ireland’s proposed abortion law

Two Christians Unlawfully Arrested in Ethiopia for “Crimes Against Islam”

300 detained at Moscow Muslim prayer room following Putin crackdown

Organization of American States Adopts Two Human Rights Conventions; U.S. Has Objections

U.S. and China Among 15 Countries Agreeing That the U.N. Charter Applies in Cyberspace

Prostitutes march ahead of landmark Supreme Court hearing

The Conflict between the Autonomy of Religious Groups and Other Fundamental Rights: Recent Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and of the European Court of Human Rights

Obama administration begins training homosexual activists around the world | Tony Perkins

Down Under Study on Same Sex Parents Is Downright Misleading

Ireland warned over abortion law: Don’t follow mistakes of America

NSA Surveillance Threatens US Competitiveness

Armenia: New legal amendments to end conscientious objector jailings?

    Forum 18: Nine and a half years, and about 275 prisoners of conscience, after Armenia should have by January 2004 introduced a civilian alternative to compulsory military service, human rights defenders and conscientious objectors are hoping this Council of Europe commitment will finally be met. The change comes in new amendments to the 2003 Alternative Service Law and to the 2003 Law on Implementing the Criminal Code. “Our main concern was that alternative civilian service should not be under military control,” Jehovah’s Witness lawyer Artur Ispiryan told Forum 18 News Service from the Armenian capital Yerevan on 5 June. “This appears to have been resolved.”

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EU Defends The Right To Peaceful Protest In Turkey

Myanmar: Mass rally in Sittwe supports polygamy ban

Conservatives call on Lord Feldman to stop marriage redefinition

UK Stats: Nearly half a million sexual infections in 2012

Bible’s strong comeback surprises secular Norway

Study: Facial Expressions of Unborn Babies in the Womb Show They Feel Pain

Argentina Requires HMOs To Fund Fertility Efforts

Britain: Islamic Temporary Marriages on the Rise

Reforming the European Court of Human Rights through Dialogue? Progress on Protocols 15 and 16 ECHR

Saudi Youth Arrested for Allegedly “Insulting Religion”