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Anti-abortion activism in China: A new kind of activist | Economist

“Taiwan upholds first transgender marriage”

The Russian Demographic Crisis: Resisting the Influence of a Sexualized Culture | S. Michael Craven

Study Aims To Expand Medical Abortion By Using Euphemism

USAID Rep Shuts Down Workshop on Abortion Complications

McCain and Graham Meet With the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Silencing a secularist in Turkey

2 British Women Attacked With Acid In Zanzibar

Dogs Found Gnawing Body of an Abandoned Newborn Girl in India

Al Qaeda Flag Flies High Above Christian Churches

U.S. Failing to Address Terror Against Nigerian Christians, Warns Expert

‘Sinister’ state guardian plan for every Scots child

Arab elites push back political Islam

UK: Fear of intolerance ‘stops children playing out’

Russia: Surgeons Questioned About Involvement In Trade In Human Body Parts

Brazil to provide ‘morning-after’ pill for rape victims

Pope: Proclaiming the Gospel Not an Assault on Freedom

    Zenit: Francis commented on an obstacle to evangelization that comes from the idea that “proclaiming the truth of the Gospel means an assault on freedom.” Quoting Paul VI in Evangelii Nuntiandi, he said: “It would be … an error to impose something on the consciences of our brethren. But to propose to their consciences the truth of the Gospel and salvation in Jesus Christ, with complete clarity and with total respect for free options which it presents … is a tribute to this freedom.”

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‘Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18′

Globalization Leading to More Restrictions on Religion?

British redefinition of family undermines Royal Family’s claim to throne

Therapeutic Abortion Faces Political Resistance in Chile

Relaxing China’s Birth Limits Won’t End Coercion or Abuses, Activist Says

Senator to introduce resolution denouncing anti-LGBT law in Russia

Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2013

In Nervous Egypt, Killings Breed Sinister Theories

In Liberal Europe, Abortion Laws Come With Their Own Restrictions

“Pro-Choice” Violence Escalates Worldwide

    Rai’s Mundo: A Catholic Archbishop is savaged in Belgium; protestors at a Catholic Church in Spain block exits and doors; in Chile demonstrators interrupt Mass, demolish confessionals, rip out pews and paint profane sacrilegious graffiti throughout the church. Pro-abortion feminists under the guise of promoting “choice” carried out these and other attacks in the last few months. Their actions make it seem that they have declared war on the Catholic Church with no regard for parishioners, common decency or law. Welcome to the pro-choice Jihad.

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Ethiopia Sees Muslim Anti-government Protests

UK: 97% abortions may have been illegal, says charity chief

Lesbian couple must recognise biological father’s rights, French court says

Bangladesh Court Voids Registration of Country’s Largest Islamic Party

Prayers for an Intrepid Priest Missing in Syria

Nigeria: Death Toll In Blasts In Christian Area 27

Uzbekistan: Ramadan restrictions, violent police assault on Protestant

    Forum 18: Police in Uzbekistan have violently physically assaulted Sardorbek Nurmetov, a local Protestant, and charged him with committing an offence after he insisted on making a formal complaint about police brutality. The hospital he went for treatment to colluded with his assailants, local Protestants complained. There are also strict restrictions on Ramadan, including bans on iftar meals and closer than normal state surveillance of everyone attending mosques to pray.

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US Official: Human Rights Deteriorate In China

In Afghanistan, Fathers Barter Daughters to Settle Drug Debts

Portsmouth Bishop on England’s New Definition of Marriage

Sectarian violence in Guinea; churches burned down

Al Qaeda group kidnaps Italian priest in Syria: activists

USCIRF Condemns Saudi Blasphemy Sentence

No Israelis in future Palestinian state, Abbas says

Irish President signs new abortion law

Harsh ‘Blasphemy’ Sentence as Saudi Arabia Continues to Evade US Religious Freedom Sanctions

UN Risks Credibility with Campaign Pushing Homosexual Rights

Return to paganism increasing in England

Saudi blogger sentenced to jail term and 600 lashes for insulting Islam

Churches Bombed in Kano, Nigeria, Killing 45 People, Christian Leaders Say

UK: Prayers axed from council meetings in Plymouth

“New South Wales: First Australian State To Legalize Gay Marriage?” | Huffington Post

Ireland: President Higgins signs abortion Bill into law

“Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests”, Dolan comments | WSJ

“No Gay Diplomats: U.S. and British Promotion of LGBT Rights Abroad Sparks Backlash”

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards

The European Court of Human Rights and Standards of Proof in Religion Cases

Christian Tragedy in the Muslim World

Christian challenge policy chief: tell officers not to arrest preachers who say homosexuality is sinful

LGBT Groups Object to New Chairman of Int’l Religious Freedom Watchdog

Crackdown in Egypt Fans U.S. Fears

Christian Students in Eritrea Punished for their Faith

“Pope Francis Says He Won’t Judge Gay Priests” | AP

Rand Paul targets Egypt aid

Egypt arrests more Islamists as EU official visits

“Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?” | BBC

Eastern Orthodox Churches call for end to increasing persecution

    Interfax-religion: News about tortures and murders are coming from Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. In Kosovo, religious shrines are being defiled, many churches have been destroyed, and many people are deprived of the opportunity to visit the graves of their relatives and to pray to God in the land of their ancestors. The situation in the Middle East causes deep concern. Many countries of this region are swept with a wave of violence and terror, with Christians falling victims to it. Libya, where there are almost no Christians left, is breaking into warring tribes. Terrorist acts go on in Iraq, where one tenth of the former one and a half million Christians has left. The situation in Egypt is getting more and more alarming as the conflict there has entered into another bloody phase and the Christian population flees the country in a mass exodus

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In Egypt’s public squares, dueling definitions of democracy

Pastor’s Daughter in Nigeria Allegedly Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam

Finnish politician compares abortion to ‘butchery,’ laments animals more protected than unborn

Oxford English Dictionary to Change Definition of Marriage

Chile cathedral vandalized in pro-abortion rally

Kazakhstan: Atheist and Pastor still detained with little evidence to convict either

Bans on Homosexual Propaganda Advance Despite Western Outrage

‘Great cruelty’: Justice chief says Irish must permit abortion in cases of rape, fatal defects

Malaysia court quashes Hindu kids’ conversion to Islam