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Ministry to review Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Not a noble death: Nobel laureate euthanized by lethal injection in Belgium

Canada: RE/MAX fires agent for flyer promoting traditional family; kids better off with a mom and dad

France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails

PM urged to drop marriage redefinition in face of election losses

Irish anti-abortion vigil at Knock draws thousands

UK: Conservatives urge Prime Minister to drop marriage redefinition bill

The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world

New Zealand: “Gay man who wants to become priest takes bishop to human rights tribunal for ‘discrimination’”

58 Babies Develop Cerebral Palsy Annually in England Because Moms Had Abortion

UK: “‘First ever’ C of E service to affirm transsexual”

Myanmar President Vows To Protect Muslim Rights

Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran

In Bangladesh, 3 Killed In Demonstration Demanding Blasphemy Law With Death Penalty

India: Marriage Laws bill divides Cabinet; referred to GoM

Tocqueville, Texas, Marriage, and Zombie Catholicism | Robert Zaretsky at NYT

U.S. Taxpayers Spend $355,825 to Reduce Stigmatization of India’s Transgenders

Video: Hundreds protest marriage redefinition outside Cameron’s office

Poll: Tories to lose hundreds of seats over marriage

Terms of Irish abortion bill agreed by Cabinet

Study: Germans see Islam as a threat

‘Modesty police’ arrests ratchet fears of radicalized Islam in Gaza

UN official: sex rights are key for empowerment of young people

Survey Released On Views of World’s Muslims On Religion, Politics and Society

Ireland publishes bill on so-called “life saving” abortions

Many in Muslim world want sharia as law of land: survey

Irish cabinet reaches agreement on abortion bill

Scotland: A reasonable accommodation found in conscience case

Think tank calls on Australian Parliament to legalize euthanasia

US Panel: Afghans Need More Religious Freedom

USCIRF Issues 2013 Annual Report

“As Gender Equity Rises, More Ugandan Women Divorce” | AP

Pakistan Court Bans Musharraf From Office For Life

New Myanmar Anti-muslim Violence Injures 10

Anglican Bishops of W. Indies denounce Obama blackmail over homosexual agenda

Iran moves American Christian into solitary confinement over prayer protest

The Death Of Churches In The Islam World

Judge: Firing teacher who called homosexuality a sin reflects ‘modern British values of tolerance’

Irish Court: No ‘right To Die’ For Paralyzed Woman

Portraits: New Numerology Of Hate Grows In Myanmar

Mother In UK Forced 14-year-old To Get Pregnant

Polish Justice Minister Fired After Embryo Remarks

First Baby Born In Shrinking Spanish Village In 45 Years

Ex-Catholic has no right to Church job: German court

Australian government weighs heavy subsidy for ‘abortion pill’ RU-486

Council of Europe tells Member States to respect conscience

Church urges MLAs to reject same-sex marriage in N. Ireland

Homosexual activists push agenda by registering ‘marriages’ in Mexican municipalities

Brussels: “Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water”

Planned Parenthood Threatens Nigerian UN Ambassador Over Abortion

Turkish minister to sue opposition deputy over polygamy remarks

Russia to change agreement with France to prevent adoption by same sex couples

Indian Supreme Court considering online porn ban

Human embryos & beginning of life back at European Court

China Named as Violator of Freedom of Religion in European Parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood wants Spain back. Can the Christians have Egypt in exchange?

“Colombian LGBT rights advocates visit U.S.”

Hundreds of Chicago Middle and High School Students Debate World Issues at 11th Annual Global Classrooms Model UN Conference

Kazakhstan: Religious free speech “doesn’t exist”

Kazakhstan: Four raids, heart attack, eight fines – amid presidential claims of religious freedom

    Forum 18: Within 48 hours of a claim by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev that “religious freedom is fully secured”, seven members of a small Pentecostal Church – four of them in their sixties – were given heavy fines for meeting for Easter Sunday worship. The leader, Aleksandr Balaev, was fined the equivalent of six months of his pension, he told Forum 18 News Service. Galina Gileva, who is 73, complained that during the raid police “brought me to such a position of stress that I suffered a heart attack”. The raid on the Church in Zhaskent was one of four recent raids on religious worship. Lt-Colonel Nikolai Narkhov, head of Karabalyk Police in Kostanai Region, refused absolutely to answer Forum 18′s questions as to why about 15 police officers and officials raided a Jehovah’s Witness meeting, seizing religious literature.

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Putin Warns France Marriage Could Affect Adoptions

Exiled Muslim Brotherhood plans return to Syria

Jerusalem court upholds women’s prayer rights at Western Wall

Analysis: European Leaders Use Laws of War to Pressure US to Fund Abortions in Africa

Russia Offers Controversial Code of Conduct for UN Treaty Bodies

Governments’ Attempts To Censor Google Have Doubled Since 2011

Swedish School Opens Gender-neutral Changing Room

On Remand From Supreme Court, Canadian Trial Court Says Key Witness Must Remove Niqab

Paris riots after vote to redefine marriage

Scotland: Victory for Catholic midwives in abortion conscience case

“France: Gay marriage legal as president plunges in polls”

Group seeking support for legal recognition of polyamorous ‘marriage’ in New Zealand

Britain’s House of Commons Debates Place of Sharia Law In England