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Leading Egyptian Political Figures Condemn Attacks on St. Mark’s Cathedral

UN Human Rights Committee Targets Florida

Romanian High Court Rejects Strange Religious Malpractice Lawsuit

Egypt’s Christian Pope Blasts Islamist President

Supreme Courts in and out of the headlines, nations divided

Insight: The backroom battle delaying reform of China’s one-child policy

Chinese woman dies from forced sterilization after doctor’s warning

Eugenics threat growing in IVF industry: British fertility expert

Northern Ireland: “Christian printer faces being sued by gay magazine”

British Christians fed up with ‘coarse, sneering’ mockery of Christianity

Hundreds of Christian families flee Aleppo as rebels advance

Death Toll In Egypt’s Sectarian Clashes Rises To 2

Former Prime Minister Thatcher Dies

Hundreds of Thousands of Bangladeshis Demonstrate For Blasphemy Law

Coptic Christians under siege as mob attacks Cairo cathedral

Kidnappers target Christians in Egypt

Human Rights Council Shelves Families to “Protect” Children

Turkey’s secularists worried by ‘gigantic’ new mosque

Uruguay’s senate votes in favor of same-sex marriage

Police in Bangladesh arrest ‘Atheist bloggers’ for defaming Islam

Egypt opposition demands ban of religious slogans in electoral campaigns

France’s senate takes up marriage debate

We can’t ignore slavery in the bid to lift millions out of poverty

Harvesting eggs from aborted babies to create IVF babies? Ten years later the story still horrifies

Christians feel part of an ill-treated minority, says poll

Tens of Thousands Baptized Catholics on Easter Sunday in Mainland China

Middle East Christians need our protection | Kirsten Powers at USA Today

Canadian prisoners sue over lack of chaplains

Russian Orthodox Church urges Anglicans not to support female bishops, same-sex marriage

13th annual March for Life in Prague draws largest-ever crowds

Zambia: “Case against homosexuality, same-sex marriages”

Czech society ageing, but less than other EU countries

How much more tolerance can Europe take?

“Leading lawyer says Coalition is faffing around with same-sex marriage”

Smacking: Scots Lib Dems narrowly vote against ban

French gov’t now pays 100% of abortion costs

Islam Europe’s reality: Turkey’s EU minister

UK Government Approves Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos

Marriage votes scheduled in Uruguay and Colombia

German Pastor Faces Trial Over Anti-nazi Protest

Three atheists arrested in Bangladesh for defaming Islam

U.S. Awol When Christians In Crosshairs: Persecution reports rising, especially in Muslim world

Researcher: 1.72 Billion Abortions Worldwide Over Last 40 Years

    LifeNews: After reading the article, I asked Dr. Brian Clowes, director of education and research at Human Life International, to investigate the number of worldwide abortions since 1973. The results were staggering! He estimates that there have been more than 1.72 billion abortions over the last 40 years, a trend that is not lessening but growing exponentially as more and more countries embrace and legalize contraception and abortion as methods of population control, which is always sold as “family planning” and “reproductive health.”

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Saudi Religious Police Lift Ban On Women On Bikes

French Gov’t Wants Broader Ban On Muslim Headscarf

UK: Downing Street calls police in response to abortion display

International Lawyers Claim Malta’s Protection of Unborn is “Torture”

Foreign Law Invoked in U.S. Supreme Court Consideration of Marriage

Islam Leader Calls for Muslim Holidays in Germany

Decision on Canada’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortion expected Thursday

U of Quebec professor teams with Planned Parenthood to root out Quebec’s pregnancy help centers

Mind-Boggling Abortion Statistics from China

Children born outside marriage in Europe rise to 40% of total

Evangelicals: Manitoba’s ‘anti-bullying’ Bill 18 violates religious freedom

1.4 Million Rally In Paris Against Same-sex “marriage”. Government Uses Tear Gas Against Families With Children

Fertility expert warns of child ‘eugenics’ dangers

In New Zealand and France, Support for Same-Sex Marriage Wanes as Legalization Looms

Irish abortion debate reflects growing church-state tensions | Washington Post

Scotland: Orthodox Presbyterian breakaway group kicked out of hotel for opposing ‘gay marriage’

Mother Victimized by China’s One-Child Policy Commits Suicide

UK Gov’t Loses Court Challenge To Deport Muslim Cleric

Two in five EU babies born out of wedlock

Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest

Every Dollar Spent On Condoms Means Less Dollars In Taxes

UN report equates lack of access to abortion and reparative therapy for homosexuals with ‘torture’

Why U.N. Feminists Should Want to Partner with the Holy See

Tensions escalate in Egypt with arrest orders for activists

Islam: 80% of French public favor tougher anti-veil laws

Scotland: “Gay marriage group gets public cash to ‘suppress other views’”

Romania’s March for Life looks to stem demographic bomb, protect life

Uruguayan pro-lifers force popular vote on abortion law following petition drive

Chile, Ireland and abortion