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Safwat Hegazy: Shia Islam is ‘blasphemy’ and ‘will never exist in Egypt’

Canada: Supremacists Courts

Empire strikes back: China assaults home churches

“Spanish minister angers gays over same-sex marriage comments”

N. Korea’s ‘hatred of Christians’ puts 70,000 believers in prison

UK: Still meaning in life, says man with locked-in syndrome

Germany: Conservatives reconsider stance on marriage

Quebec Government: Please Differentiate Between Transphobia and Homophobia

Tanzania: Time stops in Rome, but war on Christians continues

A Questionable Victory for Free Speech

Czech Lawmakers To Charge President With Treason

Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ramps Up ‘Islamophobia’ Campaign

Hamas warns Obama: Don’t visit Temple Mount

Christian activist says he won’t be muzzled by Supreme Court, will deliver more flyers next week

Muslim-Christian Conflict Shuts Down Nigeria Churches

Ireland: Stormont rally opposes any abortion law change

UK: Police chaplain forced to step down after expressing views on marriage

“‘Crisis’ for Cameron as gay marriage row aids Tory defeat”

Pro-lifers claim abortion is holding the Swiss economy back

Northern Ireland assembly members seek to outlaw private abortion clinics

Has the Bell Begun to Toll for China? | Pat Buchanan at Townhall

US, Israel slam Turkish PM’s remarks on Zionism

“Gay Rights Emerge as Campaign Issue in Germany” | NYT

Observatory Submits 67 Cases to OSCE Hate Crime Report 2012

Spanish Supreme Court Invalidates City’s Burqa Ban

Egypt: Muslims firebomb church demanding Christian convert

“‘No mandate’: More Tories quit over gay marriage”

UK: Leading GP backs giving out morning-after pill at schools

New Evidence Challenges UN Commissioner’s Call for Comprehensive Sex Ed

Asia has more billionaires than North America

Report: Religious Violence Rising In Indonesia

UK: Leading SNP figure risks losing seat over marriage redefinition

Ireland: Transgender sues for new birth cert

Australian Muslim Activists Lose Free Speech Case

Natural Law And Secular Enlightenment Morality

    Pascal Emmanuel Gobry at The American Scene: But of course, as any freshman philosophy student can tell, the problem comes when you try to ground those universal human rights. Where do they come from? Who confers them? Why should they be respected? There’s basically only two ways to do so, one theistic and one non-theistic. Universal human rights are perfectly grounded if they come from God, as the Declaration of Independence asserts and as I believe in my heart of hearts. But not everybody likes that, and it sort of defeats the purpose of creating this secular moral system to begin with. The only other way that I’m aware of to ground the idea of universal human rights is in, wait for it, the natural law.

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Indian Court Says Child Marriage Ban Overrides Muslim Personal Law

New Zealand: ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ To Be Removed From Family Laws

New Zealand: Churches & Celebrants Not Protected By Marriage Bill

Bahamas Bishop: ‘Bad’ families are creating a ‘homosexual avalanche’

Catholic expert details ‘Huge homosexual underground in the Church’

New Zealand Parliamentary Committee votes to redefine marriage

Christian Exodus from Syria Raises Hopes for Resurrection in Turkey

Audit Of Family Planning Money Should Include International Aid

UK: “Top lawyer: politicians scared to say marriage is important”

Politics undermine Iraq’s judiciary

Tanzania: Muslims Behead Another Christian Pastor

Sudan: Christians Arrested To Appease Islam?

Canada: Transgender bill may face vote this week

UK: Trio of judicial appointments to the Supreme Court

Russia’s Foreign Minister Defends Law Restricting Homosexual Propaganda

Dutch Court: Jews Must Also Carry Id Cards

Clinton: Nigerian Poverty Fuels Religious Violence

Population Decline and the Birth Dearth | Scott Yenor at Public Discourse

Reuters endorses UK same-sex ‘marriage’ bill

Abortion On Demand Violates European Human Rights Convention, Expert Says

PM’s local Tory chairman quits over push to redefine marriage

UK: Tories’ biggest donor withdraws funding over push to redefine marriage

High Court to hear key freedom of expression case following ban on bus adverts

Jailed American Pastor Writes of ‘Horrific,’ ‘Unbearable’ Conditions in Iranian Prison

Muslim students to sue British university for ‘restricting freedom of expression’

World’s top authority on morning-after pill says women must be told it may cause abortions

German Prosecutor Drops Circumcision Prosecution of Rabbi

Iceland’s Plan To Ban Internet Porn Sparks Uproar

Turkey: Orthodox patriarch opposes plan to make Hagia Sophia a mosque

Sudan detains dozens of Christians as persecution continues

Pro-Choice Motion defeated yesterday at Edinburgh!

European ruling could allow same sex couples in Northern Ireland to adopt

Quebec physicians rise up en masse against proposed euthanasia law

Arab Spring at Risk: Belaïd Assassination Exposes Deep Rifts in Tunisia

Czech Republic’s Deal With Religious Groups Signed