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Cruz: ‘Had Senate Republicans United,’ Outcome Would Be ‘Very Different’

The Sequester: The Hammer Republicans Hold | George F. Will at Human Events

Why Obamacare is a mess: The administration has to ‘fess up and promote changes | Chicago Tribune Editorial

78% Want To Throw Out Entire Congress and Start Over

White House stands by Sebelius amid ouster calls over ObamaCare rollout

Boehner to allow House vote on emerging Senate debt-ceiling deal

Boehner might allow House vote on Senate Bill

Neb. Principal Stops Pledge of Allegiance to Remind Kids of Gov’t Shutdown

Time For GOP To Quit Kicking The Can Down The Road | David Limbaugh at Human Events

Obama ‘Crashing Health-care Site On Purpose’: Fear that public would be terrified if people knew true cost

58% Think America Should Still Honor Christopher Columbus

Reince Priebus To House Gop: Hold The Line In Fiscal Fight

52% of GOP, 49% of Dems say America needs third party

Ted Cruz confronts President Obama at White House

Senate Republicans Look to Jam Boehner

Federal Court orders National Park Service to reopen park

FRC’s Tony Perkins Considers Run for Congress

Reid pans six-week debt deal

Establishment GOPers Assail Tea Party On Shutdown

Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during the website’s first week

NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress

Jay Carney says ‘we don’t need legislation’ to pay military death benefits

Senate GOP rallies around rival plan on debt ceiling, shutdown

Boehner Will Lift Debt Limit Now–If Obama Will Talk Later

Hatch Scorches Lew: ‘Not True, ‘Simply False’ ‘Four Pinocchios’

Obama’s efforts to control leaks ‘most aggressive since Nixon’, report finds

James Madison Anticipates the Possibility of Government Shutdown–and Predicts that the House of Representatives Can and Should Prevail

Heritage Action CEO charts ‘libertarian, populist’ path to GOP victory

Bobby Jindal: Time to Take the GOP Brand Back From the Dysfunction of D.C.

Wolf Blitzer: Delay Obamacare

Paul Ryan Assures Conservatives He is Not Backing Down on Obamacare

    Townhall: ut while Ryan’s op-ed does mention the need to cut spending, reform entitlements, and simplify the tax code, at no point does it mention Obamacare. Many conservatives took this to mean that Ryan and the rest of the House Leadership are preparing to abandon the effort to dismantle Obamacare during the current debt limit/continuing resolution debate. This morning, Ryan went on Bill Bennett’s radio allay those fears.

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Million Vet March on the Memorials Planned on Oct. 13:

Paul Ryan Offers Solution for Ending Stalemate, But No Mention of Obamacare

Moody’s offers different view on debt limit

    Washington Post: In a memo being circulated on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Moody’s Investors Service offers “answers to frequently asked questions” about the government shutdown, now in its second week, and the federal debt limit. President Obama has said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next Thursday, the nation will be at risk of default. Not so, Moody’s says in the memo dated Oct. 7.

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NOW praises Yellen nomination

GOP demands ObamaCare enrollment numbers

President, Dems split on strategy

9th Circuit refuses to allow enforcement of AZ law restricting transport of illegals

GOP Senators Shrug Off Debt-Limit Deadline

Obamacare Marketplace: Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’

NY: Reports warn of potential social toll of casino expansion

IN: State, public schools sue federal government over Obamacare

‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

Did ObamaCare Wreck Washington? | WSJ video

NJ’s Casinos To Launch Internet Gambling Nov. 26

Growing Number of Democrats Voting With House GOP to Fund Non-Obamacare Parts of Gov’t

Shutdown Monday brings DNC biggest fundraising haul since election

AZ Offers to Pay to Keep Grand Canyon Open, ‘Make It Hurt’ Feds Say ‘No’

Park Ranger on Shutdown: “We’ve been told to make life as difficutl for people as we can.”

Wall Street wonders if Obama wants a selloff | CNBC

Sebelius Fails in Her Own State, No One From Kansas Signs Up for Obamacare

Bipartisan House Group Offers Compromise to End Shutdown Impasse

Montana Democrats Get Senate Candidate

Latinos move towards pope, church and Democrats

Rand Paul: ’85 Percent of Government Is Being Funded’

Conservatives sue to enforce ObamaCare employer mandate

Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

House rejects GOP’s piecemeal spending bills (Video)

Scott Lively to Run for Massachusetts Governor

Calif. Governor Brown Signs Anti-revenge Porn Bill

Sebelius: Obamacare Is Success If 16.9% of Uninsured Enroll by End of March

Va. starting to develop a master identity database

Cruz to House Conservatives: Oppose Boehner

Rubio: Senators Will ‘Have to Explain to Their Constituents Why They Voted for This’

    CNSNews: “[T]he American people are more aware today than they were 24, 48 hours ago about why Obamacare is so bad and the dangers of it. And now everyone here will have to vote, and they’ll have to explain — if they vote against defunding Obamacare — when this thing goes through and it starts hurting people, like it already is — they’re going to have to explain to their constituents why they voted for this and why they keep funding it.”

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Senate party line vote restores Obamacare funding

House Republicans shift focus back to government funding bill

Republicans, Fix Bayonets! ‘For sure you cannot win if you do not fight’ | Pat Buchanan at WND

IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund