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Southern Baptist Convention, ADF release plan to resist anti-discrimination laws

Media warns of damage to free speech after Ashers loss

The wild ideas of social conservatives

Skeptical Dems sink Colorado fetal-homicide personhood bill

ADF: Sports team chaplains aren’t unconstitutional

Fate of Syrian Christians kidnapped by ISIS still unknown

How do Americans balance science and religion? A Q&A on recent research

    Religion News Service: The American Sociological Review recently published Timothy O’Brien and Shiri Noy‘s research on the ways Americans approach the perceived conflicts between scientific and religious worldviews. Some people are religious and poo-poo science; others view science as authoritative. O’Brien and Noy uncover a third group they call the post-seculars. These post-seculars are highly religious, accept many scientific accounts, but remain skeptical of scientific theories that conflict with their religious cosmology.

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Christian florist found guilty of discrimination for declining same-sex wedding refuses settlement

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Judge’s tough decision lectures about church rights and protections from ‘power of the state’ in huge win for Christian law school battling for survival

‘This will not end well’: School board allows males to play on girls’ teams

Supreme Court to decide on ‘Confederate’ license plates

Attorneys file brief supporting webcam abortion ban

Where are all the good stories about marriage?

School bans students from praying together

Christian groups told they must consider secular leaders

ADF offers advice for officials asked to issue same-sex marriage licenses against their belief

Democrat-appointed Federal Judge: No right to same-sex marriage

“Is Alliance Defending Freedom the next Hobby Lobby?”

Houston needs to drop subpoenas of pastors’ sermons

Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, city tells pastors

Rand Paul: ‘I am not opposed to birth control’

Of sex and men: Why sexual restraint matters

    Family Studies: If I know anything about men, it’s that they respond best to messages that leave a little room for heroism. It’s why Playstation uses the “Greatness Awaits” campaign, and it’s why the Army’s old advertisements challenged men to “Be all that you can be.” Advertisements to men that emphasize safety and caution are probably not as effective as those that draw on adventure and sacrifice and risk-taking.

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Supreme Court takes case on church free speech rights

A perpetual haven: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act matters

Woman conceived in incest: Please don’t kill children like me in abortion

In face of ISIS advance, many Iraqi Christians insist on staying put

    Huffington Post: Across the street from a Christian church in this quiet northern Iraqi town, Mounir Behram sits down for lunch with his family. He works as an armed guard protecting the church, an easy job on most days. But now, hardline Sunni extremists — infamous for targeting those who don’t conform to their brand of Islam — control nearby Mosul, the country’s second-largest city. He is plagued by worries that the extremists will invade this predominantly Christian town.

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Florida school superintendent offers apology after Bible controversy

Same-sex marriage blogged from debate in Northern Ireland

James Dobson’s ministry granted injunction from HHS mandate | Cardinal Newman Society

New “hate speech” attack targets Internet | WND

Constitutional rights of NYC churches | OneNewsNow

James Dobson beats Obamacare mandates, at least for now | Charisma

Jesus Bible verse banned by school in Nazareth, USA | The Christian Institute

Blood Money: abortion is a tax-deductible “medical expense” | Live Action News

James Dobson wins Obamacare reprieve | WND

James Dobson, “Family Talk” get birth control mandate reprieve | Christian Post

School districts challenged for expelling the First Amendment | The New American

“Oklahoma gay-marriage case before US appeals court” | AP

UNC’s Nichol not the only professor fighting academic freedom battle

    News Observer: “Like Nichol, Mike Adams, who writes a column for the conservative website, does not mince words. Writing with sarcasm and barbed humor, he attacks feminists, advocates of gun control and other liberal targets. He does not hesitate to write pointedly about administrators at UNCW. Certain that the university denied his promotion because he had expressed unpopular views, Adams sued UNCW in 2007. His lawsuit, supported by the Alliance Defending Freedom, argued that when he was an atheist and a liberal, his department praised and promoted him, but when his views changed, he lost favor and was denied promotion in retaliation for his columns. He has been conducting this lawsuit for seven years.”

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Community college to reach settlement with student barred from preaching Gospel on campus | Christian News Network

“Marriage equality supporters see Tulsa couple off as hearing nears | News On 6

“Appeals court to hear case for gay marriage in Oklahoma” | MSNBC

Education ADF sues school that stopped child from sharing religious Valentines | OneNewsNow

Pro-life group sues USA, employs religious freedom organization to represent them |

A community college system to change free speech zone policy | Townhall

Va. college changes free speech zone rules after Evangelical student files lawsuit | Christian Post

ADF sues school district to allow religious notes in valentines | Newsmax

University must promote Christian professor it discriminated against | The New American

Christian prof awarded both promotion, back pay after long legal battle | OneNewsNow

Tony Perkins: Judge promotes conservative to professor of justice

“Supreme Court refuses to hear New Mexico photographer’s gay bias case” | Gospel Herald

Court orders university to promote professor after being discriminated against for Christian views | Christian News Network

Bus company refuses ad space to pro-life group | WORLD

Jesus gets no honor (or love) in Nazareth school | Charisma News

Court rules bias at University of North Carolina-Wilmington against conservative professor | Washington Times

Targeted Christian scores major legal victory | WND

After persecution, Christian professor awarded back pay, given promotion | Charisma News

Christian photographers lose last chance appeal over same-sex wedding case | Christian Today

“Supreme Court declines New Mexico sex discrimination case” | The New American

Christian photographer denied appeal by US Supreme Court | The Christian Institute

Parents claim school banned son’s God-themed Valentine’s Day cards – and now they’re suing | The Blaze

Nazareth Area School District sued over religious notes removed from Valentine’s Day cards | The Express-Times

Nazareth rejects Jesus, gets sued | WND

Supreme Court declines appeal of Christian photographer ordered to shoot same-sex ceremonies | Christian News Network

Second Circuit keeps doors locked for NYC church | Patriot Post

“High court won’t hear photog’s gay wedding appeal” | CBN News

Supreme Court declines appeal of Christian photographer | Christian News

    Christian News: “‘Only unjust laws separate what people say from what they believe,’ commented ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence following word that the case had been declined. ‘The First Amendment protects our freedom to speak or not speak on any issue without fear of punishment. We had hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would use this case to affirm this basic constitutional principle; however, the court will likely have several more opportunities to do just that in other cases of ours that are working their way through the court system.’”

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Photography case another snapshot of intolerance | Tony Perkins

“Supreme Court declines case of photographer snubbing gay ceremony” | Christian Science Monitor

“Appeal rejected in gay-bias case” | AP

“U.S. high court won’t hear gay discrimination appeal” | Albuquerque Journal