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US court blocks federal funding for stem cell research

“Perry v. Schwarzenegger: California becomes the latest battleground for gay marriage rights”

Utah trooper crosses unconstitutional

Appeals court favors atheists’ argument, ADF to appeal

“Gay rights foes argue Wisconsin’s partnership law like marriage”

ABA advocates federal legalization of “homosexual marriage”

Court says crosses along Utah highways must go

CA marriage on hold, appeal sped up

“Marriage equality advocates react to latest legal round”

No same-sex “marriages” in California until appeal

Patients win, abortionist loses

Professor rehired after controversy over beliefs

“Gay marriages” halted; case fast-tracked

Attorney: Ninth Circuit makes “right call”

ADF helps Alabama seminary to be allowed to issue religous degrees

9th Circuit agrees to fasttrack same sex “marriage” hearing

Appeals court stays Prop 8 ruling

Pro-marriage groups laud Ninth Circuit’s emergency stay of Prop. 8 ruling

“Gay marriage” back on hold during appeal on Proposition 8 decision

“Gay-marriage” ban to continue indefinitely

Same-sex “marriages” placed on hold in California

Federal appeals court stops California same-sex “marriages” from resuming

Federal Appeals Court intervenes in Prop. 8, halts California “gay marriages”

Court halts California “gay marriage”

Now California puts “gay marriage” on hold indefinitely as court decides whether they should go ahead

Prop. 8: Appeals court puts ruling on hold

Appeals court puts “gay marriages” on hold, sets December hearing

Book discussion banned in public library

Judges decision on motion for stay appealed by defenders of California marriage amendment

African Americans react, agree with, denounce Prop 8 ruling

Suit challenges library meeting room rules

American Bar Association adopts “gay marriage” resolution

Why California “gay marriage” ruling may not head to US Supreme Court

Christian author forbidden to discuss book at Tenn. library

Vaughn Walker, California judge, doubts Prop 8 supporters can stop same-sex “marriage”

Christian legal group defies ABA on gay marriage

“Sweeping clarity undoes Prop 8″

ADF backs up Boy Scouts

“Christian legal group defies ABA on gay marriage”

What’s next for Proposition 8 case?

Attorneys: Calif. voters losers in Prop. 8 ruling

Judge: Prop. 8 backers might not have legal standing to appeal

Court: Mt Rushmore rules unconstitutional

Federal judge denies motion to stay Calif. marriage ruling

Calif. judge lifts stay, permits “gays” to marry Aug. 18

“Same-sex marriages to resume in California on Wednesday”

First a victory, now a war

“American Bar Association calls for homosexual marriage nationwide”

Judge says “gay marriages” can resume

“Gay marriages may resume in California next week, judge rules”

Judge: Prop. 8 lifts Wednesday

Prop 8 judge called “tyrannical activist devoted to satisfying himself”

“California judge keeps gay weddings on hold — for now”

California judge renders Prop. 8 ineffective after August 18

Court sides with town in prayer case

“Judge ready to rule on gay marriage stay in California”

Federal court tosses out Mount Rushmore rules on grounds of free speech

EMU defends counseling student’s dismissal

    PrideSource: “Ward’s counsel, the Alliance Defense Fund, which represents religious cases throughout the country, refused Between The Lines’ request for an interview. However, in a press release they stated their belief that, ‘(The remediation plan’s) purpose was to help her “see the error of her ways” and change her “belief system” as it relates to counseling about homosexual relationships.’ David Kaplan, chief professional officer for the American Counseling Association – the organization that provides the Code of Ethics to which Eastern’s program follows – disagreed that Eastern had any intention to change Ward’s beliefs, but instead handled the situation appropriately by allowing her an opportunity to be trained.”

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Judge to rule on Prop. 8 stay status on Thursday morning

A pro-life woman for the Senate

UK: Students hit out at Prof’s views about homosexuality

Traditional marriage outdated?

Judge Vaughn Walker rules Proposition 8 unconstitutional

“Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown urge for gay weddings to resume”

Video: Jordan Lorence on CBN news to discuss the Perry Ruling

Same-sex weddings on hold, motions filed

New campaign demanding “gay” Prop 8 judge be booted

Judge’s personal life debated after marriage ruling

American religious right group invited into the UN

California’s Proposition 8 overturned, Christian leaders respond

Judge Vaughn Walker rules Proposition 8 unconstitutional

Prop. 8 judge must now decide whether to lift his own stay

School reinstates professor after firing him over Catholic teachings on sexuality

Catholic professor reinstated by University of Illinois for fall term

“Anti-gay marriage foes file notice of appeal in Prop 8 ruling”