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US: University U-turn over pro-life display

Voter-approved bill, thwarted by Planned Parenthood, awaits court decision | OneNewsNow

Anti-Christian violence detailed in hearing | Baptist Press

“Life begins at conception” bill debated in NH State House

Same-sex “marriages” increasingly being recognized by courts across US | The Guardian

“County couple finds justice in historic gay marriage ruling” | Chesterfield Observer

House hearing documents worldwide persecution of Christians | Virtue Online

    Virtue Online: “The ‘most violent anti-Christian pogrom of the early 21st century,’ though, occurred in the northeastern Indian state of Orissa in 2008. Perhaps 500 Christians died in multiple riots, often hacked to death with machetes by Hindu radicals who also destroyed 5,000 homes and 350 churches and schools. Yet authorities resisted effective judicial action and even threatened false accusations against victims, lawyer Tehmina Arora from the Indian branch of Alliance Defending Freedom criticized. From 827 filed complaints, only 512 charges resulted, leading to 75 cases with 477 convictions, primarily for petty property offenses; only nine convictions involved killings.”

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University of Alabama apologizes for removing pro-life display | Christian News

University of Alabama apologizes to pro-life group for removing display | Christian Post

Federal civil rights lawsuit seeks to overturn Ohio’s marriage amendment

European court allows pro-life lawyers to defend Italy’s marriage laws

Alabama University removes pro-Life display on grounds it is “offensive” | Live Action News

    Live Action News: “The University’s actions do shed light on why it makes the list for ‘Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech,’ but what, if anything, they will do to rectify the situation remains to be seen. BSFL has retained the counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom and, with their attorney’s assistance, sent a letter to the University requesting an acknowledgment of the wrongdoing, and a replacement of the poster in the next available display slot. The University has yet to respond.”

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Nearly naked man vs dead babies: Guess which campus display was censored? | LifeSiteNews

    LifeSiteNews: “The group has retained Alliance Defending Freedom as legal counsel, sent the university a formal letter of complaint requesting an apology and another display opportunity, and scheduled two days of public events on February 19 and 20 to spotlight the school’s denial of their First Amendment rights.”

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University of Alabama halts voice of pro-lifers on campus | Christianity Examiner

Pro-life students fight back after University of Alabama crushes free speech | LifeNews

“Gay-marriage foes scramble after recent court setbacks” | AP

Pro-life advocate visits campus in response to display removal | The Crimson White

Reaction mixed to Virginia judge’s ruling in same-sex “marriage” case | Daily Press

“Virginia’s gay-marriage ban ruled unconstitutional by judge” | BloombergBusinessweek

Alabama student group asks official to apologize for removal of pro-life poster | University Herald

Olson lauds Virginia judge’s “eloquent” decision, expresses confidence on appeal | Keen News Service

Virginia judge rules traditional marriage law unconstitutional | WORLD

Students for Life Group of the Year faces discrimination | Live Action News

House panel highlights persecution of Christians worldwide | NRB

“Norfolk federal judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional” | WVEC

University of Alabama takes down pro-life display, calling it “offensive” | LifeSiteNews

ADF: Wrong to censor “tattooed Jesus” at football games

University of Alabama students “offended” by pro-life display, school promptly removes it | Townhall

ACLU to sue Missouri over marriage amendment

Attacks against minorities in India increased last year | Outlook

U.S. House Committee holds hearing on persecution of Christians worldwide | AINA

Atheists work to block charity from feeding starving kids | Charisma

VA: State’s “gay marriage” ban could be overturned in the wake of broad shift in public opinion | Mace & Crown

University of Alabama removes “offensive” pro-life display | LifeNews

University Of Alabama removes graphic anti-abortion exhibit (video) | Opposing Views

VIDEO: University of Alabama censors pro-life students, secretly removes display | Campus Reform

Okla. House panel passes “Merry Christmas Bill”

“Judge vows quick ruling on Va. gay marriage ban” | CBN

Protecting religious freedom in Oregon | Oregon Catalyst

House panel OKs bill by social conservatives | NewsTimes (AP)

Olson: Judge in Virginia marriage ban case says she’ll rule “soon” | Keen News Service

Utah tells court children threatened by same-sex “marriage” (Virginia case) | Malay Mail

Court hearing in constitutional challenge to Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | Daily Press

Case challenging marriage amendment heard in Va. | WRIC

Judge hears Virginia same-sex “marriage” ban case | CBN

Judge promises quick decision on Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | WVEC

Texas man’s Tattooed Jesus ad sparks first amendment legal battle | The Blaze

Steve Aden: Pro-life movement has been successful despite the Obama Administration

    Steve Aden at LifeNews: “Last week on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands of marchers soldiered together in near-zero wind chill temperatures to send an annual message of silent witness to the President, the Congress and especially the Supreme Court: that abortion is a great moral wrong, and will never be a “civil right;” and that we will continue to march, advocate, educate, counsel, legislate and litigate until every innocent life is protected in American law and culture.”

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Tattooed Jesus ad leads Texas school to a lawsuit after refusing to run it | BREATHEcast

Tony Perkins on Hispanic/Latino Pastors Briefing

NC judge throws out “Woman’s Right to Know Act” | Baptist Press

Supreme Court brief supporting Hobby Lobby and Conestoga and religious liberty

    RightSideNews: “However, in August 2013, the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals rejected the same arguments, forcing the Mennonite owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, to offer health insurance to their employees in a grave violation of their religious beliefs.”

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“Jesus Tattoo” ad barred from school jumbotron

Religious organization files suit against LISD

Arizona group echoes Hobby Lobby’s Obamacare contraception fight

Hamden lawyer pursues abortion case to nation’s highest court

Prince William clerk part of same-sex “marriage” case | Prince William Times

Here’s why the atheists’ lawsuit against our national motto should be thrown out | Charisma News

Students for Life conference tells young people what to do after the march | LifeSiteNews

Virginia AG won’t defend state’s marriage protection amendment | West Hawaii Today

“Virginia official refuses to defend gay marriage ban” | LA Times

Attorney general wants court to strike down Virginia marriage protection amendment | Washington Post

Sabine school board responds to ACLU suit over proselytization of student

Indiana House committee advances state marriage protection amendment

The past – and future – of US abortion politics

ADF may appeal ruling against CPCs | Baptist Press

This year’s March for Life reaches a new group: evangelicals | Religion News

Supreme Court abortion case weighs free speech, clinic safety | National Journal

Court strikes down New York City law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers | LifeNews

Abortion clinic buffer zones debated at Supreme Court | Human Events

Judge strikes Oklahoma marriage amendment; 2004 ballot garnered 76% voter approval | Baptist Press

ADF attorney eyewitnessed ‘buffer law’ arguments before Supremes

SCOTUS hears abortion protest case today | The American Spectator

Justices weigh abortion ‘bubble zone’ law | CBN